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"Don't you install vertical air conditioners?" The home appliance master asked, exposing the common problems of countless families

2022-12-05 03:00:45 [workmanship ]
"Don't you install vertical air conditioners?" The home appliance master asked, exposing the common problems of countless families

As a standard electrical appliance in home life, the importance of air conditioner is self-evident. Therefore, many families are more willing to invest in decoration. However, in the matter of purchasing air conditioners, there is a "confusion phenomenon". Almost half of the people who have experience in the air-conditioning industry, such as air-conditioning sales, air-conditioning maintenance, etc., will not choose to install a higher-level "central air-conditioning", but instead use the "vertical air-conditioning + hanging air-conditioning" plan. In contrast to countless Chinese families, it seems that more people prefer to install central air conditioners rather than vertical air conditioners. Seemingly insignificant phenomenon, in fact, exposed the common problems of countless households in the purchase of home appliances.

First, think that central air conditioning is suitable for every family

It is undeniable that central air conditioning has many advantages. To list briefly: For example, the aesthetics are higher, especially after the ceiling is installed, wall washers, light strips, etc. can be designed. Another point is that the cooling and heating efficiency of the central air conditioner is higher, so the comfort is better. Aside from these advantages, central air conditioning is actually not suitable for every family. Because the central air conditioner is a split type air conditioner, its power determines that it has no "energy saving advantage" in small-sized houses. Taking a 100-square-meter house as an example, although the installation of central air conditioners is more comfortable than vertical air conditioners, the power consumption of central air conditioners is also the largest in such a space. Only in large-sized houses, the energy-saving advantages of central air conditioning can be reflected. This is also the main reason why villas and large flats need to install central air conditioning. Therefore, if you have a new house with an interior area of ​​less than 100 square meters, the most practical solution is to install a vertical air conditioner + an on-hook air conditioner.

Second, is central air conditioning worth investing in?

For most people who just need it, whether to install a central air conditioner has always been a tangled topic. Next, we will objectively analyze the shortcomings of central air conditioning. The good places are obvious to all, so the advantages of central air conditioning will not be discussed for the time being. After all, through the many "slots" of central air conditioning, we can more rationally judge whether it is worth investing in. 1. The cost of installing a central air conditioner is not only the cost of the machine. Because the central air conditioner needs a ceiling, if you decide to install a central air conditioner during decoration, there is no doubt that you need to prepare more than just the money for the machine. And the money for the ceiling. Whether it is a whole house ceiling or a ceiling with hidden lights around (return-type ceiling), it is undeniable that these are all expenses. 2. Maintenance is more troublesome. Whether it is a central air conditioner, a vertical air conditioner, or an on-hook air conditioner, a cleaning and maintenance work must be carried out every year before the end of winter or summer, so as to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner, reduce the probability of damage, and at the same time Regular maintenance can also effectively extend the life of the air conditioner. However, it is an indisputable fact that the maintenance and cleaning of central air conditioners are more troublesome than vertical air conditioners and on-hook air conditioners. Not even a professional can do the cleaning job.

3. Will central air conditioners be eliminated?

The advantages and disadvantages of central air conditioners are actually very obvious. As a household appliance with high input cost, many people have actually begun to reject it. On the one hand, I understand more and more the essence of central air conditioning, and on the other hand, I think that ordinary vertical air conditioners and hanging air conditioners can meet the needs of cooling and heating. So it is unpredictable that the heat of the central air conditioner will not always increase. Especially in some areas, "central cooling" has been piloted. Compared with central air conditioners and vertical air conditioners, the advantage of central cooling is that the room temperature can be maintained at about 26 degrees Celsius without installing split air conditioners. Although central cooling is currently only in the pilot stage, and the pilot objects are only commercial office buildings and apartments, it is undeniable that central cooling may become a trend. At present, some areas have begun to pilot "central cooling", which is actually prying the cake of "commercial air conditioning". Aside from centralized cooling, the energy-saving buildings and passive buildings that the state is currently advocating have actually begun to innovate in doors, windows, glass and building materials, making the walls more and more thermally insulating. Therefore, it is not far away to achieve the goal of no longer being hot in summer and no longer cold in winter without air conditioning and heating. According to the author's understanding, some companies in some areas in China have already started to develop new buildings to weaken the energy consumption of the entire building from the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, and such energy-saving buildings can not only abandon floor heating, but also do not need to install air conditioners. END. The above topics are originals of "Beauty Home Guide", and some pictures are from the Internet. Infringement can be deleted by contacting, thank you!

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