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The new house is decorated according to the trend. The whole house chooses gray tones. It is very beautiful without furniture after cleaning.

2023-04-02 01:03:49 [floor]
The new house is decorated according to the trend. The whole house chooses gray tones. It is very beautiful without furniture after cleaning.

For many decoration owners, they prefer to design their own, according to their own ideas, plus some effects of other people's homes, and reasonably apply them to their own decoration. In fact, this is a kind of decoration that follows the trend, but as long as it is not blindly following the trend, as long as it is not a decoration for showing off or comparing, it is also a more rational approach to follow the trend of decoration, so that your home will take less detours and step on pits! I am very happy to bring this new house to everyone. The owner did not hire a designer or a decoration company. Instead, he designed it himself and hired workers to build it himself. The first time I didn’t know much about decoration, I learned online and reasonably followed the trend of decoration. In the end, I decided to choose gray tones for the whole house. After three months of hard work, the inside and outside were all cleaned up and the furniture was not arranged. It was very beautiful, which was great. The decoration of the whole space is also relatively simple, and it will not make people feel depressed. Now, let's take a look at it together, and I hope you all like it! It belongs to a typical type of apartment. There is a small entrance from the entrance door, and then it goes directly to the living room and dining room. From this angle, you can see that the small entrance door is actually a built-in shoe cabinet, but it is not photographed separately. The floors and walls are in grey tones, which looks better. If you are more interested in decoration, gray tones are very popular, especially the gray tiles on the ground, which are particularly popular. The ceiling is installed on the top, which looks very spacious. Abandoned infrequently used light strips, no light strips are more suitable. The decoration has actually done a good job. This is the restaurant area. A built-in sideboard is designed, which is actually the wall position shared by the restaurant and the kitchen. This design makes more reasonable use of the space. The chandelier installed on the top is also more likeable, and the lighting is bright enough at night, and the light is not dazzling. The living room and the balcony are connected, which can make more reasonable use of the space. It doesn't matter if it's raining or windy outside, sealing the balcony. Generally speaking, for small-sized houses, we prefer to use the balcony space to make the space very spacious. The central air conditioner is installed on the top surface, which is very convenient to use. The design is a double eyelid ceiling, which has a great sense of space. The TV background wall in the living room did not do any modeling, but was directly painted with latex paint, which is simple and durable, and is not easy to be outdated. Generally speaking, for more of our young people, we really don't like to make TV walls, and it is more suitable to directly paint latex paint. At that time, the TV will be hung directly and placed in the TV cabinet for safety, saving space. The effect of turning on the lights at night is enough to illuminate the brightness. The installed chandelier is also a follow-up choice. It is a very popular style. It is matched with a brass light pole, which is very textured and has a high appearance. This is the kitchen, the cabinets are customized according to the structure, and the layout forms the order of "washing, cutting, and frying", which is particularly convenient to use. Generally speaking, the layout of the kitchen is so smooth, and it is easier to operate. The kitchen space is small, but it can also meet the three meals and four seasons in the future, which is very good. The floor of the bedroom is also made of ceramic tiles, and the wooden floor is not selected, which does not affect the use. In fact, tiled tiles are more resistant to dirt and easier to clean. The custom-made wardrobe goes directly to the top, and no space is wasted. The space is small. The choice to install the mobile cabinet door has no impact. If the space is suitable, choose the swing door, the effect is even better! The windows are not big, but the light is very abundant and the light is quite good. The inside and outside have been cleaned. When the furniture and appliances come in, the effect will be more perfect. This is another room. In order to properly remove formaldehyde, some green radishes are arranged to come in, and the effect is still a bit. Of course, if the bedroom at home likes wooden floors, you can choose it without any impact. The bathroom space is suitable, in fact, the position of the dry and wet separation is divided, but I haven't had time to install the glass partition, you can also choose a shower curtain, which is quite good. A very practical cabinet mirror is installed, which can appropriately increase some storage space. Toothpaste and toothbrushes can be easily stored, which is great! The sharing is over here. For the first decoration, I chose gray tones for the decoration. In fact, the whole family is satisfied. During this period of time, it will be gradually improved. When the furniture and appliances come in, the effect will be more perfect! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Xiao Xiaomi Coffee /

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