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The decoration foreman who has worked for 10 years advises everyone: Don't make these designs lightly! Expensive and impractical

2023-02-03 08:09:27 [workmanship ]
The decoration foreman who has worked for 10 years advises everyone: Don't make these designs lightly! Expensive and impractical

I have been in the home furnishing industry for many years, and I have experienced some insiders. From their experience, I have seen a lot of interior decoration and understand a lot of decoration mistakes. Today, I will share some experiences with you. If you are decorating, it is recommended to take a look in advance to avoid wasting money.

Don't make dark gray floor tiles

Nowadays, gray tiles are highly sought after, and they seem to be high-end, but they are actually "giant pits"! The whole house has gray floor tiles, the space is dark and lifeless, and it feels very depressed indoors during the day. Suggestion ① Remember to choose tiles "rather shallow than dark", don't choose gray tiles for the pursuit of trends.

Do not use slate background wall

The texture of slate is hard, as the background wall will bring a stiff feeling, and it will be easy to be used after a long time. Visual fatigue. It is suggested that the simpler the design of the TV background wall, the more durable it will be. It is recommended to paint with latex paint or leave it blank for a good look and good care.

No folded ceiling

The folded open ceiling is too heavy, troublesome to construct, and already outdated! Don't do it if you can. It is suggested that ③ simply make a double eyelid ceiling, cost less money and good visual effect. If the beams in the house are few and not obtrusive, the ceiling can be omitted, which will show the height and save money.

Do not make stone window sills

Don't think that the window sill stone must be made of stone! That's all lies that businesses tell to make money. It is suggested that as long as the wall is in place and the closing is done, ceramic tiles can completely replace the window sill stone, saving money and being durable.

Do not make 2.5 times pleated curtains

The more pleated curtains, the better the drape effect, but it will cost more to add one more pleat , the cost of curtains with 2.5 times of pleats is definitely twice as high as that of conventional models. Suggestion ⑤ If the home is not a villa and the window is not tall, there is no need to make too many folds on the curtains! 1.5-2 times is enough.

Do not do solid wood wardrobes

The texture is good, but the solid wood panels are too squeamish, easily affected by the environment, deformed and cracked, and difficult to maintain in the later stage . It is recommended to use environmentally friendly ecological boards for customized wardrobes, which are good-looking and durable, and there is no need to spend high prices on solid wood cabinets. Metal wardrobes are made with limited budgets. The formaldehyde-free pattern is open and the use flexibility is high.

Don't do "fake undercounter basins"

Wrong undercounter basin installation 80% of people make undercounter basins wrong ! The installation method of the under-counter basin in the picture is wrong, and the edge of the basin and countertop will still hide dirt in the future. It is recommended to use the correct under-counter basin. There is no problem with the under-counter basin, but it must be installed correctly. It is recommended to refer to the installation details in the above picture.

Do not do line lights

This kind of light does increase the indoor atmosphere, but it is used infrequently in daily living. The lights flicker dazzlingly, the ground reflects light, and it is easy to form "light pollution". It is suggested that ⑧ atmosphere lights can be used, but try not to apply them in a large area indoors, and local embellishments can be used.

No niches

For small bathrooms less than 6 square meters, don’t follow the trend of installing niches, which takes up space and costs money . It is recommended to install a shower storage rack on the wall, which is easy to use and easy to clean.

No circulating hot water system

Although it can meet the needs of turning on the tap to produce hot water, this design is expensive and expensive. Later use is either electricity or gas, and the cost performance is very low. Suggestion ⑩ is not a big house of 200 square meters, there is really no need to install this kind of circulation system. Ordinary water heater + small kitchen treasure, the cost is not large, the bathroom and kitchen water will be very comfortable. (The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement contact is deleted)

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