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The configuration is similar, why does TCL TV always sell better? Home Bloggers: Three Key Reasons Why

2022-12-05 01:06:16 [floor ]
The configuration is similar, why does TCL TV always sell better? Home Bloggers: Three Key Reasons Why

As a home blogger, I have a good understanding of TV technology and TV market conditions, and I often write TV reviews. Many relatives, friends and fans around me will find me for "free consultation" when they want to buy a TV. No matter what size or demand, I only recommend one domestic brand, and they all responded without exception: the domestic product is really fragrant! (Family, friends, and fans took pictures of TCL after they bought it.) I believe that when you browse social networking sites, you will see that home bloggers recommend TCL, LG, and Samsung, which are the world's leading brands in terms of sales. Among them, TCL is the only domestic brand and also a domestic TV manufacturer. leader. According to the global color TV monitoring data released by Ovi Ruiwo, in 2021, the top three global color TV sales are Samsung, LG, and TCL, of which TCL ranks first among Chinese brands. In addition, in 2019, 2020 and 2021, TCL TV sales ranked first in China for three consecutive years. In the high-end TV market, TCL is far ahead. In the market share ranking of Mini LED TVs in the first half of this year, TCL accounted for 55.74% of the market share, crushing Samsung and Huawei, becoming the representative of domestic high-end TVs. Why can TCL stand out from many domestic and foreign competitors and become the world's first brand of domestic TV? Why does it seem that the configuration is similar, everyone is high-brush, high-partition, Mini LED TV, but TCL can always sell better? The key to being so loved by people in the circle is these three reasons: 1. TCL's self-developed technology is mature and the configuration is solid. It seems that the configuration of friends and TCL is similar, and the actual experience is much worse. TCL established Huaxing Optoelectronics as early as ten years ago, and started the road of self-developed screen technology. After years of accumulation, today's Huaxing Optoelectronics has become the world's second largest LCD panel enterprise, with the world's most advanced 11-generation LCD panel production line. At the same time, TCL is also the only domestic TV brand that can produce its own panels. "Self-developed technology + independent production" brings TCL TV unparalleled product power, far from being comparable to competing products that rely on the supply chain. Take the TCL T7G and Hisense U7H that I have tested for comparison. As an LCD TV with high brightness and high brush, the TCL T7G adopts its own HVA screen with Huaxing Optoelectronics patented technology, which has stronger shading ability and higher contrast ratio. , the dynamic contrast ratio has reached 10 million: 1, and the light control effect is obviously better than that of the ordinary ADS screen, while the Hisense U7H adopts the ADS screen, the native contrast is low, the dynamic contrast ratio is only 100,000: 1, and the black control ability is better than the dark field details. The gap between T7G is obvious, light leakage is easy, and the overall picture gives a gray and opaque visual sense. At the same time, the color gamut coverage of TCL T7G is 96% DCI-P3, while the color gamut coverage of Hisense U7H is 130% BT.709, which is equivalent to 92% DCI-P3, and it is also significantly inferior to TCL T7G in terms of color display richness. In terms of peak brightness, both TVs achieved 1000nits, which is in line with the true HDR TV standard. High brightness brings rich details of light and dark. In terms of high brush, TCL T7G is a full-channel 144Hz high brush. In contrast, the so-called 240Hz high brush of Hisense U7H is forcibly achieved through software frame extraction, sacrificing half of the resolution and image quality, without compromise. The deduction of the button encourages behavior and does nothing to improve the user's perception. The final price is also 75 inches. The initial price of TCL T7G is only 6,999 yuan, and the Hisense U7H is 13,999 yuan, which is equivalent to buying two TCLs for one Hisense. To sum up, the product power of TCL T7G is much better than that of Hisense U7H, but the price is only half of Hisense. To be able to achieve such a big advantage is inseparable from the empowerment of "self-developed technology + independent production", and TCL T7G has received much attention. It is also reasonable for users and the market to favor it. 2. TCL is currently the industry leader in cutting-edge technology, and its research in the field of QLED and Mini LED is far ahead. Let me first briefly introduce the backlight technology: the backlight technology of LCD TV has passed the edge type and full array type, and now it has officially entered the era of Mini LED. It can achieve ultra-precise partition light control effect, theoretically, it can be infinitely close to the pixel-level light control of OLED, and at the same time, it also avoids the pain points of OLED's easy-to-burn screen and low brightness. TCL is a recognized leader in Mini LED technology in the industry. As early as 2017, TCL took the lead in the research and development of Mini LED technology. After years of deep cultivation, TCL has the "three super advantages" of Mini LED technology, namely: ultra-fine meter-level lights Beads, hair-thin light beads bring higher brightness and more precise control, and the picture is naturally more delicate; ultra-high brightness, TCL's Mini LED technology can achieve 1000nits-4000nits peak brightness, bringing true Dolby HDR effect and color expression; super multi-micron lamp beads, dynamic contrast ratio up to 1000W: 1, display pure black screen without light leakage, more accurate light control. At the same time, TCL took the lead in organically combining Mini LED technology with QLED quantum dots and launched the epoch-making QD-Mini LED technology, which is known as the "next generation screen display technology". It has rewritten the history of backward domestic screen display technology. From the technical contribution of TCL alone, this brand deserves our support! The market has also given a fair evaluation. In the high-end Mini LED and giant-screen TV markets, TCL has always ranked first, and is far ahead of the second. The TCL 8 Series Mini LED TV was also named "Best Roku TV of 2020" by Digital Trends. Today, TCL still regards core technology as the source of its vitality. In the 2021 financial report released by TCL Technology, we can intuitively see that its annual R&D investment is as high as 8.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34%, and the cumulative number of PCT patent applications has reached 14,051 pieces, the number one patented digital home appliance brand. 3. TCL has excellent services, starting from the user, considering the user, and is deeply supported by the user. In the circle of our home appliance bloggers, TCL is recognized for its good service. Starting from 2020, TCL brand services have been fully upgraded, with the mission of "providing users with warm and extreme services", with 2 major call centers and 26 service offices nationwide, and 20,000+ service outlets and 60,000+ professional offices all over the country. After-sales engineer team, providing 7x24 hours on-duty service. After examining the pain points of user services, TCL innovatively established a "full-category service integration mechanism". No matter whether the user buys a refrigerator or an air conditioner, it will be transferred to the corresponding direct processing department soon after contacting the after-sales personnel, eliminating the need for The trouble of frequent transfer by users effectively improves service efficiency and service quality. As far as my personal after-sales experience in TCL is concerned, the biggest feeling is simplicity. I only contacted one customer service from beginning to end, and then she helped me make an appointment for the repairman to come to the door for repair, and it was dealt with quickly, unlike other brands. After several calls, the person in charge could not be found. Excellent service users can naturally see it. In 2020, in's brand user experience competitiveness list, TCL TV ranked first in user experience for 6 months in the 10 months from February to November. This is naturally true. Great recognition of TCL's excellent products and excellent services. Different from digital fast-moving consumer goods such as mobile phones and tablets, major appliances such as TVs have a long life cycle. When we buy a TV, it means that we have purchased the experience and services of this brand product for 5 to 10 years, so we buy TVs not only consider price, but also care about product quality, service and brand reputation. TCL products are of excellent quality and service is excellent, so I often recommend them myself. As a consumer, I also hope that TCL will continue to increase its exploration of cutting-edge technologies, maintain product strength and service reputation, and bring us greater surprises in the future.

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