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129㎡ modern and simple, clean and generous decoration, simple and comfortable furniture, comfortable

2023-04-01 23:57:24 [Materials ]
129㎡ modern and simple, clean and generous decoration, simple and comfortable furniture, comfortable

This is a 129-square-meter modern minimalist style decoration case. The whole house is decorated in clean white color, and the original wood-like elements are appropriately added to create a natural and generous space atmosphere; simple and comfortable furniture, exquisite soft The decoration details make the home space full of comfortable and relaxed feeling. Living room ▲The modern and clean living room space has no complicated design, with simple and generous hard decoration, the floor is covered with wooden floor + carpet decoration, and the warm and comfortable furniture and soft decoration create a natural and relaxed living atmosphere. ▲The TV wall is a combination of a custom cabinet and a platform. The whole cabinet door is mainly white, and a space of log color is left in the middle. The TV is hung on the wall in the middle space, realizing a simple and generous space picture. ▲The sofa wall is based on the Great Wall board, a white flat wall panel is installed, and a gray fabric sofa is arranged, showing a modern sense of literary and artistic refinement. ▲A square slate coffee table is arranged in the middle of the living room, with leather lounge chairs on the side, the whole space is full of modern and comfortable atmosphere. ▲The side tables and the side view bar are arranged on both sides of the sofa, and the pottery vase decoration is arranged, which also makes the space appear more artistic and advanced. Dining room ▲The dining room is connected to the living room, maintaining a consistent modern style, with wooden floors + white custom cabinets, and wooden color cabinets are added to the custom cabinets. The whole space looks simple, modern, generous and elegant. ▲In the clean wall space of the restaurant, a round dining table is placed in the middle, and fabric cushion dining chairs with wrought iron frames make the dining space full of literary and artistic high-end atmosphere. ▲Vase decoration is placed on the dining table, a sink is added to the sideboard at the rear, and small electrical appliances are placed, providing a convenient and comfortable dining atmosphere for the family. ▲A minimalist decorative painting is hung on the background wall of the restaurant, matched with the clean white wall, and the flower decoration of the vase on the dining table brings a simple and elegant design atmosphere. ▲An oval spherical chandelier is hoisted above the dining table, and a spotlight design is also added to the decorative painting on the side, making the space lighting warm, elegant and layered. Kitchen ▲The kitchen is equipped with a central island bar, which is arranged in a U-shaped console space with the kitchen console, providing a convenient and comfortable cooking space for the owner. With the arrangement of refrigerators, log-colored built-in electrical cabinets, and white cabinets and wall cabinets, the entire kitchen space is simple, comfortable and practical. ▲The kitchen is near the window, the lighting conditions are better, and there is a bright line of sight environment when cooking. ▲The cabinets and wall cabinets are mainly white, with no handle design, and the overall design is simple and elegant. Bedroom ▲A whole row of wardrobes + dressing table combination cabinets are installed on the right side of the entrance door of the bedroom. The walls and ground of the whole space are matched with log colors, which makes the space full of practical and simple design. ▲The window frame, wall and other positions are surrounded by wood veneer, and the whole space is full of natural and simple atmosphere. ▲On the far right side of the wardrobe, near the door, add a countertop to integrate with the wardrobe, and arrange stools to become a small space for dressing or work. ▲Black solid wood bedside table with white ornaments and a small in-wall storage cabinet on the side realizes a modern, elegant and practical space utilization. Second bedroom ▲The second bedroom space is also dominated by modern simplicity. After the gray leather art bed and curtains are arranged, vases + chandeliers are arranged on the bedside table, creating a modern, concise, elegant and comfortable bedroom space. ▲A row of wardrobes is installed at the end of the bed, the space behind the door is added with an open grid to make a bag storage area, and an open grid and drawers are added in the middle to make the functional design of a TV cabinet, making the bedroom space more modern, simple and practical. Tatami Room ▲In addition to the entrance area, the entire space of the tatami room is designed as a raised platform, covered with fabric cushions, and a small tea table is arranged, providing a multi-functional space for the host to relax, interact, drink tea and chat. ▲When guests come to the house, this tatami room can also be used as a guest room. Bathroom ▲The main bathroom and the public bathroom are built in a unified style. The walls and floors are light gray, and the shower room is equipped with anti-slip handrails. The entire bathroom space is clean, simple and generous. Floor Plan Design: Young Design, Review: Design Pavilion

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