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It took me half a year to find out how stupid these 5 "decoration decisions" are, and I shouldn't blindly follow the trend

2023-04-02 00:33:18 [workmanship ]
It took me half a year to find out how stupid these 5 "decoration decisions" are, and I shouldn't blindly follow the trend

Novices renovating houses are often prone to make such a mistake, that is - blindly imitating other people's decoration. You must know that decoration is not "copying homework". Although some of the more avant-garde decoration designs do look good, after all, the house is still lived in. Our decoration is mainly about practicality, so as to meet our own needs. Don't wait until you move into a new house to find out how stupid the decoration decisions you blindly made in the first place were, and it was not practical to spend more money. The 5 "decoration decisions" listed below are the mistakes I realized after I moved in, please avoid them:

1. Make beautiful sewing by yourself

h1> In order to save money when decorating, I decided to make beautiful sewing myself. I also watched a lot of related video tutorials and experience posts on the Internet, and planned to "do it a lot". However, it was only after a while of actual operation that I realized how stupid the decision to make beautiful sewing was by myself. After one operation, my mind collapsed and my physical strength was exhausted, which is not an exaggeration at all. First, I bought an electric glue gun myself, and then cleaned the gaps between the tiles on the floor one by one, and removed the dust and gravel inside. Wipe one round of tiles with a damp cloth, then wipe again with a dry cloth, then wax, apply glue gun, caulk... A series of procedures are all done by squatting, kneeling or even lying on the ground, and then pressing seams after finishing. Scrape off excess glue. Even if the 120-square-meter house is built, even if it can save thousands of dollars, it is estimated that it will eventually be used to find a masseuse to rescue my old waist. Not to mention that the beauty sewing skills made by myself are much worse than that of professional masters. In some areas, glue is all over the place and it is not wiped clean. Some people do not press the seam properly, and they accidentally hurt their hands by shoveling the seam.

2. Selecting black bathroom hardware accessories

When decorating, I felt that the traditional silver-plated hardware accessories were not distinctive, so I followed the trend and chose black bathroom hardware. To be honest, the high-level sense of matte black is really incomparable to silver hardware, but after using it for a period of time, the problem is gradually exposed. Because the whole house is not softened, scale is easy to remain on the hardware accessories. After a long time, the faucet and the shower are a white layer, which cannot be wiped off. If you want to use a cleaning agent, you are afraid that it will corrode the surface. Searching for relevant information on the Internet, I saw that the black hardware accessories in many netizens' homes have even peeled off paint, which is completely useless.

3. The cabinets were made of skin-sensing film cabinet doors

When I customized the cabinets, I was really shocked by the texture of the skin-sensing film, and the appearance was very high. However, it took a long time to realize that the kitchen is really not suitable for skin-feeling film cabinet doors. Because it is not dirty at all. Everyone knows that the kitchen is a place with heavy fumes. After a meal, you will inevitably get greasy hands on your hands. Opening and closing the cabinet door will leave fingerprints on the skin-feeling film, and these fingerprints are difficult to wipe off, which can drive you crazy. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

4. Create an arched door with Internet celebrities in the interior

Follow the trend of Internet celebrity decoration to make an arched door, I never thought that after the woodworking was finished The effect rolls over to make people laugh and cry. The pictures I showed the master were all regular semi-circular arches with the width as the diameter of the circle. I don't know if it was too difficult or they were too perfunctory. The final work, the arc of the arch was simply not enough. It is an ellipse, not a perfect circle, and the decoration effect is greatly reduced. I still remember that I had a long discussion with the master at that time, and finally I was able to rework it for free for me. Many people who blindly follow the trend and overturn the car on the Internet have to pay for rework from their own pockets!

5. Invisible floor drains were installed in the wet area of ​​the bathroom

At the beginning of the renovation, I also followed the trend and wanted to make the floor drains in the bathroom Invisible floor drain. This kind of floor drain is a bit more expensive than ordinary floor drains. A single rectangular invisible floor drain costs nearly 300, but I didn't think too much about the pursuit of beauty. After I moved in, I found out that this kind of floor drain is very troublesome, especially if it is installed in a wet area. Every time I wash my head, I have to pry it open to clean my hair, otherwise the water will be very slow. And the cover of the floor drain is very heavy, so it is not easy to pry it open (I also bought a small hook to get it). In addition, the rectangular groove is also greasy and disgusting to the touch. In short, it is better to install the original ordinary floor drain in the wet area. The above five decoration decisions are the ones I regret the most. How about you? Welcome to share your experience of stepping on the pit on the road of decoration in the comment area.

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