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The main bathroom has been transformed into a cloakroom, which is so easy to use! Construction attached, deodorant and water leakage proof

2022-12-05 00:42:57 [Materials ]
The main bathroom has been transformed into a cloakroom, which is so easy to use! Construction attached, deodorant and water leakage proof

Whether or not the main guard should be changed into a cloakroom has always been a dilemma for the homeowner▲ Image source/INS©closet_las_vegas▼The main guard has always been a vague area in the home, which seems to take up more space, but if it is less, it may be used, so it is necessary to keep the main guard. It is necessary to check your living needs and whether you have the ability to solve construction problems ▲ Image source/INS©containerstorecustomclosets

Main Advantages of changing the cloakroom from the bathroom

From the perspective of demand, the advantages of changing the cloakroom for the main bathroom to a ready-made cloakroom are: 1► More storage For people with a large amount of clothing, giving up the main bathroom is a good choice, and it can move out the space Arrange the cloakroom to store the whole family's clothes. And the cloakroom is not only for storing clothes, winter quilts and large appliances can be hidden here, and it is also convenient to use as a storage room. ▲ Picture source/INS©ninatakesh2► Reducing the load of cleaning The main guards are usually dark guards without windows, and the damp and unventilated wet areas are prone to mold growth, which requires effort in subsequent maintenance. Therefore, there is one less bathroom, which can relatively reduce the burden of cleaning. ▲ Picture source/INS©simplicity_source3► Small-sized families are more suitable. For single or two-person families, one bathroom is usually enough. In addition, if your home is small, the space demand is higher, it is better to put the main bathroom. It can be released to make another cloakroom, which can effectively improve the area efficiency. ▲ Image source/INS©waves.sand.sea_design However, it is suggested that if there are more than three people in the family, the existence of the main bathroom is necessary, and the main bathroom can be reserved to disperse the time pressure of washing at the same time.

Is it feasible to change the main bathroom to the cloakroom

And is it actually feasible to change the main bathroom to the cloakroom? The answer is: yes. It is not difficult to dismantle and modify the main and bathroom, but many people will have doubts, afraid of water leakage and odor. In fact, as long as these problems are solved during the modification process! 1► Waterproofing The toilets on each floor are arranged in the same position, so special attention should be paid to waterproofing. In addition to saying hello to the neighbors upstairs in advance, the top surface, walls and ground of the space should be coated with a waterproof layer to prevent Water seepage caused by a broken pipe upstairs. ▲ Image source/Development space design 2► Anti-odor Since the pipe room is shared by the whole building, the smell is easy to come out from the sewer pipe, so the unused sewer pipe and floor drain should be sealed in advance to effectively prevent the odor from escaping . However, do not block the sewer pipe, and keep the room for future adjustment. It is convenient whether you want to change it back to make a bathroom or sell the house in the future. ▲ Picture source / When the current inkstone design project is being reconstructed at the same time, it is necessary to check that there are no gaps in the wall between the manure pipe, the sewer pipe and the pipe, and it is indeed sealed so that no odor will flow in. 3► There is often the sound of running water in the anti-noise pipeline. In order to avoid affecting the quality of sleep, it is recommended that the pipeline be covered with sound insulation cotton to effectively reduce noise. ▲ Picture source/Internet 4► Most of the main bathrooms for enhanced ventilation do not have external windows, and generally rely on Yuba to achieve ventilation and convection. Once transformed into a cloakroom, you may as well keep the original exhaust channels, install exhaust fans, or rearrange air conditioning and dehumidification equipment to maintain stability the temperature and humidity, the clothes will keep better. ▲ Image source/INS©gonggansystem Master the above construction principles, and it is no problem to change the main bathroom into a cloakroom!

How to design a cloakroom

Check the area of ​​the main bathroom in your home, at least 3 square meters, so that it will not be too crowded when transformed into a cloakroom. In terms of small units, there are usually one-line and L-shaped designs, which save space. As for the double-row and U-shaped cloakrooms, they require a larger area and are suitable for spaces of more than 5 meters. 1► The in-line type is only arranged on one side of the cabinet for storage, which is relatively space-saving and suitable for small apartments. Usually has a wider aisle and access is not crowded. ▲ Image source/INS©marcusnealrea2► The L-shaped narrow and long pattern is also suitable for an L-shaped cloakroom, and even the short-sided walls are used to effectively expand the storage capacity. ▲ Image source/INS©towerclosets When the space is narrow, a bright mirror can be hung on the wall, which not only meets the mirror function, but also makes the space look larger through reflection. ▲ Image source/INS©respacesystems3► The double-row cloakroom will have cabinets along the entrance or both sides of the window, which not only has a larger storage capacity, but also reflects the ceremonial sense of entering. ▲ Photo source/INS©athomewith__tanzin4► The square U-shaped space is suitable for arranging a U-shaped cloakroom, so that every wall can be used to the maximum, and a pier can be added in the center, just like picking clothes in a clothing store, which has a more atmosphere. ▲ Image source/INS©peachclosetsnj If the space is larger, a chest of drawers can be set in the center to form a visual focus, and accessories such as jewelry, leather goods, and watches can be stored here. ▲ Image source/INS©lakechamplainclosets5► If the area of ​​the main bathroom is less than 3 square meters, can it not be used as a cloakroom? In fact, there are workarounds. You can choose to destroy the partition and use the cabinet as the partition to effectively release the space and meet the storage requirements of the cloakroom. ▲ Image source/INS©johannnainteriors6► Master bathroom + cloakroom If your master bathroom is big enough, you might as well keep the master bathroom, and move some of the space into a cloakroom. The master bedroom is designed as a large suite, just like a star-rated hotel, enhancing comfort user experience. ▲ Image source/INS©great_lakes_fine_cabinetry▲ Image source/INS©great_lakes_fine_cabinetryEndThe space transformation is to solve your actual needs. As long as the planning is perfect in advance and careful construction, the main and bathroom can also be transformed into a cloakroom

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