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Dare to love and dare to shine! Handheld Pearl Home Furnishings join hands with the People's Domestic Products Project, and domestic products light up a better life

2023-04-02 00:48:09 [Wall decoration ]
Dare to love and dare to shine! Handheld Pearl Home Furnishings join hands with the People's Domestic Products Project, and domestic products light up a better life

Domestic products are in trend, and domestic products help strengthen the country!

Recently, at the 2022 Better Life Conference and Strategy Conference, Palm Pearl Home Furnishings released a further strategic plan for cooperation with the People's Daily Digital Communication "People's Domestic Products Project", and will continue to deepen and optimize the content around "China Products". Continue to help the nation rejuvenate the brand and strengthen the country, and let the world witness the strength and responsibility of Chinese brands! Pocket Pearl Home HQ Online Venue Pocket Pearl Home Hunan Branch Pocket Pearl Home Jiangxi Branch Pocket Pearl Home Northwest Branch The theme of this conference is "Dare to Love, Dare to Shine", focusing on the change of consumption patterns in the post-epidemic era, analyzing the relationship between brands and consumers Changes in the relationship between the two, to gain insight into the new consumption opportunities brought about by changes in consumption concepts and consumer demand; at the same time, continue to pay attention to the changes in the life trends of the unique youth group of Generation Z, continue to deepen the brand rejuvenation strategy model, and be committed to rejuvenating with users. Life.

Domestic products are in the trend, seize the opportunity

In the post-epidemic era, Generation Z has become the main force of consumption, the consumption of the "new middle class" has been upgraded, and the brand of "National Trend" has gradually Capturing the hearts and minds of the Chinese people... Changes in consumer groups and changes in behavior patterns have gradually shifted consumer traffic from offline to global distribution, and the underlying logic of the home furnishing market is quietly changing. In 2021, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing and People's Daily Digital Communication "People's Domestic Products Project" will reach a strategic cooperation to jointly help domestic products become a strong country. Since the cooperation, Palm Pearl Home Furnishings has lived up to expectations and continued to export the powerful brand new energy of old domestic products, leading the trend of domestic products through comprehensive strengths such as brand strength, quality strength, and design strength. 2022 will be the fourth year of the “Whole Home Design and Move-In” strategy of Palm Pearl Home Furnishings. In the face of the fiercely competitive industry structure and rapidly changing consumer demand, Palm Pearl Home Furnishings has achieved efficient and professional manufacturing capabilities, and the ability to cover all categories of home furnishing. , accurate insight into young lifestyles, full-link multi-dimensional service capabilities, global digital marketing capabilities and other strong comprehensive strengths, have the confidence to move forward in the industry market. Wang Zhanqiang, general manager of Palm Pearl Home Furnishings, stands at the intersection of the transformation of the era of household consumption. Palm Pearl Home Furnishing continues to deepen the strategy of the whole family, explore innovative marketing methods, and launch new business models and new service contents to adapt to changes in consumer groups and consumption patterns. Dealer partners make concerted efforts to deepen the whole home and jointly meet the real demands of consumers for the home.

Quality of domestic products, iterative upgrade

When consumers raise their good hopes for "home" to an emotional level, they endow the home with more spiritual core . Nowadays, the home life style chosen by new consumer groups is being reconstructed. Domestic brands are gradually becoming the choice of more people. Lifestyle brands are also in the ascendant. The development of Metaverse leads a new wave of business and social experience. In the new consumption era, the Palm Home Furnishings have become Get ready for new challenges. M&Z Whole House new product "First View" explores the underlying logic of youth marketing, which is close to the preferences and needs of Generation Z consumers. Through the continuous iterative upgrading of strategic thinking and the continuous innovation and breakthrough of marketing models, the promotion of whole-house marketing strategies and various With the support of marketing services, Palm Pearl is gradually building a new capability of whole-house household digital marketing that is oriented by user needs and centered on content + digitalization. Jiang Feng, Director of the Digital Marketing Center of Palm Pearl Home Furnishings, relying on advanced intelligent equipment and a powerful information system, the Palm Pearl Home Furnishing 4.0 intelligent manufacturing factory has opened up the entire process of information intelligence and intelligence from consumer orders to smart factory production, with more powerful production capacity With more stable delivery capabilities, it can realize the humanization of soft decoration customization, digitalization of home mode, customization of lifestyle and intelligent home experience, which can create a more practical, more comfortable and better-looking whole life experience for young users. Quality comes from ingenuity and comes for home. 33 years of intensive research and ingenuity, interpreting the excellent quality of domestic products; 33 years of sticking to the original intention, paying tribute to the good life of the Chinese people. In the future, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing will continue to improve the product power and service power under the whole strategy, continue to stimulate consumer brand resonance, achieve brand breakthrough growth, and strive to become the light that illuminates the better life of more Chinese people!

Domestic product aesthetics, design first

For 33 years, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing has always been designing and making products around the ever-changing life. In the user-centered home furnishing market, capturing changes in consumer demand in a timely manner is the key to product innovation. At this conference, focusing on the trend of contemporary home furnishing and based on the research and feedback of a large number of young users, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing optimized and adjusted the design details and functions of customized products, whole-house products, two-room products and sleeping products. , services and other aspects have been comprehensively upgraded, bringing a new series of products that are eye-catching, and truly adhere to the "consumer demand-oriented". Zeng Jingran, Design Director, Palm Pearl Home Furnishing R&D Center, Zeng Jingran, Palm Pearl Home Product Planner, Cao Jiwei, Palm Pearl Home Product Planner, Chen Xiaochuan In the pursuit of life aesthetics, the appearance of the home is as important as the function and quality. Only with people as the core, combined with the diverse lifestyles of today's young people, and based on their real needs, can we design and breed more possible home products. Focusing on young lifestyles, Palm Pearl Home Furnishings deeply researches global living aesthetics, integrates various elements through contemporary design, integrates international modern living concepts into the diversified lifestyles of Chinese people, and creates a life aesthetic experience full of humanistic care. Because of love, we strengthen our mission, inherit ingenuity, and put quality first; because of love for home, we upgrade and iterate, domestic products are trendy, and we are brave and innovative. Palm Pearl Home Furnishing will continue to inherit and promote the quality of domestic products, continue to optimize and innovate the aesthetic design of the national tide, and achieve strong alliances and win-win results in continuous practice and exploration, and forge ahead for the rise of domestic brands and the better life of Chinese people!

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