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Are all phone numbers starting with 166 scam calls? Is it dangerous to answer a scam call?

2022-12-05 01:13:43 [Materials ]
Are all phone numbers starting with 166 scam calls? Is it dangerous to answer a scam call?

Mobile phone numbers starting with 166 are not necessarily fraudulent. Now most of the phone numbers that start with 166 are China Unicom numbers. There are also courier or friends’ phone numbers that start with 166. Some people say that the numbers that start with 166 are collection numbers. In fact, any number is possible. , you can choose not to answer unfamiliar numbers unless others keep calling.

Are all phone calls beginning with 166 scam calls?

No, the 166th segment belongs to China Unicom's official number segment. This number segment is in In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the opening of China Unicom, and all new Unicom users after January 2018 can apply. Therefore, if your mobile phone receives a mobile phone call on the 166th segment, it should not be an advertising promotion or a liar. It may be a friend or acquaintance who just changed the number. Since the 166th segment sounds more auspicious, there are still quite a few netizens who applied for the mobile phone number of this number segment. However, because it is a new number segment, users of segment 166 still encountered a lot of trouble in 2018, such as being unable to be correctly identified by the software where the number belongs, and failing to receive verification text messages from banks and other institutions. However, after 2019, although there are more and more China Unicoms using segment 166, there is basically no problem with this segment now.

No one dares to pick up the number starting with 166?

The user's loan is overdue. If there is a collection call starting with 166, the user It is best to answer the collection call. If you refuse to collect calls, the lender will think that the user maliciously evaded the debt, so the consequences of overdue will become more serious. Moreover, the collection has not been answered, and the collection will continue, which will inevitably affect the user's daily audit. The correct approach should be to answer the collection call, and agree with the other party on the repayment time and amount, so that the collection call will not be answered in the future.

Is it dangerous to answer a fraudulent call?

There is no danger. For phone and online fraud, you must be vigilant and not be deceived . If you receive a fraudulent call, don't do anything, just hang up. If there is any inadvertent operation or leakage of personal information, you should promptly notify the bank to freeze the account deposit, change the password, and inform your family and friends that your information has leaked to prevent being deceived. . If serious consequences have occurred, report the case to the public security organ immediately.

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