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Share 10 taboos of living room furniture placement and layout to avoid unnecessary trouble

2023-02-03 07:53:12 [Wall decoration ]
Share 10 taboos of living room furniture placement and layout to avoid unnecessary trouble

The living room is an important place to meet people, and it is also the core part of the suite. It is also the place where family members communicate and gather. Therefore, the quality of the living room decoration affects the harmony of family members to a certain extent. Today, Liu Zhi, through this article, listed 10 taboos for the placement and layout of living room furniture, and shared them with friends for learning and reference. 1. Some units cannot see the living room when you enter the door. If you enter the room through the door, you need to go through the bedroom, kitchen, and aisle to see the living room. It will make people feel stupid and indistinguishable between indoor and outdoor, and lack of privacy, work and business will be When things go wrong, it's as if nothing can be done right. Therefore, when we decorate the living room or buy a house, we try our best to choose the unit type and decoration plan that can be seen in the living room as soon as we enter the room. Second, the living room area is not square The best pattern of the living room is square or rectangle. If it is not these two patterns, try to separate the living room into a rectangular or square area through partitions or sofas and other furniture, so that the living room looks more neat. Tables, chairs and stools in the living room area should not face the corner of the house. If there is a corner, consider using green plants as decoration to resolve it; at the same time, the sofa should not be pressed by beams. 3. The living room should not be messy, clean and tidy. The living room can make people feel happy, and they will be handy in handling things, so that people will not be particularly disgusted to talk about business in the living room. As an important place for foreign exchange and reception, the living room should not be piled up in a mess. Only by placing it neatly and cleanly can the cohesion and centripetal force of family members be improved, and the effect of gathering money can be achieved. 4. The sofas in the living room are irregularly placed. Under normal circumstances, the sofas are placed in sets for each household. It is rare to combine two sets of sofas or one and a half sets of sofas as a set of sofas because the living room is too large. Or some people may also add a set of sofas and other chairs such as some scattered chaise longues. In fact, this approach is wrong, and it is likely to cause family disharmony. Because placing a sofa means that the whole family is united and united to create wealth, half-heartedness is likely to be detrimental to the wealth and solidarity of family members. 5. Better lighting in the living room. Some families may buy a house on a low floor, and the entire community is a high-rise building. For low-floor residents, the lighting in the living room may be blocked by houses and green plants, so when we decorate Be sure to bring outdoor light into the room, so as to achieve better lighting in the living room. The dim light in the living room can easily make people feel unhappy, and it is not conducive to relieving the tired body. Therefore, it means that the house we live in must have sufficient lighting in the living room and good air circulation, so that good luck will naturally improve gradually. 6. The door and the living room should not be connected directly between the door and the living room. Try to use various cabinets such as partitions and entrances to connect the door and the living room. In this way, there is a buffer area, and the qi can be gathered in the living room, and the living room will be relatively private, so as to make the interior more concealed. To a certain extent, it means good luck. Therefore, most families now make a cabinet in the living room and the entrance door to achieve the effect of partition, and it can also ward off evil spirits and gather wealth. 7. No mirrors can be placed behind the sofa or people. If we sit on the sofa, people around us can see the back of the head of the person sitting on the sofa through the mirror on the back of the sofa, which is an ominous move. We can consider hanging a few paintings and calligraphy on the back of the sofa instead of the mirror, which can enhance the personality and temperament. It can be scary to see a person in the mirror when the lights are not turned on in the middle of the night. 8. Sharp objects should not be placed in the living room. It is not recommended to hang swords, firearms, animal samples and various sharp objects on the living room wall. Hanging these objects in the living room can easily generate yin and evil spirits, which can easily lead to quarrels and violent behavior. It is like if there are knives hanging in the living room, it is like a murder weapon, which makes people feel uncomfortable and insecure, especially friends who come to the house as guests. Nine, there should be no beam above the living room. There is a beam above the living room, which will make people nervous, with the feeling of being overwhelmed by Mount Tai and unable to breathe. . Therefore, in order to avoid wealth being suppressed and making people unhealthy, when decorating, try to cover the beam above the living room with decorative objects. 10. The color of the top of the living room should not be too dark. The color of the ceiling is too dark, which is easy to cause too much mental pressure, and it does not have a sense of space. develop. Living in such a dark living room for a long time will directly affect a person's health index.

Concluding remarks

The above is a brief introduction to some taboos about the decoration of the living room area by Liu Zhi. I hope everyone can avoid these situations as much as possible, so as to facilitate the harmony between family members , to avoid the situation of bankruptcy and disaster. Eliminating the above ten situations will be conducive to the accumulation of wealth, career development will be better and better, and evil will less and less. Text: personal original, headline first image: from the Internet, infringement can be deleted

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