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177 square meters of modern art house, the glass partition wall is transparent and atmospheric, and the invisible door of the TV wall is also very advanced

2022-12-05 02:23:42 [floor]
177 square meters of modern art house, the glass partition wall is transparent and atmospheric, and the invisible door of the TV wall is also very advanced

This is a 177-square-meter modern-style decoration case, with a large number of gray floor tiles, stone and wood veneer textures, and appropriate addition of black design elements to make the space extraordinarily high-end atmosphere; the space behind the sofa wall in the living room is made of glass. The design of the partition wall brings a sense of spacious and atmospheric space design. Entrance ▲On one side of the entrance is a custom shoe cabinet. A suspended table top is added to the shoe cabinet. On the basis of storing shoes, it also provides an interesting display table position. ▲The other side of the porch is the children's play area, which is designed with glass partitions, and light strips are added on both sides, which makes the first feeling of returning home full of dignified temperament. Living room ▲The ceiling of the living room adopts the design of suspended flat ceiling, gray floor tiles + light gray carpet, and beige leather sofas are arranged. The whole living room is full of modern atmosphere. ▲The sofa wall is designed with a low wall and a glass partition wall. The rear is the children's play area, and the right side is an open display rack, where books and decorations are placed to make the living room look more upscale and dignified. ▲The TV wall is designed with white slate as the background wall. The left part is treated with a slot. The TV is hung on the middle wall and a black TV cabinet is placed. The whole space gives people a simple and elegant high-level temperament. ▲The TV wall in the slotted part is actually an invisible door, behind which is the balcony space. Through the design of the invisible door, the TV wall maintains a more complete and atmospheric sense of space. ▲The glass partition wall of the sofa wall echoes the glass sliding door of the kitchen. The glass frame is a black frame design, with black dining table and chairs, which makes the space full of modern and dignified high-level feeling. Restaurant ▲The restaurant is a combination of gray floor tiles + black dining tables and chairs. The sideboard next to it is designed with built-in appliances and refrigerators, which is full of modern and elegant design atmosphere. ▲The dining table with black slate countertop, the design combination of the rear sideboard + embedded electrical cabinet makes the space appear simple and practical. ▲A water bar is installed by the window, which provides the host with flexible countertop space for western dishes, tea making, and fruit cutting. Kitchen ▲The combination of custom white cabinets + black countertops and handles in the kitchen creates a stylish and elegant black and white design effect. ▲A storage rack is installed on the kitchen wall, kitchen utensils and seasoning bottles can be stored, keeping the work surface clean, beautiful and easy to maintain. ▲The kitchen sink and the vegetable cutting area are set in the adjacent position, and the washing, cutting and cooking areas are separated, so that the family can cook together without being crowded. Children's play area ▲The children's play area next to the entrance is filled with children's toys and a storage rack, which provides children with a toy storage and independent play space. Adults can sit on the sofa and watch TV, and occasionally turn around and take care of their children. The space is highly interactive. ▲A row of storage cabinets is also installed in the play area, providing a space for play and storage. Corridor ▲The side wall of the corridor is designed with wood veneer + invisible door, and a hidden light strip is added to the ceiling on the right side to make the lighting in the aisle even, comfortable and bright. Children room space. During infancy sleeping in a crib, the adult sleeps in the bed next to it, and when the child is older and can sleep independently, remove the crib and sleep directly on the bed. ▲The windows are designed in a blue arch shape, and a bookshelf design is added to the side, where bedtime readings and picture books can be placed, which can cultivate children's reading habits. ▲And a hut-shaped wall hole is added to the foot of the wall, and small decorations are placed, which is full of childlike warmth. Bedroom ▲The bedside wall of the bedroom is designed with a black + khaki background wall, and a light strip is added in the middle to increase the sense of spatial hierarchy, a gray leather art bed + bed sheet is arranged, and a glass vase decoration is placed on the hanging bedside table, making the bedroom appear quiet and dignified And advanced and fresh. An invisible door is added to the right side of the bed, and the master bathroom is behind it. ▲The bay window is fitted with marble window sills, the sides and top are decorated with log-colored Great Wall panels, and the ground is covered with light-colored wooden floors. The whole space gives people the feeling of modern comfort and high-end elegance. ▲The bay window sill is connected with the hanging bedside table, and glass vases and magazines are placed to make the space look modern, elegant and fresh. The black bedside wall lamp with a metal frame above provides a comfortable lighting experience for the host to read before going to bed. ▲The combination of custom wardrobe + TV cabinet at the end of the bed, with the TV embedded in the middle, provides the host with an exclusive TV experience under the simple bedroom. Main bathroom ▲The dark gray wall and floor tiles in the bathroom, and the design of shower room and bathtub are added, so that the master bathroom has more choices. ▲The washbasin installed in the air + a large-area wash mirror, as well as uniform and comfortable lighting without main lights, make the bathroom space lighting more focused and hierarchical design. ▲Hotel-style bathroom design, modern avant-garde and high-level sense of space. ▲Secondary bedroom ▲The ceiling of the secondary bedroom is designed with no main light, with a combination of surrounding light strips and downlights in the middle. The bed is placed against the wall, and a glass wine cabinet is installed in the wall. Red, showing a modern, dignified and stylish design atmosphere. Guest bathroom ▲The overall space of the guest bathroom is covered with warm gray tiles, the floor of the shower room is designed with black slotted marble, and the light strip design is hidden in the ceiling, making the bathroom space low-key, simple, bright and high-end. Balcony ▲A washing machine cabinet is installed on the balcony, and the washing machine and dryer are stacked together to create a practical laundry and drying space. Floor Plan Design: Mo Chuan Design, Comments: Design Pavilion

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