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If you don't believe me, you will have a headache if you arrange the sockets like this

2023-02-03 08:42:59 [Wall decoration ]
If you don't believe me, you will have a headache if you arrange the sockets like this

Water and electricity renovation is a very important part of home improvement. First of all, the layout of water and electricity will affect the “feeling of use” after living. Furthermore, it is the link that involves "personal and property safety". Another point is that if the hydropower transformation is not done well, it will be very troublesome to "re-modify" this hidden structure in the later stage, and it will cost another fee. Hydropower transformation is so important that every aspect of it cannot be ignored. As a small object in home life, "socket" is easy to ignore some details in the design: when I want to use the socket, I find that there are fewer sockets; when I use the socket, I find that it is blocked by furniture; Support... Then decorate more sockets! No, the more sockets the better, the unreasonable number of unreasonable circuit planning also has potential safety hazards. How can we reasonably plan sockets? How to make the socket not affect the appearance and neatness of the wall? 1. Classification of sockets First of all, it is necessary to understand what types of sockets there are. The switch sockets on the market are generally divided into two categories: 86 type and 118 type according to size specifications. The type 86 is commonly used at home, and we mainly introduce this type. The socket shape of the Model 86 is square. The size specification is 86x86mm. There can be one-unit, two-unit or three-unit features on it. 2. Specifications of sockets The commonly used sockets are single-phase sockets, and single-phase sockets include two specifications of "two holes" and "three holes". Two-hole socket The two-hole socket has a phase (L) hole and a neutral (N) hole. There is no protective ground hole. Mainly used in hair dryers, tower fans, desk lamps, kettles, meat grinders, juicers and other low-power appliances. Three-hole socket The three-hole socket has a phase wire (L) hole, a neutral wire (N) hole and a ground wire (PE) hole. The three holes are divided into 10A, 16A and 25A. Mainly used for high-power home appliances. For example, refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods, etc. mainly use 10A three-hole sockets. Like water heaters, 16A three-hole sockets are generally required. Vertical 3P air conditioners use a three-hole socket of more than 20A. Four-hole socket and five-hole socket A four-hole socket has two two-hole sockets. The five-hole socket has one two-hole and one three-hole. The five-hole socket is divided into "normal five-hole" and "oblique five-hole". 3. Sockets with more detailed requirements As users' needs for sockets become more and more detailed, the current sockets will also have the functions of switches and USB. In addition, there are "multifunctional sockets", "multifunctional sockets" waterproof sockets and "safety sockets". The multi-function socket is a product that can be compatible with foreign plugs of different specifications. Waterproof sockets are suitable for places with a lot of water vapor such as bathrooms. There are safety protection shrapnel inside the safety socket, which can more effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents. There is also a socket commonly used in the office area - the ground plug. But it can also be seen in home decoration. The ground plug is generally 2-3mm higher than the ground. First, some friends who love hot pot feel that the installation is grounded. First, when some friends design the office area, the electrical appliances are not against the wall, and they will be used. But according to experience, if the dining table is against the wall, try to design the socket at a suitable height on the wall. The ground plug is not very convenient, it is not easy to pop out after a long time, and it is not easy to clean. However, if the area is large and the electrical appliance is not against the wall, it is suitable for installation on the ground. 4. The current residential power supply is 220V, choose a socket with a voltage of 250V. The current specifications of the 250V class are 10A, 15A, 20A, and 30A. For the sockets of ordinary household appliances, choose the rated current of 10A. For high-power home appliances, choose a socket with a rated current of more than 15A. 5. Plan first: see how many sockets are needed in the early stage of decoration, after the space is partitioned, the buried line layout of switch sockets must be done. First define the space function, the function positioning is accurate, and the socket and switch can be clearly defined. There are also many household appliances in the entrance hall, and there are many situations that require sockets. Demands such as smart shoe cabinets, shoe dryers, and charging mobile phones need to be met. So the entrance can be installed with 1-2 five-hole sockets. It is more convenient to have a height of about 130cm from the ground. There are also many electrical appliances in the living room. Generally, 4 five-hole sockets or five-hole dislocation sockets are required. Reserved for TV and other peripheral appliances, such as routers, set-top boxes, air purifiers, and water purifiers. If your PS5, Switch or Xbox is also sitting next to it, also calculate the number of sockets you need to add. If it is installed inside the TV cabinet, the height should be about 30cm from the bottom. If it is installed outside the TV cabinet, it can be 55cm above the TV cabinet. A three-hole socket reserved for air conditioners is also required. As a high-power electrical appliance, the air conditioner uses a socket with a rated current of 16A. If it is a vertical air conditioner, the socket should be 30cm away from the ground. The hanging air conditioner socket is about 200cm from the ground. It should be determined according to the actual location of the hanging air conditioner or standing air conditioner. Next to the sofa, 3-5 five-hole sockets with USB function are also required. Place 2-3 on each side of the sofa. It is used for table lamps or floor lamps, mobile phone charging, notebook charging, cleaning robots, etc. The height of the sockets used for floor lamps and robot vacuums is 30cm from the ground. The socket height of other electrical appliances can also be designed at 30cm. If you consider the convenience of use, you can design the height at about 95cm without bending over. In the "cabinet" of the kitchen, you must think about what electrical appliances you are going to use, such as dishwashers, ovens, and water purifiers. These must reserve positions and sockets. Especially for embedded ones, you must determine the model of the electrical appliance to facilitate cabinet customization. Otherwise, It can't be changed later. Generally, 5 sockets with three or five holes are required. The refrigerator uses a three-hole socket with a switch, which is installed behind the side of the refrigerator, and the height is about 50cm from the ground. The socket of the range hood is generally 220cm away from the ground. If there are ovens, microwave ovens, and rice cookers next to the console, then three 16A three-hole or five-hole sockets are required. The height can be 30cm from the table top, or 130cm from the ground. Sockets for appliances such as range hoods, kitchen appliances, and water purifiers require splash-proof boxes. 3-5 sockets should be reserved under the basin for dishwashers, garbage disposals, etc. The sockets of disinfection cabinets, kitchen treasures and water purifiers should be about 50cm away from the ground. There is no socket at the "bedside table" in the bedroom, and it is very troublesome to charge the mobile phone. If there is a place to rest or a bedside table, reserve sockets for bedside lamps or floor lamps. 6 five-hole sockets are required. Use 2 five-hole sockets for the dresser. Beauty equipment, curling irons and other products will be used. The height is 90cm from the ground. If you will be using the laptop in the bedroom, you will need a 5-pin socket, plus a spare. If you install a projector or a TV, you will need 2 five-pin sockets. In addition, a network plug or TV socket is required. Requires 2 five-pin sockets with USB capability. Install one on each side of the headboard. Easy to charge your phone. Easy access to desk lamps. The height is about 70cm from the ground. Some friends will choose to install floor lamps, and the height can be 20-30cm from the ground. 2 three-hole sockets are required. If you use a hanging air conditioner in the bedroom, use a three-hole socket. The height and current rating were mentioned earlier. There is also a three-hole socket for the garment steamer. Lockers If the lockers or closets are used to store cleaning supplies, if there is an outlet, you can put the vacuum cleaner in it to charge, and also put the clothes steamer in it for use. Requires 1 three-hole socket and 1 two-hole socket. Restaurants love to eat hot pot, but the wires of hot pot are generally relatively short and require a closer socket. Sockets can be designed on islands and sideboards. If the dining table is not against the wall, and you often eat hot pot or barbecue and other situations that require home appliances, you can install the ground plug. Generally, two five-hole sockets with switches are required. If you are placing a coffee machine on a water bar or sideboard in a restaurant, this is what you need to do. The height should be 20cm from the countertop. If the refrigerator, water dispenser, and wine cooler are all in the restaurant, 2-4 five-hole sockets are needed. A five-hole socket is installed for the refrigerator, the height is 20cm from the ground, and it is designed on one side of the refrigerator. Sockets should also be installed behind the water dispenser and wine cooler. The bathroom needs 3 five-hole sockets. A five-hole socket with USB is installed on both sides of the mirror above the vanity. The height is 30cm from the countertop and 130cm from the ground, for daily use of small appliances such as electric toothbrushes and hair dryers. A five-hole socket with a splash-proof cover is installed at the toilet for future replacement of the smart toilet. The plateau is 30cm away from the ground. 2 three-hole sockets are required. Install a three-hole socket with a splash guard. For water heaters, washlet. The height of the water heater socket is 200cm from the ground. Note that it is installed on the side of the water heater. 5 splash boxes are required. Every socket in the bathroom must be installed. The balcony requires 2 five-pin sockets. Washing machine and dryer are required. The washing machine socket is generally 130cm away from the ground, and the height of the socket is a little higher than the water outlet. Another socket is reserved for ironing. Summarize first think about the use needs of yourself and your family, and plan the number of sockets and required specifications according to the needs and possible future conditions. Use splash-proof boxes for sockets in toilets and near water areas. The area is large, and the appliance can be installed on the ground when it is not against the wall. Otherwise, ground plugging is not recommended. When choosing big brand products, safety issues cannot be ignored.

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