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How much does it cost to decorate 60 square meters (details of costs)

2022-12-05 01:28:48 [Wall decoration ]
How much does it cost to decorate 60 square meters (details of costs)

You can also click the "blue word link" at the end of the article to find a local reliable decoration company and save 30% (the applet has been added here, please go to the Toutiao client to view) 60 square meters house, with a moderate area, suitable for 1~2 people to live in, It is very popular with young people nowadays. Although such houses are small in size, the cost of decoration is not low. If the owner wants to reduce expenses, he can understand the decoration market costs in advance and allocate funds reasonably. So how much does it cost to decorate 60 square meters? You can take a look with me below. 1. How much does it cost to decorate 60 square meters The common types of decoration on the market can be divided into three categories: clear package, half package, and full package. They are mainly determined by how much material the decoration company contracts. 1.60 square meters clearing repair and decoration cost: between 550~650 yuan / square meter, clearing and repairing is suitable for owners who are familiar with decoration and have many experience in decoration. All decoration materials need to be purchased by the owner. 2. 60 square meters semi-package repair and decoration cost: between 650~750 yuan/square meter, half-package repair is suitable for owners who have some understanding of decoration and have experience in decoration. The owner needs to purchase the main decoration materials, and the specific situation can be negotiated with the decoration company. 3.60 square meters full package repair and decoration cost: more than 800 yuan / square meter half package repair is suitable for first-time decoration and owners who are busy in daily life. After the owner signs the contract, he only needs to be responsible for the post-acceptance inspection. 2. Details of the decoration cost of 60 square meters : 15~20 yuan / square meter Modeling ceiling: 80~90 yuan / square meter solid wood composite paint door cover: 155~165 / square meter Background wall: 155~165 yuan / square meter 2. Bedroom composite wood floor: 110~120 RMB/square meter Wooden wardrobe: RMB 300~330/meter TV cabinet: RMB 400~450/meter Baseboard: RMB 15~20/square meter Finished plaster line: RMB 8~12/meter Oil-based wood lacquer 15~25 Yuan/square meter Balcony floor tile: 55~65 Yuan/square meter 3. Kitchen full-polished glazed floor tile: 70~80 Yuan/square meter Fully-polished glazed wall tile: 80~90 Yuan/square meter Aluminum gusset ceiling: 75~85 Yuan/square meter Aluminum inner corner line: 8~10 Yuan/square meter Cabinet: 350~450 Yuan/m Hanging cabinet: 320~340 Yuan/m Vertical cabinet: 780~850 Yuan/Clapboard rack: 300~350 Yuan/ Stone edging: 30~35 yuan/meter Stone hole digging: 33~35 yuan/stone threshold: 62~65 yuan/block : 80~90 yuan / square meter Aluminum gusset ceiling: 75~85 yuan / square meter Aluminum inner corner: 8~10 yuan / square meter Towel rack: 30~40 yuan / set Side: 35~40 yuan/m Basin plate drilling: 35 yuan/unit under counter: 300~340 yuan/m ~180 yuan/set of grounding wire: 70~80 yuan/roll Telephone cable TV line: 250~300 yuan/network cable: 5~8 yuan/meter 1.5 square line: 40~60 yuan/roll 2.5 square line: 70~80 Yuan/roll powder line slot: 50 yuan/group cassette, floor drain and other accessories: 150~170 yuan/group. PVC pipes and accessories: 1100~1200 yuan/set of water pipes and auxiliary materials: 250~300 yuan/set of switch panels: 10~15 yuan/piece The above is the content of how much it will cost to decorate 60 square meters. Owners are helpful. At present, the decoration market is chaotic, and the charging standards in the industry are ambiguous. The owner understands the market quotation in advance, which can avoid the decoration company's false quotation and waste of money. Click the [blue link] at the bottom, fill in the basic information of the house, quickly obtain the exclusive quotation details, and have customers answer online throughout the day. Big Data recommends a decoration company for you
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