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She has become a fan of her 120m2 new house, and the shoe cabinet at the entrance is directly installed at the door, which is a big profit.

2022-12-05 01:15:48 [floor ]
She has become a fan of her 120m2 new house, and the shoe cabinet at the entrance is directly installed at the door, which is a big profit.

Today I went to visit a new house of a friend's house, with a layout of 120 square meters, three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms. As soon as I got out of the elevator, I was attracted by the large shoe cabinet at the door, which virtually added a lot of space and made a lot of money. Because it is a layout of two households with one ladder, there is a lot of space at the door, and everyone uses one. Therefore, when decorating, the porch shoe cabinet was moved to the door, saving several square meters of space at once. The overall decoration adopts a simple Nordic style design, but the soft decoration and furniture in the later period are well done. The whole house is dominated by white and gray, and then paired with lemon yellow and blue. The rich color combination creates a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. The living and dining room is an open-plan design, plus there is an open-plan balcony outside the living room, with ample lighting and spacious space. Looking at the past, it is particularly open and airy. Let's take a look at the effect of the living room first. The whole house is covered with wooden floors, and the TV wall and sofa background wall have created a storage function. Therefore, the walls are simply painted with latex paint. After all, they are all cabinets, and there is not much space for wall decoration. The TV wall has many storage functions, leaving a groove in the middle for the TV. The sofa background wall is a row of open hanging cabinets. The sofa and desk are placed under the hanging cabinets, and every inch of space is reluctant to waste. The space of the restaurant is not large. In order to achieve sufficient storage function, a storage sideboard for the entire wall is designed on the sofa background wall. In the corner against the wall, a groove for the refrigerator is also reserved, and the large refrigerator with double doors is placed here. The space of the restaurant is not large, and there is a log-colored dining table in the middle, with lemon yellow and blue soft dining chairs. A bunch of fresh flowers were placed on the table, a little embellishment, especially romantic petty bourgeoisie. The kitchen and dining room are next to each other, and a glass sliding door with a black frame is installed in the middle as a partition, which can isolate the fumes without affecting the lighting. The kitchen is an L-shaped countertop design, with cabinets and hanging cabinets installed. Although the space is not large, the storage effect is quite good. The house has a total of three bedrooms, the master bedroom is seen below, because it has a separate bathroom, so the space becomes more compact. The decoration of the bedroom is very simple, there is a large bay window, and after it is upholstered, it becomes a very comfortable leisure area and can provide sufficient lighting. The log bed, log bedside table and wardrobe are also made of log materials. Although the decoration is simple, there are a lot of decorative paintings hanging on the background wall of the bedside, plus chandeliers and bedside lamps for embellishment, the overall effect is particularly warm and comfortable. The main bathroom adopts the main tone of light gray. Although the overall space is not large, a large bathtub is installed in the corner. After get off work every day, it is indeed a very pleasant thing to take a bubble bath in the big bathtub. Because there is a boy at home, the children's room is decorated in blue tones. A bunk bed for children, even if there is a second child, there is a place to live. There is also a small bay window in the children's room, which can provide sufficient lighting conditions. There is a set of children's toy tables and chairs in the corner, and you can play here if you have nothing to do. There is also a smaller room, built into a tatami study, which has the effect of a guest room. Customized combination tatami, desk chair, bookshelf, tatami bed, and cabinets are all available, which are directly connected to the bay window. Not only fashionable and beautiful, but also a good storage effect, and the space utilization rate is very high. Finally, let's take a look at the guest guard, which extends the design style of the main guard, fashionable and fresh gray. The back of the toilet is pasted with tiles, and the shower area is at the innermost position, and a glass partition is designed to realize the separation of dry and wet. The guest bathroom is slightly more spacious than the main bathroom, and also has a small window for easy ventilation and lighting. The overall effect is clean and refreshing, the dry and wet separation is in place, and it has all the functions that it should have.


The decoration of a new house does not have to be luxurious, as long as the storage function is in place and the color matching is reasonable. Even a simple decoration design can still present a stylish and attractive visual effect.

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