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It is not recommended to buy these decoration materials online. It seems to save money and it costs money. It depends on how many you have won.

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It is not recommended to buy these decoration materials online. It seems to save money and it costs money. It depends on how many you have won.

Today's young people are busy with work most of the time due to the pressure of life, so they rarely have time to go to the building materials market to buy materials during house decoration, so many people also consider buying decoration materials online, so there is a lot of room for choice. , and it can be delivered to your door at an affordable price. Although online shopping has more choices, and the price is "probably" more affordable than physical stores, the materials purchased are likely to be quite different from the actual description, especially for some people who do not understand decoration materials. People who choose online shopping are easy to be deceived, because they do not know what kind of material is good and what kind of material is not good, not to mention that the pictures we see when shopping online are not real objects, but processed pictures, so next Liu Liu Zhi listed several decoration materials that are not recommended for online shopping.


At present, the materials of faucets on the market mainly include alumina, zinc alloy, stainless steel and copper. Among them, copper is the most popular material. The material is not easy to oxidize and corrode; the quality of stainless steel is also good, but the process of making a faucet is relatively complicated, so its cost is also relatively high, and it is often more expensive than the faucet of the same material; the faucet of alumina material flows It is not recommended for you to buy it, not because of its poor quality, but because the hardness of the alumina material is not enough. If it is bumped, the appearance is not particularly beautiful; the most recommended thing here is the faucet made of zinc alloy, which is made of this material. Faucets are prone to oxidation and have a low lifespan. When the price of faucets purchased by consumers on the Internet is much lower than that on the market, they usually buy faucets made of zinc alloy. We look the same from the outside, and they all have the same color as the electroplating layer. If the faucet is oxidized or damaged after being used for a period of time, it may be caused by the zinc alloy we bought or the poor material of the valve core of the faucet. At this time, it may be troublesome to require after-sales service. If it is a faucet purchased in a physical store, the general merchant will tell consumers what material it is. If you don’t know the material and buy it online, you will think that the faucet is not made of copper, and there are other materials, so you You will think that what you are buying is a copper faucet. If you have to buy online, be sure to confirm the material of the faucet frame and valve core with the merchant, so as to avoid buying the wrong faucet.

Products without offline installation services

Some people think that the product produced from the factory is a complete product, but this is not the case. If a product needs to be installed before it can be used, it should be called a semi-finished product when it is produced in the factory, and it is called a finished product only after the worker installs it in the owner's home and can use it. Therefore, for some products with technical content, if you choose to shop online, the phenomenon must have installation services. Although some product merchants can provide video guidance for installation, the owners still need to do it themselves. For owners who do not understand the product structure, it is possible Installation will be troublesome, and the product may be damaged during the accidental installation process. Even if it can be used after installation, the product may be damaged due to improper installation in the later use process. For example, water purifiers, dishwashers, smart locks and other products purchased online, these products seem to be very simple to install, as if they can be installed and used with video instructions, but many details cannot be understood at once, such as various The layout of the line, so for products with a certain technical content, if there is no installation service, it is not recommended to buy online.

Products without after-sales service offline

If the online shopping products you buy are not from big brands, it is likely that there will be no after-sales service department offline, because there are many The products sold online are the merchant's own brand, which means that this brand is only sold online, and there are no physical stores or sales outlets offline. If you don’t believe me, you can find a few unknown brands online, but I believe you can’t find them offline, because these brands are all trademarks registered by online merchants themselves, and then go to other physical factories for OEM. Make your own brand of products. Therefore, when people buy unknown products online, there is basically no after-sales service. Once a fault occurs, consumers need to send them back for repair. There is likely to be a fee here. If the sales of this brand are not particularly ideal, it is very Maybe you can't find this merchant online (the product is off the shelf).

Customized products are not suitable for online shopping

The current housing price is relatively high, so many people will not buy finished products, which is a waste of space, so most owners will consider choosing customized products Furniture, if home decoration needs customized products, it is not recommended for everyone to buy online. Such as curtains, wardrobes (all kinds of cabinets), cabinets, doors and windows, because these require merchants to measure the size, and there will be some color differences between these colors online and offline. In order to avoid regrets after buying them, it is not recommended to buy online.

Online shopping is not recommended for extra heavy or fragile items

The logistics cost of extra heavy items will be more expensive (express delivery, which is also included in the cost of materials, in fact, it follows the line Going to a physical store is not much different. If the quantity is too small or too much, it will be troublesome to return or deliver the goods. It will take time and the decoration workers will urge, which is a headache. Moreover, it is easy to be damaged during transportation. Especially some couriers do not know what materials are in the packaging. If they are thrown around, the products will be damaged. Such as glass products, bathroom cabinets, toilets, cement, steel bars and other materials.

Concluding remarks

The decoration materials introduced by Liu Zhi above are not recommended for you to buy online, mainly because online purchases are likely to buy fake products, and the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed. After-sales is more troublesome and will incur a lot of costs. At the same time, some products are bought online, and it is very likely that even the merchants will not be able to find them later, because their products will be taken off the shelves after a period of sales, and there is probably no after-sales at this time. , so you need to be cautious when shopping online, and don't consider buying online for any product.

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