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What container can I put in the air fryer? Is the air fryer better or the oven better?

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What container can I put in the air fryer? Is the air fryer better or the oven better?

Air fryer is a very common equipment in life. For friends who like to eat fried chicken and french fries, they will have the same style. So, can an air fryer put a bowl in it? What container can I put in the air fryer? Let's take a look together!

Can the air fryer fit bowls?

The air fryer can hold porcelain bowls, but after placing them in the bowl , the space will be reduced. The temperature inside the air fryer is higher. It is not recommended to put it in a bone china bowl. You can choose thicker porcelain bowls or stainless steel bowls. When using an air fryer, you need to follow the instructions to stay safe.

What Containers Can Be in the Air Fryer

Any container that can go in the oven can be placed in the air fryer, such as cakes Molds, stainless steel pans, high-temperature glass containers, high-temperature porcelain bowls, etc., as long as they can withstand high temperatures and have a diameter smaller than the fryer basket. can be put in. The specific principle of an air fryer is the use of a roasting device in the machine to rapidly heat the air to create a circulating heat flow in a confined space that cooks the food quickly while removing moisture from the surface of the food to give it a crispy texture. smell.

Better air fryer or oven

1. Different heating methods. The electric oven is heated by the thermal radiation of the electric heating tube. Air fryers are heated by heat radiation and rapid air circulation. 2. From the perspective of energy saving. Air fryers have low power, high efficiency, and are relatively energy-efficient; electric ovens consume more energy and consume more electricity. 3. From the perspective of pollution and cleanliness. The air fryer has less oil fume, the food is not easy to burn and is easy to clean; the oil fume of the electric oven is relatively large, the food cover must be opened, and it is not easy to clean. 4. From the convenience of use. Air fryers are small, easy to move, and more flexible to use. Ovens are large in size, heavy in weight, and basically held in place. No fryer required, convenient and flexible. 5. From the point of view of food taste. Air fryers are small and relatively airtight. Food is less prone to losing too much water, consumes less oil and retains water well. Ovens quickly dehydrate and dry food. 6. From a functional point of view. Although air frying has many advantages, due to the small space, the number of single treatments is very small. The air fryer won't hold the plate. For example, it is impossible to process a whole chicken, but a conventional electric oven can easily do it. Oven-processed recipes are also abundant, such as cheesecake, bread, pudding, etc. that can only be baked in the oven.

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