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The truth of having installed 2 houses: in addition to the large white wall, it is enough to do these 4 designs in the living room

2022-12-05 03:01:41 [Materials ]
The truth of having installed 2 houses: in addition to the large white wall, it is enough to do these 4 designs in the living room

Too luxurious decoration, not necessarily practical. And those seemingly minimalist decorations may not be high-end, but they must be atmospheric enough. Because when it comes to decoration, "less is more". This is also the reason why I have always advised everyone, "decoration should be done by subtraction". Taking the decoration of the living room as an example, as the "facade" of a home, many people think that the more luxurious the living room is, the better. In fact, the minimalist decoration design is more impressive and more livable. Nowadays, many people decorate the living room, refuse complicated shapes, and insist on the decoration decision of "big white wall", which is very worthy of reference. In addition to the "big white wall", it is enough to stick to the following four designs when decorating the living room. It is not misleading here, but the experience of people who have decorated countless houses. 【❶ Make a return-type ceiling】a. The whole-house ceiling is easy to suppress, and the cost is too high. b. The double eyelid ceiling is too simple, and the aesthetics are not good. c. If the central air conditioner and fresh air system are installed, the pipes need to be hidden... In the above three cases, how should the ceiling of the living room be done? The answer is the following "return ceiling": "return ceiling", which can also be called "surrounding hanging". The advantages of this ceiling method are very obvious: a. Compared with the whole house ceiling, the cost of the return ceiling will be greatly reduced, and it also meets the needs of hiding the central air conditioning and fresh air system pipes. b. Compared with the simple double eyelid ceiling, the aesthetics of the back-shaped ceiling has been greatly improved, especially after the installation of spotlights, the lighting effect created is also a bonus. ▲A small reminder of the guide of the beauty family: There are currently two main types of construction methods for the return ceiling, one is the closed return ceiling (Figure ①), and the other is the open type return ceiling (Figure ②). The construction process of the latter is relatively simple and easy, but at the same time, the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it is easy to accumulate dust. And in summer, the light trough of the open ceiling will also become a gathering place for small flying insects. Sanitary cleaning is relatively laborious. [❷Installing minimalist main lights] First of all, we clearly reject the "no main light design". The reason is very simple. This kind of design not only requires the whole house ceiling, but also has high requirements on the distribution and color temperature of the lights, and it is easy to roll over. Secondly, the installation of "main light" also has a lot of attention. Nowadays, the popular crystal lamps and net red lamps are far less suitable than the minimalist main lamps. For example, the minimalist "ceiling lamp" above, it is undeniable that its shape is not so fancy, but its appearance is not low, and it can even increase the visual space and experience of the living room. For those who like minimalist, Nordic and other decoration styles, it is obvious that the installation of ceiling lamps is far more reliable than crystal lamps and various Internet celebrity lamps. Because crystal lamps and internet celebrity lamps look very high-end, but after you move in, you will know that the more complicated the lamps, the harder it is to clean. And it's also easy to get out of date. Moreover, there is an indisputable fact of the shortcomings of various net red lamps, that is, the durability is poor and the maintenance rate is high. Many lighting manufacturers, including decoration companies, do not have after-sales service. Therefore, after the lamp is damaged, it will be very difficult to repair it. Seemingly inconspicuous problems are actually affecting the happiness of home life. Therefore, even when choosing lamps and lanterns, careful consideration should be given to the decoration. While satisfying the lighting, the more durable lamps are worth investing in. 【❸Abandoning the balcony sliding door】Do you need to install the balcony sliding door? I believe this question has troubled many people. Although everyone has their own answers, as a decoration foreman who has been dealing with decoration for more than ten years, to be honest, for most families, there is no need to install a balcony sliding door. Whether it is a large apartment or a just-needed apartment, the value of the balcony sliding door is nothing more than adding a line of defense to isolate temperature and noise, and another point is to block the messy balcony. In fact, compared with these "values", the advantages of abandoning the balcony sliding door are even more prominent. This is also the main reason why more and more families connect the living room directly with the balcony. For example: a. Increase the overall visual space of the living room. There is no sliding door, and the tile/wood floor is spread to the balcony, which means that the balcony has become a part of the living room, and the sense of space is naturally improved a lot. b. Increase permeability and lighting. This is recognized and one of the reasons why many people abandon the sliding door. c. Completely open the design limitations of the balcony. It must be admitted that because the balcony has become a part of the living room, and there is no obstruction of sliding doors, there is no limitation in the overall design. For example, the balcony can be designed as a leisure area, a reading area, a fitness area or even an office area. Of course, the "price" of abandoning the sliding balcony door is that the temperature difference and noise in the room will be affected. However, these problems can be solved by installing high-quality balcony windows. For example, the plastic steel windows are directly replaced with broken bridge aluminum windows, or the system windows are directly upgraded. [❹Laying regular tiles] Whole body tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, soft light tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles... When choosing tiles, many people will be undecided, and they will be induced by merchants if they are not careful. In fact, in the choice of building materials such as ceramic tiles, you can choose conventional glazed tiles. In addition, in terms of the "specification" of tiles, many people follow the trend and choose the size of 750 × 1500, or the size of 600 × 1200. The reason for following the trend is because everyone thinks that large-sized tiles have fewer gaps and will be more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, this is not the case. For small-sized homes, the regular 800×800 size is sufficient. And the color of the tile itself and the color of the selected beautifying agent are the key. By the way, the "small-sized house is suitable for 800×800 tiles" mentioned just now, and the small-sized house can be determined according to the "living room area". Generally, the living room area is less than 30 square meters, and it is enough to choose 800 tiles. If the area of ​​the living room is more than 30 square meters, consider 750×1500 tiles. But 600×1200 tiles should not be considered, it is not as good as the former. Finally, let me say that all kinds of online red bricks that are becoming popular, such as slate and micro-cement tiles, are not recommended for investment. To put it bluntly, tiles are used to step on, low water absorption, high hardness and good slip resistance are enough. END. Conclusion: Although there are no fixed standards and answers for decoration, there is one thing in common, that is, "getting rid of practical and humanized design is not worth the investment". The home decoration topic of this issue is shared here. For more dry goods, please pay attention to the "Beauty Home Guide", and see you in the next issue! (Original text, some pictures are from the Internet, and infringement can be deleted by contacting)

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