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Too careless when decorating, difficult to clean up after moving in! These hygienic dead corners are too uncomfortable

2022-12-05 02:51:33 [floor ]
Too careless when decorating, difficult to clean up after moving in! These hygienic dead corners are too uncomfortable

How to decorate so that there will be no sanitary corners? This question - if you ask someone who doesn't do hygiene, he probably won't be able to answer it; if you ask someone who doesn't know how to decorate, maybe he can't answer it either! As an interior designer who often engages in hygiene, I believe my answer will bring meaningful ideas to the decoration of your home. These decoration ideas will greatly reduce the burden of housework in your home! 1. When reducing gaps for decoration, if there are small gaps in the hard installation that cannot be used, simply build a wall to seal it, so as not to keep it difficult to maintain; then, in the design of furniture layout, it is also necessary to reduce the inability of brooms and mops to reach For example, try to stick the furniture to the wall, or use custom furniture to install it completely against the wall. Do not leave small gaps, it is really difficult to take care of. 2. Reduce the countertops, especially those that are installed higher to reduce unnecessary countertops, such as clapboard racks, especially the clapboard racks installed at a position higher than our line of sight. When cleaning, you have to step on the stool to clean it up. Simply bad design. 3. Avoid the ground height difference The ground of the home should be kept on a level surface as much as possible to reduce the height difference, such as the sunken entrance and the threshold stone. If there is a height difference, the sweeper and mopping will be inconvenient to operate. Like the threshold stone, the threshold stone should be installed in the space with a floor drain - the bathroom and the open balcony should be installed with the threshold stone, and the space without floor drain such as the kitchen and room should not be installed. 4. The feet of the furniture are a little higher. When sweeping and mopping the floor, it is the most troublesome to encounter short-legged furniture. It is obvious that the underside of the furniture is dirty, but the mop and broom cannot get in. Such a dead corner should not be! So buy furniture - either seal the bottom or grow some legs! 5. The materials of uneven surfaces, floors, countertops, cabinet doors, etc. should be flat and smooth, and do not use uneven materials. These materials are easy to hide dirt and dirt when they are dirty, and it is a nightmare to take care of! 6, do not use the countertop basin wash basin do not use the countertop basin! The position of the washbasin is easy to get wet, and the gap between the inner side of the countertop basin and the wall is difficult to take care of. After installing the countertop basin, the gap on the washbasin will always be wet, and it will become wet after a long time. Bacteria and mold grow! ​​7. Wall-mounted toilets vs ordinary toilets When cleaning the bathroom, I believe that the gap behind the toilet will give many people a headache! Therefore, if you want to facilitate the maintenance of the toilet in the bathroom, it is recommended to use a wall-mounted toilet, so that the lower position can be directly flushed and cleaned, which will be much more convenient for hygiene. 8. Reducing dust entry ventilation and dust entry are two contradictory topics! If you want to reduce dust entering the room and maintain constant ventilation, you can install a fresh air system! With less dust at home, you can reduce the cycle of sanitation! 9. Make the top of the cabinet, do not leave a section on the top like a wardrobe or a kitchen wall cabinet. It is recommended to do it directly, do not leave a section on the top, otherwise the section on the top will become a dead corner that is difficult to take care of. ! Especially the gap on the top of the kitchen cabinet is easy to become the base camp for cockroaches and mice! 10. Complex wall accessories and modeling walls are generally not dusty, and do not need to be taken care of. However, when there are complex accessories or shapes on the wall, it will become a dead corner that is difficult to take care of. ! The location is high and it is attached to the wall. If there is dust, it cannot be cleaned! 11. Ceiling vs. Ceiling Lamp The chandelier is also a dead corner of hygiene that is easily overlooked. Generally, from the perspective of care, it is recommended to install a ceiling lamp or a hidden downlight/light strip. Unless it is a style or personal preference, you can install a chandelier. , but the style of the chandelier should not be too complicated, especially the large-scale crystal chandelier, it will be maddening to take care of! Sanitary dead corners and difficult-to-manage areas are prone to appear in the decoration, which are probably the ones I have introduced above. If you find any dead-end corners that are difficult to take care of at home, please share them in the comment area, and let’s avoid pits together!

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