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Look at the American style of her home decoration, the whole house is luxurious and high-grade, it is too extravagant, I really envy it

2022-12-05 03:01:27 [workmanship ]
Look at the American style of her home decoration, the whole house is luxurious and high-grade, it is too extravagant, I really envy it

Anyone who has renovated a new house will know that there are really too many categories of decoration styles. No matter what style of home decoration, it can have a pretty good effect. And each decoration style will have its own characteristics. For the Nordic style and the modern light luxury style that is full of streets now, I am actually tired of it. This is what the owner thinks, so he didn't follow the trend to decorate these styles, and chose a more unpopular style. You can take a look at the American style of her home decoration. The whole space of the house is luxurious and elegant. For me, this effect is too extravagant, I really envy it! I think it is of great reference value. I will share it with you. If you are thinking about decorating American style at home, you can refer to it! Opening the entrance door is such an angle. On the right is a row of entry shoe cabinets, which can provide a lot of storage space. There are hooks on the top of the cabinet, which can easily hang bags or clothes. The decoration is American style, with a large number of wall panels, and the artistic wall paint made on the wall. The combination is very textured, especially high-end. Just looking at this effect is very enviable, it makes people shine when they enter the house, it is too extravagant! This is the dining room, with a solid wood American square dining table, occupying the right size and location. A very practical sideboard has been custom-made next to it, which can provide a lot of storage space. The middle of the cabinet is designed with an arched shape, which is more beautiful and beautiful, and the details are quite good. The siding, furniture, and cabinets are all the same color, and they match well. The refrigerator can be placed next to it without any impact. When the time comes to check in, the family happily sits and dine together, very happy! The apartment is transparent from north to south, and the interior lighting is very abundant, which is awesome. The kitchen has customized "U"-shaped cabinets according to the structure, and the layout forms the order of "washing, cutting, and frying". The first time I saw such a kitchen, it looked very atmospheric and high-end. The countertop is made of granite, and the color is selected, which is more eye-catching visually. This is the living room. The American-style furniture originally looks more atmospheric. When you enter the venue through the furniture, it is very full. It actually looks like a model room. It is very comfortable to sit together and drink tea and chat or watch TV. The tiles selected on the ground are also more beautiful, and it looks like I want to move in! Made a very atmospheric TV background wall in the living room, which will not make people feel monotonous. Such a TV wall is really common for the American style. It is visually striking, especially atmospheric, high-end and high-end, which makes people envious. However, for now, I prefer to hang the TV, which can save some space for the TV cabinet, and the effect is better. The details are also perfect, especially the phonograph as a decoration, which is retro, but also very cultural and tasteful! Home decoration American style, also need such decoration, it is very recommended to start. This side is used as a living balcony, the balcony is sealed, whether it is raining or windy outside, it will not have any effect, and it can also play a good sound insulation effect. There is an automatic lift drying rack installed on the top, the washing machine can be placed on the right side, and the laundry wardrobe is customized, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, it is very convenient and has no impact! It can also be used as a leisure balcony at ordinary times, which is very good! This is the aisle. The ground is made of waveguide lines. It looks very impactful and layered visually. I like it very much. If the wall panel is used, it can play a more stain-resistant role. This is the master bedroom, which is similar to the living room TV background wall. If you just look at the master bedroom, it feels like a hotel room. It's too high-end and luxurious! This is the second bedroom, and the walls are all green, which is more in line with the needs of the elderly at home. There is no ceiling installed on the top surface, relatively speaking, it is relatively simple. A solid wood double bed, with bedside tables on both sides, is particularly atmospheric. However, the ground did not choose wood floors, but chose tiles. This is another second bedroom, in fact, the effect is the same. In terms of space, it is neither big nor small, and it is enough for use. Arranging plants in, can have a certain effect on indoor formaldehyde, and can also play a certain decorative effect. This is a children's room, with a very practical tatami mat, and a desk cabinet next to it, which is convenient for children at home to do homework or read books. The space is not big, I chose to design tatami, which can maximize the use of space, I like it very much. The ground is chosen to be paved with antique floor tiles, which are very resistant to dirt. There is no wet and dry separation in the bathroom, but an electric water heater is installed, which has no effect. The tiles paved are also antique floor tiles, which are very resistant to dirt and the effect is quite atmospheric! The sharing ends here. For such an American style, it can be said that ordinary families can pretend it. It is really high-end and very atmospheric. If I am rich in the future, my family will also have such an American style. Finally, I wish the owner and family a happier life, and I hope everyone likes it! The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: JUan/

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