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The decoration wisdom of small apartment is hidden in this 83㎡ family of three, which is small but warm

2022-12-05 01:39:52 [floor ]
The decoration wisdom of small apartment is hidden in this 83㎡ family of three, which is small but warm

This case is a typical family of three. Although there is no pig liver-colored floor and cabinets like a traditional hardcover house, the owner is not satisfied with the appearance of the home. The husband and wife are self-employed and live a busy life, so I hope that through decoration Realize the ritualistic life you want. The owner's demand for home is also very clear: he likes a warm home atmosphere, it is best to have an island in the restaurant, and ensuring sufficient storage space is also the focus of this renovation. After detailed communication with the owner, the style was set as simple and French, and the family's living patterns and habits were all incorporated into the planning of the new home! The decoration wisdom of small apartment is hidden in this 83㎡ family of three, which is small but warm and practical! Basic information of the house: Area: 83㎡ Style: French style Half-inclusive Price: 170,000 Community: Hefei-Jinke Bo Cui Tianchen The house is square and does not seem to require much change, but combined with the family's living habits, it still exists Some problems: ① Lack of storage space, aside from the kitchen, bathroom and entrance, there are no other extra cabinets in the home. ②The kitchen is small, the lighting is poor, and the utilization rate is not high. ③ The restaurant space is small, and it is difficult to realize the island design that the owner wants. ●Layout optimization: ①Customized cabinets throughout the house to meet the basic storage needs of each space, especially the children's room and kitchen. ②Remove the partition wall of the kitchen and change the closed type to semi-open type, which makes the space more spacious. ③The entrance cabinet extends the sideboard, and the kitchen partition is replaced with a bar. ④Three bedrooms are converted into two bedrooms, and the redundant bedrooms are converted into multi-functional rooms, which can accommodate offices and squeeze out every square space of the house, and the fireworks are not bad at all. House type dismantling & storage layout display: Compared with the original living room, the biggest problem is that the appearance is low. After the renovation, the walls are repainted, the floor tiles are removed and the gray floor tiles are laid, and the glass doors are also removed. , better lighting. Comparison of the living room before and after ↓ Before the renovation of the kitchen, the space was small, there was only one window, and the lighting was poor and the ventilation was poor, so the partition wall was removed, and the layout was changed to a semi-open layout. It's bright from any angle. Contrast before and after the kitchen ↓ The entrance before the entrance is a cabinet on one side and a wall on the other side, giving people a feeling of crowding when entering the door. During the renovation, the wall was removed, and the ordinary three-stage entrance cabinet was also changed into a white top locker. The internal partition can be adjusted up and down, and the bottom is suspended by 20 cm. It is practical and light, and an open display area is reserved on the right side. As a whole, it perfectly solves the household storage problem of a family of three. After the renovation of the restaurant, the restaurant has a clear visual boundary, which is due to the sideboard and the kitchen bar, which can be both storage and partition invisibly. The sideboard is a typical three-stage layout. The wall cabinet is high-level, the base cabinet is practical, and the middle storage area is used as a golden storage area. Sufficient sockets are reserved to facilitate the use of small appliances such as drinking machines and coffee machines after check-in. The slate pattern is chosen for the dining table, which is clean, durable and anti-fouling. With dining chairs of different colors, the appropriate color jumping is warm and not old-fashioned, and the sitting feeling is comfortable. It is enough to meet these conditions. The dimensions of the entrance cabinet & sideboard can be referred to ↓ Before the kitchen comparison, the current semi-open kitchen is more spacious, and it also increases the interactive atmosphere of the whole family. The refrigerator is moved to the outside of the kitchen, and the two circulation lines of the kitchen and the home are optimized at the same time. When you are done, you can put it in the refrigerator in time. The bar between the kitchen and the dining room serves as a functional buffer zone. The bottom is equipped with embedded appliances, and the top can meet the living needs of light meals, late-night snacks or occasional drinks. The design of L-shaped cabinet + bar in the kitchen maximizes the use of space, the sink is arranged by the window, and frequent ventilation can avoid dampness. The high-power side range hood does not collide with the head, and can also reduce the fumes when cooking. There are drawers under the stove, and it is easy to take the dishes. The semi-open kitchen is to be clean and tidy. The size of the cabinet can be referred to ↓ The layout of the living room and living room is relatively regular, the sofa background wall is curved, and the color matching design (color code: OW067-4 apricot gray; NN1180-2 cream cake) has optimized the details and improved the The overall texture of the living room and balcony. In addition, there are plaster lines and corner flower decorations, which are in line with the romantic and delicate French style. I don’t usually watch TV much, so I simply don’t buy it. There is a row of drawers on the wall, which can not only store but also hide the socket. If you want to install a TV later, you can do it at any time. Visually, you can also have a sense of balance without being obtrusive. The white sofa is matched with the lazy sofa of Hermes orange. The color matching is the same as that of the wall. Pillows and carpets are added to embellish it, showing a lazy atmosphere. There is a coffee table in the middle and a side table on the side, so you can put any objects at your fingertips. What you want at home is this sense of freedom. The color of the master bedroom and the master bedroom echoes the living room. The soft bed headboard is full of texture, and it is very comfortable to rest on it and watch dramas. A dressing table is added to the corner at the end of the bed. The acrylic table legs are strong and durable, and can be completely "invisible". The sense of suspension also makes the space more concise and transparent. The chandelier at the head of the bed, the metal-colored glass bedside table, the details are exquisite and textured. In the children's room, children want high and low beds, but they have not been able to choose the right ones. In the end, the carpenters made them on the spot, and the guardrails were directly designed to the top, giving them a stronger sense of security. The steps up and down the stairs are all drawers, and the children's toys are just stuffed into them, which can save a lot of space by using more than one place. The pink children's table is highly flexible and can be moved at any time during cleaning. A part of the wardrobe is used as a bookshelf, and books are easy to take. The desktop and chair can also be adjusted according to the sitting posture of the child. It seems that a lot of thought has been spent. . ●Bed size: wardrobe height 1.6 meters, length 2 meters, guardrail height 1 meter, bed depth 1.4 meters, stair step height 20 cm meters, 2.4 meters high), the interior is divided into glass display area, clothes hanging area and drawers, which can easily solve the problem of clothing storage for a family. A suspended desk (1 meter 6 in length) is installed by the window, which has dual functions of makeup and work. The blinds can also be adjusted to light according to the needs. The wash area of ​​the bathroom is placed outside, and the countertop is added with a shelf. The small items of the female owner's jewelry card will not be scattered on the countertop, which is messy and easy to lose. All other bottles and jars and toiletries are hidden in the mirror cabinet. The humanized design and the owner's storage can ensure that every angle is clean and tidy. The small-sized house is pretended to be unaffordable for ordinary people. There is a house that I really want to copy. It is so beautiful. What do you think of this small-sized house?

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