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These 5 kinds of small home appliances are inexpensive, fine workmanship and high praise rate

2022-12-05 01:35:23 [Wall decoration ]
These 5 kinds of small home appliances are inexpensive, fine workmanship and high praise rate

#HeaderCreationChallenge# Many friends will buy some small household appliances after decoration. Because most of our daily lives are inseparable from household appliances, in this article, the household miscellaneous forum will introduce 5 small household appliances with very high praise rates. The workmanship of these 5 appliances is very fine, the key is that the quality is not high. And it will bring great help to our life, it is worth taking a look at.
❶: Instant hot water dispenser For instant hot household water dispenser, a lot of them are used now. With the emergence of instant hot water dispensers, in fact, everyone will find that many pipeline machines also appear. Their functions are basically the same, they can achieve instant hot water and drink hot water at the temperature we need. For example, if we have babies at home, instant hot water dispensers are really necessary. For example, the baby should drink water at 38°C, formula milk at about 45°C, and the water temperature of complementary food at 65°C. The instant hot water dispenser can solve it. Therefore, when we buy small household appliances, we can really consider the instant hot water dispenser. Because, the instant hot water dispenser can solve the following problems: 1. It can drink water at almost any temperature we want. For example, normal temperature, such as 45°C, 55°C, 65°C, etc., is very convenient. ②, Instant use, no need to wait. When we drink water, it comes out at the push of a button. There is no need to boil hot water, and there is no need to dry the hot water into boiled water. ③, low price, easy to use. This is also the reason why I recommend everyone to buy an instant hot water dispenser. Generally a few hundred dollars can buy a good quality, and it is very convenient to use. It can be said that the instant hot water dispenser can provide the convenience of life to the greatest extent, and it is indeed a convenient small household appliance worth starting.
❷: Smart Bathroom Mirror The second small household appliance that everyone recommends to buy is actually a small smart bathroom mirror. At this stage of home decoration, many friends may consider installing bathroom mirrors on the bathroom vanity. However, if we were renovating before, there might not be a bathroom mirror. Or when it was renovated, the bathroom mirror was not installed. Then you can consider installing a small round bathroom mirror at this time. The size of the small round bathroom mirror is not very large, and the later installation is also very convenient. It is really suitable for family bathrooms. The reasons why I recommend this small household appliance to everyone are as follows: 1. For girls, it can be said to be a perfect match. Because it can achieve dimming, adjust the light and shade, you can make girls pay attention to every detail, and they can be perfect. ②, the small round bathroom mirror has voice function and music playback function. For example, when putting on makeup, you can play music by saying what music to the small round bathroom mirror. Makeup doesn't feel so boring while playing music. ③. For girls who have high requirements for their figure, the small round bathroom mirror is also very useful. Because if the small round bathroom mirror is used with a fat-reducing scale, then every time the weight situation will be displayed through the bathroom mirror, which is very intuitive.
❸: The sweeping and mopping integrated robot The sweeping robot is a household appliance that is very worthwhile for everyone to start with. It can be said that it is almost impossible for friends who are used to using sweeping robots at home to give up sweeping robots. It can be seen how great the role of the sweeping robot is. It is estimated that many friends have had this feeling: if we sweep the whole floor of the house, it will take a long time, if it is slow, it may be a morning. After cleaning, I will feel very tired and have back pain. Then if there is a sweeping robot at this time, these problems will not appear again. Therefore, after home decoration, it is recommended that you start with a sweeping and dragging robot. The sweeping and dragging integrated robot has the following advantages: 1. It realizes the automatic sweeping and dragging integrated function. As long as we set up the robot, then the robot can clean according to the set mode, which is very convenient and fast. ②, the degree of cleanliness is higher. I don't know if you have ever used a floor sweeper. It can be said that the floor sweeper is cleaner than we manually mop the floor. It hardly leaves any water stains, any dust. ③, high intelligence, almost no need for us to deal with it. For example, the current intelligent sweeping and mopping robot can automatically complete the cleaning task of the ground, and can dump dust and wash the mop by itself. These are all done intelligently and automatically, which is very worry-free. ④, there are many styles, and the price is acceptable. For example, there are many types of sweeping robots, you can search for them. For example, some of the more commonly used sweeping robots cost three or four thousand yuan, and the quality is very good. Therefore, if we can start a sweeping robot, it can indeed reduce a large part of the housework for us to a certain extent.
❹: Cordless vacuum cleaner If we feel that the price of the sweeping robot is still too high, then I personally suggest that you can start a cordless vacuum cleaner. Because the role of the wireless vacuum cleaner is really still great. Like we usually just sweep and mop the floor, we don't really pay much attention to the dust. In fact, this situation will cause dust to accumulate in some corners of our room, and mites will breed for a long time. So, if you can have a wireless vacuum cleaner at home, it is actually very good. The reason why I recommend a wireless vacuum cleaner to everyone is as follows: 1. It is more convenient to use. Because of the cordless vacuum cleaner, we can pick it up and use it. It can be said that we can go wherever we want, allowing us to clean up every corner. ②, the degree of cleanliness is higher. For example, after we sweep the floor and mop the floor ourselves, we will find that the dust in some corners is always unclean. At this time, we can use a wireless vacuum cleaner to clean it up again, and then go to clean and clean, and the effect will be better. ③. Another very important function of the wireless vacuum cleaner is that it can remove mites and dust. For example, if we replace the head of the wireless vacuum cleaner, we can dust off our sheets, etc., and remove mites, and the effect is also very good. Therefore, if we have high requirements for the quality of life, it is also a good choice to start with a wireless vacuum cleaner.
❺: I believe that many friends will consider the problem of hot water in the kitchen when decorating. However, if we install a storage water heater in the bathroom, we generally need to install the hot water in the kitchen separately. Because there is no hot water in the kitchen, washing dishes, dishes, and vegetables in winter will feel very uncomfortable. Among the ways to solve the hot water in the kitchen, I personally think that the instant hot kitchen treasure is more cost-effective. Why do you say that? Personally think that there are the following advantages: ①, easy to install. As long as we reserve a socket under the sink in our kitchen, we can basically install the instant-heated KitchenAid. For most households, the installation conditions are met. ②, easy to use. Because the instant hot kitchen treasure realizes instant heating, after we turn on the faucet, hot water can be quickly produced. This is also what we need for kitchen water. ③, the amount of hot water is not limited. This is also one of the biggest advantages of instant hot kitchen treasures. Like traditional small kitchen treasures, there may be no hot water after a while. But for the instant small kitchen treasure, there is no such disadvantage. Because the instant hot kitchen treasure does not store hot water, it can be heated as needed. Therefore, when the home is renovated, the hot water in the kitchen is still very good.
Conclusion Home decoration, for some household appliances, we must consider practicality. In this article, I will share with you 5 kinds of small household appliances that are more practical. The price is not expensive, the quality is good, and it is more comfortable to use. Everyone can find out. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted immediately]

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