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If I re-decorate, I will choose the modern light luxury style, which is clean and delicate. I like it very much.

2023-04-02 00:38:26 [Wall decoration ]
If I re-decorate, I will choose the modern light luxury style, which is clean and delicate. I like it very much.

Whether it is the opposition or relationship between black and white, light and dark, how to express it in the residential planning with thorough eyes is the essential core of this case. Through precise line proportions, delicate material selection logic and chiaroscuro techniques, we interweave a harmonious vision that integrates the east and the west, and skillfully demarcate a comfortable home with distinct public and private domains. The area with the most abundant lighting is reserved for the living room. When the soft gauze swaying, the sunlight diffuses in, reflecting the vast field of vision and natural landscape of the high floor; while the bright and black dining area floor turns the atmosphere into a stable and delicate, like Like a mirror, it sets off the day.

Original structure diagram

The usable area is 149 square meters, with fewer interior partitions and more open space, which is conducive to the later re-planning of the space .

Renovation floor plan

A promenade clearly demarcates the public and private, while taking into account the moments of gathering and personal privacy. The guest dining room is only separated by the ground, but in fact it maintains an unobstructed sense of smooth flow. Reorganize the independent kitchen to avoid the escape of oil fumes, and also sort out the original unsatisfactory fire area and flow line of the flow tank, in exchange for a smoother and more convenient usability.

living room design

chooses the majestic marble to fall on the main visual wall, the wild and uninhibited lines are matched with the retro rust mirror, which has undergone special oxidation treatment The mirror surface has less craftsmanship and more detailed lines, which sets off the shape of the fireplace with dark wood veneer. The transparent light strip seems to add a layer of natural luster to the interior. It is thin, transparent, transparent and moist. It is equipped with the effect of washing curtain lights in the curtain box, which multiplies the soft light atmosphere and makes the open light flow freely, which is full of comfort. A sense of vastness.

The restaurant design

was quietly replaced from the island-shaped wooden floor in the living room to the glossy black imitation stone floor tiles, extending from the ground. The wall, completed in one go, sets an extraordinary taste for the stable-key dining area, and the gorgeous chandelier hanging down has become the focus of attention. The kitchen cabinet wall, which is also in black and white, is another stunning end scene. The open and boundless lines of the same line outline the frank brushwork, blooming with rhythmic lines in a bold gesture, with a fortitude and tenacity with a dashing and unrestrained heroic demeanor. Hanging a number of extravagant Jinzuo round mirror artworks of different sizes echoes the metal frame edge elements of the corridor door frame, and also adds a little light and shadow to the Pentium-style wall.

Master Bedroom Design

Walking through the hallway that signifies the separation of public and private realms, following the guidance of the faint light, set foot on the path to the Tranquil and comfortable bedroom situation. Jacquard embroidery, the fabric has a low-key and elegant feeling, and the brown wallpaper and the bedside atmosphere light make the bedroom situation more calm and gentle. Combined with the planning of the cloakroom, it is beneficial to increase the owner's clothing capacity. With the help of the orderly arrangement of system cabinets and booms, there is enough storage space to store all kinds of winter and summer clothes and accessories.

Secondary bedroom design

There are 2 secondary bedrooms, small and square, with soft and elegant light, dark brown The wooden floor adds a warm and simple taste, and the bedside cloth with moderate softness accompanies the residents to sleep well all night. Pushing open the secret door at the end of the bed is a miniature storage room created by using the abnormal zero place to strive for storage efficiency.

Multifunctional room design

adopts a composite multifunctional concept, which can be used as both a study and a guest room, which is convenient for different use needs. Homeowner flexibility adjustment. The water ripple patterned glass is selected as the light partition, which diffuses a slightly fairy-like light-transmitting feeling. When the light penetrates, it shows a looming hazy beauty.


The unrestrained and free flexible lines travel in the direction of golden light, the dark veneer is moderately harmonized, and the gray mirror and the embroidered mirror capture the reflected beam , The gray-scale stone pattern is free and cloudy, and it is cast in a place to become a painting, and you can see the leisurely feelings of Zhulou and Cuige. If you renovate again, choose a modern light luxury style, clean and delicate, I love it!

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