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After half a year of living in the new house, I have summarized these 7 "bitter fruits of decoration", I hope everyone can learn from it

2023-04-01 23:26:05 [workmanship ]
After half a year of living in the new house, I have summarized these 7 "bitter fruits of decoration", I hope everyone can learn from it

#HeaderCreationChallenge# It has been more than half a year since the new house was renovated and moved in. In the past six months, I have found many improper decorations. Now, these improperly decorated places have been summarized, and there are a total of the following 7 points. And these have brought me a lot of decoration, which is very regrettable. I hope you all can take precautions. Let's follow the home miscellaneous altar to learn about these regrettable "decoration bitter fruits".
❶: A large sofa and a large coffee table are placed in the living room. After staying in the new house for half a year, one of the things that I regret most is the large sofa and a large coffee table in the living room. The sofa is a three-seater, and there is a concubine sofa. There is a large coffee table in the middle. Then I found that there was no space in the living room, and I had to be careful every time I walked over. Afraid of accidentally knocking on the coffee table. Suggestions: 1. For the sofa in the living room, my personal opinion is to try to buy a smaller one. Buying a three-seater sofa like an ordinary family is completely enough. ②. For the coffee table in the living room, my personal opinion is to buy as many lines as you can, and you can even leave the coffee table out. For example, we can put a side table next to the sofa, so that the living room is spacious and practical.
❷. After the grille TV background wall was originally decorated, I felt that the grille background wall was the most satisfying place for me. However, after staying for half a year, I found out that it is also a place that I regret very much. Originally it was a custom-made TV background wall, and the plan was slate and grille. With just one TV background wall, after studying several plans, this plan was finally selected. The TV background wall in my house cost more than 10,000 yuan, and now it has become not only a decoration, but also a serious accumulation of dust. Every time I clean it, I'm exhausted. Practice guide: 1. For the TV background wall at home, it is recommended that you do as simple as you can. A simple latex paint TV background wall, or a simple wall cloth TV background wall, are very good. ②. The current popular background wall scheme, like the TV background wall of the grille, is really not recommended for everyone. Also, be careful with slate.
❸, Open Bookcase The third thing in my house that made me taste the bitter fruit of decoration is the open bookcase. It can be said that after staying here for half a year, I hate this large open bookcase to the extreme. Hate to take it apart. Why do you hate open plan cabinets so much? ①. The open bookcase is very large, and the open bookcase with the entire wall is customized. There is a book on it, but it's just beautiful, and the rest is useless. ② Later, when I was cleaning, I found that it was really miserable. A grid, a grid, rub the ash inside a little bit. After cleaning a bookcase, I was exhausted. Therefore, for open bookcases, try to do as little as possible at home. Recommended guide: ①. If we plan to make bookcases at home, we should try to make as few open spaces as possible. Doing two to the right way is completely enough, don't do the whole wall. ②, if conditions permit, it is recommended that you install the glass door on the bookcase. In this way, you won't have to worry about hygiene, and you don't have to be exhausted every time you clean.
❹. When the balcony sliding door was being renovated, I heard others say that if the balcony is not installed with sliding doors, it will definitely be very cold in winter, and it will not be cool to turn on the air conditioner in summer. In fact, it makes sense to think about this, so I installed a sliding door on the balcony and spent a lot of money. Remember the balcony sliding door, the installation per square meter at that time reached 1,500 yuan. A single balcony sliding door cost nearly five or six thousand yuan. But half a year later, it was miserable. ① It is very troublesome to push and pull every time you enter the balcony. After a long time, the door was simply opened, and it was never closed again. ②. Seriously block the view of the living room. For example, after closing the sliding door of the balcony, you will find that the view of the living room is blocked. Although it is a glass sliding door, the view is obviously not good. Recommended guide: 1. For balcony sliding doors, my personal opinion is to try not to install them if you can. It is very good to open the balcony to the living room. The only thing we had to do well was actually the outside windows. ②. If you are worried about the insulation problem between the balcony and the living room, then I personally suggest that you install thick wooden curtains at the position of the sliding door. The curtains fall to the floor, which will also have a good thermal insulation effect.
❺、Wardrobe glass door I wonder if you have seen the installation of glass doors in wardrobes? If you have seen the wardrobe with glass doors, you will find that the clothes placed in the glass doors will be very neat, clean and tidy, giving people a particularly amazing feeling. However, if it is a wardrobe with glass doors installed in your own home, you will find that you are really deceived. ① What you can see at this time is a wardrobe with a messy interior. ②, and there is another point that is very annoying, there are always fingerprints on the surface of the glass. It has to be wiped every two days, otherwise it will look very annoying. Therefore, the installation of glass doors in the wardrobe is also very regrettable, and it is also the bitter fruit of my home decoration. Recommended guide: 1. For wardrobes, do not install open doors or install glass doors. How we do it is to close the door and not see the inside, which is the most reasonable. ②. If you choose a wardrobe sliding door, then it is recommended that you take care of it every day. For example, wipe the glass once, pack the clothes neatly, and get used to it.
❻, One-piece basin of rock slab, one-piece basin of rock slab, I believe many friends have seen it. From the appearance point of view, it is indeed very good-looking, and the appearance is very high. I also chose to install a slate integrated basin in the bathroom because of the high value of the slate integrated basin. However, after staying for half a year, I really tasted the bitter fruit and found that I was really deceived. ①. The sink under the slate-integrated basin in my house has been separated from the slate. I have to be careful every time, always worried that the sink will suddenly fall. ②. The slate one-piece basin, because there are many sticky places, will find that after a long time, many places will gradually become moldy and black. And there is simply no way to eradicate it. Recommended guide: 1. For the countertop of the bathroom, it is recommended that you choose a traditional ceramic one-piece basin. Ceramic one-piece basin, although the appearance is not high, but it is really very practical. ②. If you choose a slate integrated basin, you must pay attention to how the bottom of the slate integrated basin is fixed. If it's just glued, don't choose. 3. When choosing a slate integrated basin, pay attention to the installation of the water retaining strip. Try to install the water retaining strips in place, so as to avoid mold and blackening of the gaps.
❼ The last one I regretted very much was the tatami integrated cabinet in the second bedroom. The one that tasted the bitter fruit of decoration was the tatami integrated cabinet installed in the second bedroom at home. After staying for half a year, the biggest feeling I have is that the tatami cabinet I made is completely useless. In the end, I had to give the tatami one a use as a big locker to put some things in. And in the process of using it, I found that every time I opened it, there was always a smell. I don't know if it's a board problem or something else. So, for the slate integrated cabinet, there is really no choice. Suggestions: 1. For the problem of increasing the bedroom space, you can make some cabinets on the wall alone. But don't join together. Because it really doesn't work. ② When decorating the second bedroom, you can consider the rational use of space. The main purpose here is to use the wall to make more cabinets on the wall, so that the space in our bedroom can be freed up as a normal bed, which is also comfortable to live in.
Written at the end of the article, many households regret after decoration. The biggest reason for this problem is the pursuit of beauty and neglect of practicality. Therefore, in this article, I share with you 7 places that are particularly easy to regret after decoration, and bring people the bitter fruit of decoration. Hope everyone can avoid it. [Original text, pictures are from the Internet, and the infringement will be deleted immediately]

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