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So fragrant! Expose the five popular designs of the porch, tatami, bay window, shoe and hat room, the guests praise

2022-12-05 02:04:28 [Materials ]
So fragrant! Expose the five popular designs of the porch, tatami, bay window, shoe and hat room, the guests praise

The entrance is not only a space for putting on and taking off shoes, but through different decoration ideas, the entry area can also create more functions; for example, the tatami entrance, which was discussed a while ago, has added functions of rest and storage. ▲ Picture source / pinterest/ ルポハウス First-Class Architectural Firm Therefore, modern porch decoration is no longer a single practice, but creates various layouts and functions according to space conditions and the needs of the owner, so that users can feel comfortable as soon as they enter the door and convenience. As for the popular designs, share the following five tips!

Design 1: Tatami Entrance

The traditional Japanese entryway, as long as space conditions permit, will be located next to the entry area Plan a "shoe and hat room" as a space for storing shoes, clothes and tools. Secondly, if the entrance hallway is wide enough to accommodate the shoe cabinet, then the space next to it can be transformed into a "tatami Japanese room". ▲ Image source / pinterest / The advantage of Izzy Smith’s doing this is that it has gained more space for rest at home; in addition to being able to lie down and rest as soon as you enter the door, and use it as a daily game space, if you install a door panel, close the door It can also be turned into a guest room. In addition, storage space can be planned under the tatami to improve the home storage function. ▲ Image source/ pinterest/ Shayne Anderson▲ Image source/ pinterest/ Obata Construction

Design 2: Bay Window Entrance

Want to add a rest function to the entrance, in addition to decoration Tatami and bay windows are also popular designs. Therefore, if there is a window pattern as soon as you enter the door, it is recommended to plan it as a bay window entrance; first, it can be used as a space for reading and relaxation on weekdays, and second, it has the function of storing and changing shoes and stools. the design of. ▲ Image source / © ノーブルホーム As for the layout of the bay window entrance, there is the most basic "one-line". It is decorated along the window to facilitate entry and exit; while the shoe cabinet can be arranged at the bottom of the aisle (as shown in the figure below), or on the other side of the aisle, depending on the entrance pattern. ▲ Image source / If the porch area is larger, it can be extended to an "L-shaped" bay window; in addition to being used as a shoe-changing stool and a rest area, it can also be used as a supplementary seat for the living room sofa.▲ Picture Source/ Shengjiao Production and Design

Design 3: Entrance between shoes and hats

Traditional Japanese entrances often plan "earth storage" as a place to store supplies and tools The modern decoration continues this concept and turns it into a "shoe and hat room", which is used as one of the spaces for storing clothes, hats, shoes, bags, and even strollers, bicycles, golf equipment and other items. It is regarded as a "walk-in closet" version of the entrance.▲ Image source / pinterest/ Fukuoka Public Works Co., Ltd. is the most common in the "walk-in" and "walk-through" layouts; among them, the walk-in entrance and exit They are all the same. The advantage is that more storage space can be arranged, but the disadvantage is that the ventilation and convenience are poor.▲ Image source / ©【Zhuwen Residence の Daren】▲ Image source / pinterest/ RoomClip As for the "walk-through" The shoe and hat room is characterized by two entrances and exits, so the advantage is that it is convenient to enter and exit; however, because there is one more entrance and exit, it will also affect the storage planning, and the storage capacity is less than that of the walk-in. ▲ Image source / ©【Notes Residential の Daren ]▲ Picture source/ pinterest/ RoomClip

Design 4: Partitioned Entrance

Some units have no entryway layout, or the state of "opening the door and seeing the light". For homeowners who pay attention to Feng Shui, such a home space is not ideal, so they usually use shoe cabinets and screens as partitions to create a porch field and even create a storage function. ▲ Image source / pinterest / Dan Gomes There are two common practices for the layout of the partition-type entrance. The first is to place the partition at the opposite side of the door, which can not only block the eyes from outside the door, but also shape the entrance area. A small reminder, if the width of the entrance is less than 120cm , the shoe cabinet can be ultra-thin style, moved to other places, or simply turn the partition into a storage cabinet.▲ Picture source / Pinterest/ @ Annie▲ Picture source / Pinterest/ Clem Around The Corner The second method is for open homes In the field, the "L-shaped partition" is used to achieve the purpose of installing the entrance area. Similarly, the partition design can be a screen or an L-shaped shoe cabinet, depending on the needs of the homeowner. ▲ Image source / Pinterest/ @ Houseplans .com▲ Image source/ Daily Space Design

Design 5: Long and narrow entryway

Generally speaking, the minimum width of the aisle is 60 cm, so if you want to Arrange shoes in the hallway Cabinets, we must pay attention to whether the remaining width is sufficient, so as not to affect the smoothness of the passage. Secondly, if you really plan to decorate the shoe cabinet in the long and narrow entrance, the following two methods are recommended. ▲ Image source / Pinterest / Editions de l'Arkhan The first method is to set back one wall, so as to obtain space for the decoration of the shoe cabinet, and to maintain the basic width of the entrance passage. ▲ Image source/ Instagram/ © inovikova_design▲ Image source/ Pinterest/ Belle-ベルエ- (リノステージ Co., Ltd.) The second method is to plan for the "horizontal" entrance. Basically, this kind of entrance will encounter a wall blocking the front as soon as you enter the door. Therefore, it is suggested that in planning, the shoe cabinet should be decorated on the short side wall, and the ceiling design should be adopted, which not only maintains the aisle unobstructed, but also obtains larger storage space. ▲ Picture source/ Instagram/ ©▲ Picture source/ Pinterest/ RoomClip

Be careful/Improve the practicality of the entrance

In addition to the above 5 popular entrance designs , Finally, I would like to suggest that you spend a little more careful thinking, which will help the entry area to have more complete functions and better use. These include: scheming 1: It is very important to combine shoe cabinets with shoe stools! After all, one of the main functions of the porch is to put on and take off shoes, so a shoe changing stool is indispensable. However, if the entrance is long and narrow, an extra chair needs to be placed on the aisle, which will really hinder the passage. Therefore, it is recommended to combine the shoe changing stool with the shoe cabinet, which is both beautiful, practical and maintains the smoothness of the aisle. ▲ Picture source/ Pinterest/ Ayesha Humayun’s scheming 2: It is absolutely necessary to install a full-length mirror before going out, look in the mirror, and organize your clothes! And for small entrances, the design of a full-length mirror can also use the "reflection effect" to achieve the illusion of visual space extension, indirectly alleviating the sense of space oppression. ▲ Picture source / Pinterest / Home Designing Plan 3: Use hooks and racks If the entryway shoe cabinet is not a large storage cabinet, it is recommended to install hooks and storage racks on the wall to facilitate hanging out of the clothes. A small reminder, please do not install too many hooks and racks in the narrow entrance, so as not to compress the aisle space, it is recommended to have one rack, or three or four hooks. ▲ Picture source/ Pinterest/ SHIFT INTERIORS scheming 4: Create niches and storage compartments to store clothes, bags, and umbrellas, such as keys, mobile phones or change that you carry with you. It is easier to take off your shoes. In addition to installing a key box on the wall, it is recommended to create an alcove for the entrance, or plan an open storage compartment in the upper shoe cabinet, which can be used as a space for placing small things or ornaments. ▲ Image source/ Pinterest/ Szűcs Anna’s scheming 5: Renovating the washbasin Under the premise of space conditions, it is highly recommended to decorate the washbasin at the entrance! Doing so can not only help children develop the habit of washing hands at the door from an early age; for adults, it can also reduce the probability of bringing bacteria and dirt into the room through the process of washing hands. A small reminder, the installation of the entryway sink should pay special attention to the problems of water intake and drainage, so please take out the original floor plan of the home and find the drainage channel to facilitate subsequent planning and decoration. ▲ Image source/ Instagram/ @mukustyle The entrance is the facade of a home, it is also a transition space from the outdoors to the interior, and it is also a field for storing items, so no matter the size of the area, it is worth decorating it well; and the above five designs are exactly On the basis of the decoration of the porch, additional functions are given to make the entry area more practical. It is no wonder that heated discussions have arisen.

Adding a screening

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