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A few "embarrassing" household items in the kitchen are obviously cheap and practical, but many people don't know it

2023-04-02 01:10:37 [floor]
A few "embarrassing" household items in the kitchen are obviously cheap and practical, but many people don't know it

#HeaderCreationChallenge# If kitchen and household items are classified by function, they mainly include storage supplies, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, tableware, small kitchen appliances and various decorations, etc., such as common transparent storage boxes, pots and pans and pans. We all know about dishwashers and dishwashers, but there are a few kitchen utensils that are very "embarrassing". They are obviously cheap and practical, but many people don't know them. The sense of existence is extremely low. .

Magnetic knife holder

I don’t know if it’s because my cooking skills are getting better and better, or some other reason. The longer you stay in the kitchen, the more and more knives are prepared. There used to be only an ordinary kitchen knife, but now there are fruit knives, scissors and even sharpening sticks. It can also be found when it is not found, and it can also cause countertop pollution, and even bring safety hazards to the family. This is not nonsense, but an experience. I used to put the big kitchen knife on the countertop. When I use it the next day, the quartz countertop will always leave rust spots that are difficult to clean. It is a bit difficult to clean. Something that can store all the knives is really convenient. The magnetic knife holder can be neatly stored, no nails and no punching, even girls can install it, and the renovated kitchen can also be installed, the size is from 20 to 50CM, strong load-bearing, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, as long as it is installed on the wall You can store all kinds of knives in a place on the top, which is clear at a glance and easy to take. The super magnetic attraction does not need to worry about the knives falling off.

spatula and lid rack

This is also a seemingly ordinary but actually very practical kitchen item. Let me tell you a phenomenon first, is it that every time you cook or stir-fry, there is always nowhere to put the spatula and the lid. Most people put it on the countertop, but it is easy to contaminate the countertop if you are not careful, and it takes a long time. It will bleed, put it on a bowl, and it is easy to knock down the chopsticks that you tried to eat. Anyone who has cooked will definitely encounter such a problem. A small spatula and lid rack can solve this pain point in life. Since using this spatula rack, it has made my cooking more worry-free. The shovels, spoons, chopsticks and pot lids when cooking can be neatly stored, ensuring that there will be no hygienic pollution during secondary use. Another point is that it is particularly easy to clean. After cooking, rinse it with the tap and immediately clean it, and then hang it on the wall without worrying about storage problems. It can also be extended to the dining table and used as a storage slot for chopsticks. The 4-position card slot is really convenient.

Fruit and vegetable washing and draining basin

This fruit and vegetable washing and draining basin has two major features: 1. There is a fence-type mesh design on the top and side of the basin , so that the washed fruits and vegetables do not need to be picked up or dropped when they are poured into the water, as long as the side is a little bit to ensure that the water droplets flow out quickly; 2. The right-angle arc design can make full use of the corners of the kitchen, When not in use, it can be placed directly against the wall. The right angle of the basin body can save space more effectively. If it is the previous round basin, it cannot be done at all. Such a practical fruit and vegetable washing and draining basin is not known to many people. Since I added it in my kitchen, it is really convenient. It makes cleaning and draining in one step, which greatly saves time.

Sink flap

With it, it immediately helped me solve the problem of water splashing on the countertop, and gave me a dry one clothing. Because every time you wash vegetables and dishes, you will accidentally splash your clothes. This pure silicone water baffle can be absorbed around the sink with a single touch, making it easy to prevent splashes. It is very simple to use. First dry the countertops around the sink to ensure that there is no water vapor and stains, and it must be clean and dry; then squeeze the water baffle in one direction to complete the installation. After washing the fruits and vegetables, gently pull it. Lose.

Faucet rack

Many people know the silicone drain basket, the one that fits over the sink, which can hold cleaning balls, Cleaning cloth, but silica gel is placed in the sink for a long time, and if there is oil pollution, it will easily produce bacteria. It must be that everyone does not know there is a faucet rack, which can be directly hung on the faucet, and the stainless steel material will never get moldy. It is fixed with a threaded cap and can be adjusted in direction. It can not only be installed on the kitchen sink to store some cleaning gadgets, but also can be installed on the bathroom shower to store small objects, such as soap, which is really convenient.

Pipe dredging agent

In the past, the kitchen sewer was blocked, and it took one or two hundred to find someone to unblock it. Now I only need to use this pipe to clear it. The medicine can pass on its own. This pipe dredging agent uses active oxygen to dredge. In addition to fast dredging, it can also remove odors and effectively sterilize. Isn't this better than finding someone to dredge it? Why didn't I know this good thing existed before? Now only one bottle is needed to deal with all kinds of blockages in kitchen drains, such as grease after washing dishes, food scraps, meat scraps and vegetable fibers, etc. It can even be used in the bathroom to unclog the sewer clogged with hair. The operation is also very simple. First pour the dredging agent into the sewer at home, wait a few minutes, and then flush it with hot water. It is so simple that everyone can use it. The above is the content brought to you in this issue.

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