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I visited my best friend's new house and realized why the milk tea style is so popular. It is really warm and bright. I want to live there.

2023-02-03 07:31:05 [workmanship ]
I visited my best friend's new house and realized why the milk tea style is so popular. It is really warm and bright. I want to live there.

To say that the decoration style that is most popular with young people nowadays, the milk tea style can definitely rank in the top three, whether it is a certain book, a certain audio, a certain station, as long as you search for articles or videos related to decoration, it is very There will be a lot of push notifications about creamy decor soon. Personally, I'm not very keen on keeping up with online trends, so I haven't had much knowledge about this style. Unexpectedly, I went to visit my girlfriend's new house a few days ago. Her house happened to be decorated in this style. To be honest, after seeing the decoration of her house, I kind of understand why the milk tea style is so popular. It is really warm and bright. I want to ask her to move out and let me live. Share it with everyone! Original floor plan Floor plan The girlfriend's new home is a house with an indoor area of ​​85 square meters. Although there are many defects in the layout of this house, for her and her husband, who are not well-off, they can buy Such a house with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms is very lucky that a family of four can have their own independent space. As for the structural imperfection, please ask the designer to help them solve it. There are two most obvious flaws in this house. One is that the kitchen is too far from the dining room, and the other is that there is a problem with the position of the door of the public guard. In addition to these needs to be adjusted, they also hope to have as much storage space as possible. . In response to these questions they raised, the designers made the following adjustments to the original unit: 1. Change the bathroom door from a single door to a sliding door; 2. Indent the walls of the master bedroom and the second bedroom inwards. Then use the released space to arrange two sets of cabinets in the aisle, which not only increases the storage space, but also visually shortens the distance from the kitchen to the dining room. Let's take a look at the real effect of her family's cream style. The entrance is the entrance area. My girlfriends love to be clean, so I specially asked the designer to make a sunken dust-fall area at the entrance, so that every time I go home, I can change my shoes in this area. Avoid bringing dust into the room. The area on the right side of the door was designed by the designer as a shoe cabinet and a wardrobe. The wall on the left side was also used, and a large mirror was installed. The layout of the entire entrance area can be said to be both practical and refreshing. On the restaurant side of the restaurant, light wood-colored dining tables and chairs, sideboards, light beige floor tiles, and some white decorative elements are used as embellishments to blend into a light milk tea tone, which makes people feel warm and comfortable. Waxy, very comfortable. The decoration of the living room and the living room continues the milk tea style of the whole space. The white slate TV background wall, the milk coffee-colored sofa background wall, and the gray-white sofa. At a glance, the whole space looks warm and bright. It looks much more comfortable than the decoration of my house. I can't wait to change houses with her. Looking at the aisle, after customizing the cabinets on both sides of the aisle, the originally long and narrow aisle has become more pleasing to the eye, and it has greatly increased the practicability. The second bedroom and the second bedroom The two babies in the girlfriend's house are girls, and this is the room of one of the babies. The interior space is not large, so the bed, desk, and wardrobe are all custom-made. In order to expand the storage space as much as possible, the bottom of the bed and the backboard of the headboard are equipped with storage compartments, and a row of hanging cabinets is also installed on the wall at the head of the bed. The light milk tea color makes this small space extraordinarily warm and elegant. Second bedroom Second bedroom This is another baby's room. Although the interior layout is different, it also includes functions such as beds, wardrobes and desks. The color is still a light milk tea color. Under the background of the yellow sheets, it has a more fresh and lively feeling. In the master bedroom, the master bedroom and the master bedroom also make the best use of space. There are cabinets at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed, plus the cabinets in the aisle outside the door, and the storage capacity is very sufficient. The combination of white and light wood color is very similar to the warm milk tea that has just been prepared, which makes people want to take a sip. I have only seen online pictures before, and I have seen with my own eyes the style of milk tea at the house of my friends, which is really good. No wonder it's so popular now. What do you think?

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