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It’s still comfortable to live on the large flat floor, and I don’t want to change the villa.

2022-12-05 00:43:23 [cleaning ]
It’s still comfortable to live on the large flat floor, and I don’t want to change the villa.

One thing to say, after seeing so many houses, the flat-floor apartment is the most comfortable to live in, not to mention spacious and large, and the view is also excellent. This 170-square-meter flat floor, the owner of the house is a pianist, so when the house was renovated, the large horizontal hall was dismantled into two, half of which was used as a living room and half of which was placed on the piano. Great Hall! For large flat-floor units, with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can also better daylight and see the scenery outside the window. The TV background wall in the living room is filled with an entire row of lockers. The cabinets are designed with flat seams. The white cabinets are matched with log color, which has a layered effect and is warm and natural. The living room is equipped with sofas, coffee tables and carpets to give the owner a comfortable space for activities. The sofa is not against the wall, and the large horizontal hall is disassembled into two, and the sofa is used as a partition to divide the space for piano practice that the owner needs. The balcony on one side is not incorporated into the living room, and is covered with a deck, which can grow flowers and grass to create a sky garden. The kitchen and dining room are integrated into one side of the living room, which is convenient for family interaction and communication. The dining table and the island are integrated into one design to increase more operating space. It is more convenient to install a sink in the island, and it is also more convenient to wash hands and fruits before meals. The textured island countertop, paired with the wooden dining table, is understated and highlights the owner's taste. One side is against the wall to create a flat-shaped countertop in the kitchen, and the wall in front of the countertop is equipped with a track-type socket, which is convenient for the use of various kitchen appliances. Appliances such as refrigerators and ovens are embedded in the cabinets, saving space and more beautiful for open kitchens. The second bedroom on the side of the kitchen was transformed into a study room, with arched door openings and glass sliding doors installed, which are high in appearance and convenient for indoor lighting. Venetian blinds are installed in the glass door, which saves space than curtains. No guest room is reserved to transform the study, but also to create a quiet learning space for children. The wall in front of the desk is equipped with a perforated board, which is convenient for hanging various school supplies. Half of the background wall of the master bedroom is decorated with wood veneer, and half of it is made of slate to achieve a layered effect, which is more advanced. A desk is placed by the window, and the owner of the house can usually work and read in front of the window. In addition, the master bedroom is also designed with a cloakroom, a full dressing mirror is installed, and the wardrobe is made into an open clothes hanging area, which is easy to access and more breathable. One side of the children's room is designed with a wardrobe integrated bedside table, which saves more space. Not only the study room, but also the children's room is also equipped with perforated board storage on the wall. The bathroom has a four-separated design, and the bathtub and shower room are fully functional. The washbasin is built with double basins, and the couple can usually wash together. It is still the large flat floor with good lighting and wide field of vision, giving the family the most comfortable home life. After living in it, I know that it is really good. This is not a villa!

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