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At the age of 30, home life should not be exquisite, these 4 small household appliances must be invested in gnashing of teeth

2023-02-03 08:31:34 [floor]
At the age of 30, home life should not be exquisite, these 4 small household appliances must be invested in gnashing of teeth

"The full text is about 2,300 words | It takes 5 minutes to read" A while ago, a fan @刘美霞 left a message saying that he buys some small appliances every year, and among the many small appliances, there are always a few that cost money of. Although the cost of each small home appliance is not much, it also belongs to the IQ tax. After all, it can’t be used a few times after buying it home, and it can only be put aside to accumulate dust in the end. In fact, not only this fan, but also many people will "step on the pit" on small appliances. For example, the breakfast machine is a typical example. Everyone imagines getting up in the morning to use the breakfast machine to make a delicious breakfast, but the fact is that many people get up in a hurry and rush to work in a hurry. So it's not that the small kitchen appliance such as the breakfast machine is tasteless, but that it was defeated by laziness and by the soy milk fritters and pancake fruits on the street stall. Of course, having said that, home life should always be more refined. Especially for those who are running three, if they continue to be lazy and sloppy, their life will be a mess. In this issue, I will share with you 4 kinds of small electrical appliances that are very worthwhile to start with and can enhance the sense of refinement and happiness in the home. See if you have it?

1. Thermostatic kettle

What should I do if there is no hot water when I want to drink water? Either find a hot pot to cook it now, or just drink it cold. Scenarios like this are all too common in life. In fact, there is such a small electrical appliance, it is really worth starting, and it is a "thermostatic kettle". A "thermostatic kettle", as we can literally understand, is a kettle that can maintain a constant temperature. According to the design of the constant temperature kettle, it can set the drinking water temperature arbitrarily, such as 45°C, 60°C, 80°C and so on. With such a reliable function, whether you get up early or go to bed late, when you want to drink water, there is hot water with the right temperature. This experience may seem inconspicuous, but it is directly related to the happiness of home life. It was invented because there was a need. There are so many "thermostatic kettles" on the market today. Whether it is for young people or middle-aged and elderly people, the value of thermostatic kettles cannot be underestimated. Especially for the mother family, because the thermostatic kettle can achieve 24-hour heat preservation, it becomes very user-friendly and practical when mixing milk powder for the baby.

2. Vacuum cleaners

Although the manufacturers of vacuum cleaners have been "educating" the public, saying that vacuum cleaners are not "small appliances", but "appliances". But in my opinion, whether in terms of the status of home appliances or the frequency of use, vacuum cleaners cannot be called large appliances in the traditional sense. Of course, it is undeniable that among small household appliances, especially cleaning small household appliances, the value of vacuum cleaners cannot be underestimated. Perhaps many people think that compared with vacuum cleaners, "sweeping robots" can not only clean, but also free their hands, which is definitely more worth investing in than the former. However, people who really do housework know that the value of sweeping robots is far less than that of vacuum cleaners. This is because the object of the sweeping robot is the floor. The objects of the vacuum cleaner are: the ground, carpets, sofas, mattresses and various corners... The powerful function of the vacuum cleaner is because it has many "suction nozzles". For example, use a roller floor brush to clean the floor, use a flat-nosed brush to remove dust from the gaps of the sofa, use a mite removal brush to remove mites on the bed... On the other hand, there are various cleaning types such as sweeping robots, washing machines, steam mops, etc. Small appliances, without a doubt, are incomparable to vacuum cleaners. For a person who loves family and life, a small appliance such as a vacuum cleaner is obviously indispensable, because it is a small expert to ensure home cleaning and exquisiteness.

3. Have you ever used an electric iron with a hand-held garment steamer

? Of course, if you are born in the 2000s or 10s, you may not know what an electric iron looks like. In the past, if clothes and sheets were wrinkled, they had to be ironed with a heavy and cumbersome electric iron, which has been eliminated with the development of the times. In its place is a small hand-held garment steamer. In the face of the times, being eliminated is actually quite normal. After all, with the development of technology, every industry is constantly innovating. And small appliances for ironing clothes, of course, are also constantly innovating. So we can see that more and more people are starting to use this small hand-held garment steamer. The advantages of hand-held garment steamers are obvious to all, not only small and light, but also the effect of ironing is very good. No matter what material it is, no matter how wrinkled it is, it will look as neat as new after use. The reason why this kind of hand-held clothes ironing machine is a very worthwhile small household appliance is that its use can make our clothes neat and tidy. No matter whether you like to be clean on weekdays, as long as the clothes you wear are neat and tidy, you will leave a good impression on others. After all, there is an old saying that says: people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles! Therefore, whether you are a student party, an office worker, or a retired home, a garment steamer with a few dozen yuan is the standard for your "exquisite personality".

4. Electric steamer

As a net red steamer, I have to say that too many people have abandoned the traditional stainless steel steamer. The reason is not that the stainless steel steamer is not practical, but that the stainless steel steamer is somewhat inferior in front of the "electric steamer". Although both types of pots can be used to cook ingredients, the difference is obvious. It is precisely these differences that make many people gradually eliminate stainless steel steamers. For example, briefly talk about the difference between the two: ① The stainless steel steamer needs to be watched, and there is a risk of forgetting to turn off the fire. The electric steamer can not only cook "timed", but also has the function of "anti-dry burning", so even if you forget to turn it off, there is no risk. This "free-of-care" advantage can be said to be very suitable for the elderly group who are prone to forgetfulness. ②The thermal insulation performance of stainless steel steamer is not as good as that of electric steamer. In the end, it's still about "technology". The heat preservation ability of the stainless steel steamer depends entirely on the stainless steel material and sealing. The electric steamer has a special heat preservation element, so it can achieve 12 hours of heat preservation. ③The stainless steel steamer cannot be reserved for cooking, while the electric steamer can be reserved for 24 hours. This advantage is really practical for young people. Make a reservation for cooking the night before, such as cooking a corn, an egg or two, and sweet potatoes. Wait until the next morning to eat without waiting. If you use a stainless steel steamer, you have to get up an hour or two earlier! ——THE END——

Written at the end:

A beautiful and exquisite home life is indispensable for these practical small appliances, and of course, the necessary household appliances for life product. Well, this issue of home furnishing is shared here, see you in the next issue! (Original text, pictures from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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