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The 215m² parent-child house has unexpectedly become popular due to its clever layout. The whole house is comfortable and atmospheric

2022-12-05 01:04:29 [Materials ]
The 215m² parent-child house has unexpectedly become popular due to its clever layout. The whole house is comfortable and atmospheric

In order to study in the school district, I decided to relocate my whole family, from the previous open house to a single-storey residence. Even though the overall style is very different, I still look forward to bringing the children's slide indoors again, because many young children have already stepped on the elementary and middle school classes. Entering the kindergarten, the hostess chose to stay more time to accompany the three children through the preschool stage. Build a slide, build a secret base, and become a home playground where you can play at any time. Write a warm family relationship for the spectrum of childhood, let the lovely family live, and edit the eternal scene. From the moment you step into the house, you will be on the ceiling of the porch, with the cypress wood panel as the base, diffuse the natural cypress wood fragrance, soothing the mood of returning home for a gentle and stable, deliberately use the steel brush veneer, to feel the original natural texture visually, as if hidden in the mountains Tree rings, all grow old memories here again.

Renovation floor plan

Large flat-floor apartment, with an interior area of ​​215m², 4 bedrooms, 3 living rooms and 3 bathrooms, and the number of occupants is 2 large and 3 small.

Entrance Design

In contrast to the traditional entryway, the entryway is a short passageway, and the ceiling corridor is covered with cypress wood, giving a warm wood fragrance at first. , not only brings fresh fragrance for storing shoes and coats, but also makes the smell more suitable for the deep and moist image of the home, and also sets up ultraviolet lights to strengthen the epidemic prevention function, making it a warm five-sense home. In order to avoid the entry into the hall, a sandblasted glass is introduced to screen out the light and shadow, and the wooden grille is the face, and the instantaneous facade is a Japanese-style end view, whether it is the left side of the staggered two-color wooden leather shoe cabinet, or the right side of the light grid The cabinet body will be freehand and simple and beautiful, and the scene of returning home will ease into the heart.

The design of the living room

is to balance the theme of the childlike slide. The living room only flows from the dust-falling area, and a row of floating shallow wooden cabinets flows. With imitation clear water mold paint, the structure is the main scene of the living room, and black is used as part of the background color. It can be seen that the iron laminates are spliced ​​together, and the traces of thin shelves are drawn through, which makes the wall cabinet significantly lighter and reduces the visual weight. Retain and maximize the space, and choose color-jumping paint for car play, running, and sofa background wall, so that the slightly elongated space has a sense of layering and interweaving, and then place a dark piano, sometimes melodious music, slowing down the years Be quiet.

Cooking Design

takes the expansion of meal preparation functions as the premise, changes the original L-shaped cooking area to a U-shaped, and Introduce a middle island table with a height of 86 cm, and the side of the table is in the shape of an oblique cross to create a red wine shelf and release the various forms of the facade. In addition to expanding the size of use, the upper and lower cabinet doors are replaced with white paint, and the overall clear texture with the wood and stone surrounds, and then covered with black Nairite tabletop, decorated with dark mountain-shaped dining chandeliers, when you look up, it happens There are now three hills, which mirror the distant peaks.

Slide design

The slide is located at the waist of the long space, in a place with poor lighting. The slides are presented in an open style, making it easy for adults to take care of children no matter where they are. Because the young children at home are in the preschool age, the shape of the slide is represented by a gentle slope, and the height is based on the child's ability to bend their knees and fall as the main safety consideration. Through the shape of the slide, it can just soften one side of the storage room, and the trapezoid shape can cleverly enclose a secret base, and the small corner satisfies the children who need a sense of security.

Master bedroom design

The master bedroom and children's room are being divided into two by the public domain. In order to realize the female owner's preference for Nordic style, A room is written with light-colored wood grain, and a low-slung mattress is selected to make the quiet feeling quietly reveal the bedside background wall, extending the Japanese-style simple lines, and cleverly use the width to make one side a dressing table and the other side as a desk. The storage is divided from top to bottom. The top is an open storage cabinet, and the bottom is equipped with a cabinet door. The whole cabinet maintains a balanced beauty in the clean and transparent room. It is adjacent to the bathroom and forms a grid door dirty wardrobe. The wind can be gently moved, which is convenient for temporarily storing dirty clothes.

Boys room design

Because boys love the Warriors, the logo is chosen to represent blue, the whole bedside background wall is covered, and Jumping colors in blue and white rhythm, wardrobe and desk together form the boy's basketball dream.

Girls' room design

The half-wall form is drawn in pastel tones, and the dreamy area is created by white and pink, for the continuation of Infinitely charming imagination, I specially selected 100 elves to paint as a scene in the girl's room. The elves in the painting, sitting or lying down, are playful and leisurely, and have a similar atmosphere as this case depicts the leisurely and contentedness of the family's house.

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