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Small house decorated like this, the festival is more warm

2022-12-05 01:43:06 [workmanship ]
Small house decorated like this, the festival is more warm

In this issue, the editor will share with you a hut full of fireworks and feel the happiness in ordinary days. Case information Unit type: The indoor practical area is 83 square meters, and the unit type is three bedrooms and two halls. Decoration features: no ceiling, no shape, no background wall The entrance floor is paved with fresh and elegant tiles, while the floors of other spaces are paved with wood grain tiles, which makes the space division clearer and the appearance better. The white ultra-thin shoe cabinet ensures enough storage space. Each floor in the cabinet can be opened and closed freely, and the storage space is also divided to make the storage design more reasonable and humanized. After entering the restaurant entrance, there is the restaurant area. There is a white round table with a light structure, supplemented by a small chandelier that hangs down, and four high-value dining chairs in different shapes. The space is warm, flexible, and not crowded. . The family celebrates the festival here, forming a circle, laughing and laughing. This picture of family happiness is really beautiful and happy. In terms of hard decoration of the living room, the "three no decoration" design is adopted with no ceiling, no shape, and no background wall. Only a circle of plaster lines are walked around the ceiling, with soft and comfortable sofas and other furniture, and then an integrated design is formed with the dining room. It is very beautiful and generous, the whole space is spacious and transparent, and it is economical. It is really a good decoration case! Let's take a look at the soft decoration design. The spotlight design on the sofa wall is also very clever. The light beam is used to hit the background wall and decorative paintings, so as to achieve the effect of washing the wall and enhancing the atmosphere. The large-sized coffee table is removed, and only the storage trolley with rollers and the three-layer storage rack on the right side are used to solve the storage items, so as to maintain the flexibility and openness of the space. The balcony and the living room are opened up, and the curved arch is used as the partition to enhance the appearance of the space and make the lifestyle switch more ceremonial. On the left is a small leisure table and chairs, forming a small leisure area, while on the right is a washing machine, which can be used for daily laundry cleaning. The soft curtains for the entire cottage, set off a peaceful scene of the years. The kitchen countertop is an L-shaped structure, and extended to the right to make a row of short corner cabinets + operation table, and then form a U-shaped pattern with the refrigerator to maximize the utilization of space. White cabinets, light-colored wall tiles and log-colored wood-grained floor tiles look neat and tidy and exudes a strong atmosphere of human fireworks under the bright light. The hard decoration of the master bedroom continues the "three no decoration" style of the living room. Only a simple log bedroom bed, other log furniture and soft and comfortable bedding can create a warm and generous decoration effect, and it is also economical and affordable. . A wooden rattan cabinet is also placed at the end of the bed to meet the storage of daily items. The owner also used a small secondary bedroom space and changed it into an independent cloakroom. The two rows of upright cabinets on the left and right not only have large storage space, but also are very stylish and classy. The second bedroom bed is placed along the nook by the window, freeing up space on the other side for a desk as a work area. Greatly improved space utilization, very convenient and comfortable! In the bathroom and toilet, the washstand is placed outside to form a double-separated layout structure, which is more efficient in use. The light pink pattern washstand of the floating cabinet, under the contrast of the arch, looks very light and beautiful. Conclusion: This case actually uses a lot of circular home aesthetics, such as arch design elements, which implies that the owner yearns for a reunion and a happy life with beauty. Qijia Xiaocai provides more decoration information, friends who like me remember to collect and pay attention! Follow me, write a private letter, and get "Renovation All-in-One" for free!

(Responsible editor:Ceiling decoration)

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