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Money-saving quick report | Buy these things for decoration like this, the insiders say it is absolutely impossible

2022-12-05 01:16:29 [floor ]
Money-saving quick report | Buy these things for decoration like this, the insiders say it is absolutely impossible

Panasonic Refrigerator | Midea Dishwasher | Midea Integrated Stove | Breer Sofa | Shallow Foam Tiles, the group buying goodies in the third week of September, here we come! Watch the preview first, and have a sneak peek!

Let me reveal in advance that our new half-day leisure mattress from Zhufaner is online, 0 yuan for free evaluation!

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Let's take a look at the group purchase preview list for the third week of September!

Panasonic Brand Group

is a model of Japanese refrigerators, with thin skins and fillings that do not take up much space, classified storage and super storage, equipped with With Panasonic Nanoi Black Technology, the functions of deodorization, sterilization, disinfection and moisturizing are first-class, and fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh for 30 days! There is also the same offline washing and drying set L169+9098, the high-end brushed silver panel, washing and drying three-in-one, luxury fur, big-name bags can be "washed"!

Midea Dishwasher

There are so many dishwashers on the market, don't know how to choose? The group gathered the popular models of Midea, Toshiba, colmo and Siemens at one time, and the price comparison and comparison functions within the group were clear at a glance.

Kumanju Children's Furniture

has been rated as the top ten children's furniture brands in China for 8 consecutive years, with Disney, Hello Kitty, Sponge The animation-style furniture authorized by top brands such as Baby, don't miss it if you have cute babies at home! All products have passed the most authoritative GREENGUARD air quality certification in the world. They are environmentally friendly, free of aldehydes and harmful substances. They can be installed and moved in immediately, so as to protect the healthy growth of babies.

Meida Integrated Stove

A multi-functional, high-value, best-selling integrated stove brand, the classic hot-selling Feitian series with great value group purchase prices ! All-round smoke control, the fumes are not enough, and the open kitchen is not afraid! Steaming box, sterilizing cabinet, steaming and roasting are all in one, and the multi-functional lower cabinet has everything. It occupies less than 1 square meter, which greatly saves the kitchen space!

Jardine Smart Toilet

One of the top ten brands of smart toilets in China. The products are exported to many countries in Europe and America all the year round. Direct price! There are floor-to-ceiling and wall-mounted installations in the group. Low water pressure on high floors is not limited, and the water can be flushed even if the power is cut off. The patented kicking technology completely frees both hands!

Legrand switch sockets

The global giant in the electrical industry, French "Legrand", is the first brand in the world to make switches and sockets One of them has business in more than 180 countries and has a market share of up to 20% in the global switch socket market. Its switches and sockets are very delicate, and the variety of styles, designs, materials, and functions can be called industry benchmarks. This group of switch panels, track sockets, and air switches are available in a variety of styles.

Meromec Whole House Customization

Cost-effective whole house customization is here! Wardrobe | TV Cabinet | Entrance Cabinet | Whole house wall cabinet furniture, all can be customized! It adopts domestic high-quality Hexiang board, which is better than the national standard of wood particle board, and has obtained the US EPA-NAF aldehyde-free exemption certification. The factory is all imported from German HOMAG (HOMAG), with strict quality control, 1v1 docking with professional designers in the group, follow-up throughout the whole process, and worry-free after-sales. The popular stone grains, wood grains, small white bricks, small flower bricks, small square bricks, cement grains, special-shaped handmade bricks on the light foam tiles ins... everything! Lock the whole series of tiles, and the designer will guide the matching 1v1! Tile texture is realistic, beautiful and atmospheric, waterproof, non-slip, anti-scratch, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, a good partner for floor heating, heating is not out of shape, the best choice for bathrooms and balcony rooms!

Brel Sofa

A very popular cat internet celebrity sofa brand, featuring Italian minimalist style, which is very in line with contemporary young people human taste! Unique shape, comfortable sitting, caterpillar sofa, cloud sofa, petal sofa, elephant ear sofa, you can think of the high value of the group! Foshan source factory, factory direct supply price, no middleman price difference! Enter the group to lock the most popular styles on the entire network, support customization!

Platinum-resistant metal wardrobe

"Platinum-resistant metal wardrobe", which is safe, environmentally friendly, more durable, and greatly improves space utilization, is back! The steel has undergone phosphating technology imported from Germany + electrostatic spraying, and antibacterial ingredients are added to the surface to truly achieve the effect of moisture-proof, rust-proof and mold-free. Compared with the fixed size of traditional wardrobes, the partitions, drawers, and hanging spaces of platinum resistance can be flexibly adjusted according to the number and size of clothes in the later stage. The storage space of the wardrobe is expanded by at least 40%, and the load-bearing capacity is extremely strong. 150 pounds without deformation.

Kellers & Remo Hardware

Domestic first-line hardware plumbing production enterprises, headquartered in one of the "global plumbing and bathroom production bases" It is called Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, focusing on the production of bathroom hardware with hard height, high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. The group includes showers, kitchen faucets, basin faucets, spray guns, bathroom accessories, etc. The price is directly supplied by the factory, with a five-year warranty and support for stockpiling.

Half Day Mattress

Zhufaner's own brand, to create a good mattress that is suitable for Chinese people's habits, comfortable to lie down, sit, and tummy, and the waist is not tired. Independent mute spring, getting up in the middle of the night and turning over will not disturb the rest of the people beside the pillow. In the group, you can receive coupons to place an order, and there are also valuable bedding gifts. It supports 100 days of free sleep trial. If you are not satisfied, you can return it or exchange it. There is also a limited-time 0 yuan evaluation of the popular Internet celebrity mattress!

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