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Looking at his new house after moving in, every space is tidy and clean, life is so happy

2023-02-03 07:06:57 [floor]
Looking at his new house after moving in, every space is tidy and clean, life is so happy

After moving into the home, no matter how busy or tired you are, you should clean up the home. The family will be very happy when they live in a clean home, look more comfortable and live a happier life. After cleaning up the house, relatives and friends come to see it, they are very envious! This time I am very happy to bring you the new house after the owner's family moved in. At that time, as a wedding room, I was really happy, and I spent a lot of thought to decorate it, it was really not easy. During this period of stay, no matter how busy or tired I am, I will take time to clean up inside and out. Every space in the house is tidy and clean, which makes people envious. Living in such a clean home makes life really happy. Below, let's take a look at it together, and if you like it, you can refer to it! There is no entrance from entering the home, and the entrance door is directly facing the living room sofa to the balcony, so a partition shoe cabinet is designed, which can block or form a home entrance, and can also bring quite good storage. Space, and can block the sofa behind, really good, really thoughtful. And the ground is also arranged with floor mats, which are more beautiful, resistant to dirt, and the details are well handled. It has been a while since I moved in, and everything in every space in the house will not be left in disorder, and will be cleaned up. The decoration is also relatively ordinary. The top surface chooses the design without main lights, and many downlights are installed. The ground chooses gray tiles, which matches the whole space. In fact, gray tiles are very good-looking and resistant to dirt! Here is the restaurant, a square dining table is arranged, the space occupied is suitable, and the slate dining table is a bit like marble. When there are many people, it is convenient to move the location. The north-south transparent apartment is very popular. Next to it is the kitchen, and the cooked meals can be brought out quickly for easy dining. The kitchen has customized "L"-shaped cabinets according to the structure, and the layout has formed the order of "washing, cutting, and frying", and the size and position are suitable. An integrated stove is installed, which is more spacious for young people. The left side can be placed in the refrigerator, and the reserved position is suitable, which looks very design and thoughtful. Some small appliances on the countertops are neatly placed. Cooking in such a kitchen is very exciting. Choose gray cabinets, but also more people like. The aisle is basically in the middle, just enough to separate each space. After moving in, the new house is so clean and clean, I like it very much. There are a lot of downlights installed on the top surface, which are bright enough for lighting. If you like this kind of headless lamp design at home, you can refer to it! This is the second bedroom, the space is still very spacious, there is a double bed, and a baby cot is arranged next to it, which is convenient for the little baby at home, and it is very comfortable to sleep. There are still a lot of things, but they are still organized in an orderly manner. Including the bedding, it feels like it has never been used. The ground chooses the wooden floor, which does not have the cold feeling of tiles, which is more comfortable. The ceiling is also installed with a ceiling, which has a great sense of space. The bedroom will be clean and tidy, and the messy things will not be placed randomly, which is quite good. The wall cabinet is arranged on the left side, which can add some storage space, which is particularly practical. If there is a need at home, for the bedroom, it is more suitable to choose wooden floors. This room can be used as a cloakroom, and it is very convenient to store clothes or shoes, which is very good. For a housewife, it is really happy to have an independent cloakroom! This is a small office area, but also as an entertainment area, which can be conveniently used by the male homeowner. The space is not big, but it is still enough to meet the needs of one person! The bathroom space is suitable, and a very standard dry and wet separation has been done, which will be much more convenient when cleaning. Moreover, the LED cabinet mirror is installed, which can increase some storage space, and the heating and defogging function has a great effect. The tiles that are laid are also gray, and the things are neatly arranged, which is great, I am really happy! This is the end of the sharing. The first time I saw this effect, I really liked it. The home is clean and very comfortable, which is very enviable. The above pictures are reproduced by the owner: Chen Jinjie /

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