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After staying in the new house for one year, the whole house is still kept clean and tidy, and the life is too tasteful.

2022-12-05 03:25:35 [workmanship ]
After staying in the new house for one year, the whole house is still kept clean and tidy, and the life is too tasteful.

For a home, if the interior is kept clean, life will be happier, and relatives and friends are more willing to come to the home as guests. Especially for children at home, it is quite good to learn the good habit of loving cleanliness since childhood, which is very good. Maybe for some lazy families, the house that has just moved in will become an "old house". The room is messy and uncomfortable to look at! I'm very happy to bring you this new house from the owner's house, which has just been in for a year. After staying in for more than a year, the whole house is still clean and tidy. Looking at every space is very enviable, life is really tasteful . There are not many things, and it is well organized and well worth learning. However, it feels as if you have never lived there. I can't help but share it with you, I hope you all like it! This is the effect of rigid installation, and decoration is not easy. The owner's family has also moved in for a year, and recalling every bit of the decoration is still vivid in my mind! The homeowner's apartment is quite good. She has an independent entrance from the entrance door. According to the entrance, she designed a very practical shoe cabinet. Although the shoe cabinet does not have all the design directly to the top, it does not affect the use. After staying for a year, this design is also quite satisfactory. For a home, the biggest role of the entrance hall is the design of the shoe cabinet. Of course, if the space is large enough, it will be more convenient to design a shoe-changing stool. The shoes are not placed randomly, they are neatly stored and look very comfortable. From this angle, the entrance door is actually facing the aisle. There are no decorative paintings hanging on the wall, but the color of the wall paint looks very warm. In fact, it can still play the role of "white space", which is quite good. what! On the left is the dining room and kitchen, and on the right is the living room. This is a restaurant. A square slate dining table is arranged. The space occupied is the right size and position. It is actually very convenient to move the position. The slate dining table is very popular. It is matched with gray and yellow dining chairs. The appearance is very high, and it will not make people feel monotonous. After the daily meal, I need to work here without any impact. The back door is moved to enter the kitchen, and the cooked meals can be brought out quickly, which is convenient for dining. This is the living room. In fact, it looks a bit like a model house. It is very fashionable, and it also looks very atmospheric and classy. The ground is chosen to be paved with gray tiles, which are very resistant to dirt and have a more sense of design when matched, which is really good. It's great to keep your home neat and tidy, and things won't be left lying around. After staying for a year, it can still be maintained like this. It is very good at life, and it also makes people feel very tasteful, and the demand for the quality of life at home is relatively high. The TV background wall in the living room is an indispensable part. The TV wall with slate and grille is designed. The TV wall designed in this way is very common and very popular. It looks very atmospheric and tasteful visually. The TV is hung directly, and it is very comfortable to sit on the sofa and watch TV. There is also a small detail on the TV wall. A similar display cabinet is designed on the left side, which can appropriately add some storage space, which is very thoughtful. The TV background wall in the living room has abandoned the conventional TV cabinet, and is matched with a platform, which is very attractive and very popular. Bought a small bathtub that can be placed on the floor, the effect is really good. If you like to keep fish at home, you can buy one. The living room is connected with the living balcony, which can make more reasonable use of the balcony space, and it is convenient to dry clothes. It can be seen that a laundry cabinet with high and low countertops is designed on the left side, and a washing machine can be placed next to it, which is very convenient for washing clothes. The balcony is closed, whether it is raining or windy outside, it has no effect. The bedroom decoration is relatively simple, with a double bed and a custom wardrobe, there is basically no extra space. The basic color of the wall is the same as that of the custom-made wardrobe, which is very harmonious. The bed was so neatly tidied, it seemed like it had never been used! The bathroom space is suitable, with a very standard dry and wet separation, the whole space will not be wet when taking a shower, and cleaning will be much more convenient. Taking into account the demand, a cabinet mirror is installed, which can easily provide some storage space, toothpaste, toothbrush or other, can be stored. The sharing ends here. Here, I wish the owner and family a happier life. From now on, my family will clean up all the spaces in the house, and the family will live happier! #思米custom home# The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: affectionate/

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