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They all say "light decoration and heavy decoration". After seeing the decoration of her house, I admit that soft decoration is indeed too important.

2022-12-05 03:18:18 [floor ]
They all say "light decoration and heavy decoration". After seeing the decoration of her house, I admit that soft decoration is indeed too important.

The case shared for you in this issue is from abroad. The reason why I share this decoration is because it perfectly shows the importance of soft decoration in home decoration, and it also allows me to understand the meaning of light decoration and heavy decoration more intuitively. . You see, the decoration of the whole space, from the perspective of hard decoration alone, there is really no special design worth mentioning, no stunning ceiling, no eye-catching shape, but the designer relies on the combination of furniture and soft decoration. , to create a comfortable and beautiful home space for the owner. Let's enjoy it together. Floor Plan This house has a usable area of ​​85 square meters, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an integrated guest-dining kitchen. As soon as you enter the entrance, the first thing that catches your eye is the blue background wall in front of you and the decorative paintings on the wall. For everyone who is tired and busy for life, I believe they will see this fresh and elegant when they return home. , the mood will instantly become calm and beautiful. There is a row of custom cabinets on the right side of the entrance, which integrates functions such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and shoe changing stool. This is looking from the living room to the porch. Unexpectedly, the line of sight will also touch the quiet blue tone on the side. Living room, living room, living room, living room, there is no flashy design. The TV background wall is directly composed of two sets of cabinets, one high and one short. It is very simple, but when matched with carefully selected furniture and soft accessories, the whole living room The space immediately becomes refined and luxurious. Kitchen, restaurant, restaurant, kitchen and dining room are integrated, just forming a U-shape, which is neat and orderly and saves space. In addition, an oven is also embedded under the dining table, that is to say, the dining table is not only a dining table, it is It also shares part of the function of the kitchen, which greatly increases the practicality. The overall color matching of blue and white, plus the embellishment of golden decorative elements, sets off this space extraordinarily elegant atmosphere. Most of the houses in foreign countries have two bathrooms, and this is also the case here. The two bathrooms use different functional distributions. As for the color tone, the overall white color system is the main one, one adds black elements, the other adds blue elements, and the same wood color is used to form a unity, which is very textured. Aisle Second BedroomSecond Bedroom This is the second bedroom, which is equipped with a bed, bookshelf, workbench and simple clothes rack, which can meet the dual needs of study and guest room. Although it is just a simple white wall and wooden floor, the whole space does not look cheap at all, and it is full of artistic sense, and this is the charm of soft clothing. The hard decoration in the master bedroom and the master bedroom still adheres to the most basic appearance, but it is very careful in the selection of furniture and soft accessories. There are two different bedside tables, which are both beautiful and practical, and can also create a unique home temperament, while the overall accessories in blue and white can create a warm and comfortable sleeping atmosphere. Standing in the aisle at the door of the bathroom, you can see the desk and chair in the children's room at the end at a glance. The pink and white colors seem to belong to the little princess. Children's room Children's room Children's room approached to see, it sure is. The whole space is dominated by pink and white. In order to keep the interior space from being too sweet and greasy, the designer also deliberately spread retro wallpaper on one wall, which not only breaks the original childishness, but also matches the blue color. The small sofa is also very suitable. The above is the panoramic effect of the house. Although this decoration is really nothing special in the hard decoration, the overall effect is very delicate and eye-catching, which has to be attributed to the soft decoration. What do you think?

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