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After reading it, I am envious. The 99㎡ became popular unexpectedly because it was too good at layout. The whole house was not tacky at all.

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After reading it, I am envious. The 99㎡ became popular unexpectedly because it was too good at layout. The whole house was not tacky at all.

Whether it’s floating on an island, sunbathing under palm trees, or even walking into the northern wind room to warm up in a cold day, the cool and retro-looking micro-luxury boutique hotel has always been the homeowner’s preferred choice. This may be due to the epidemic Later, as a vacation home owner, Ling Ai wanted to create an exclusive home micro-travel.

floor plan

The interior area of ​​the suite is 99㎡, with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. The beams demarcate the boundary, which just divides the guest dining room into two areas, and the invisible corridor follows the axis of the ceiling. In contrast to the sofa against the wall, in order to expand one more area, display items such as bicycles and medals are placed, and the original TV wall is moved to the children's room, so that the public space increases with the silhouette.

Entrance Design

When traveling, insert the room card, push the door and enter, the faint light slowly flows, such memories The scene is now being realized at the moment of entering the door and returning home. The wood grain with retro smoky color is selected, which echoes the stucco floor, and two cabinets are laid out, in a staggered posture, to dilute the sense of oppression. The upper and lower cabinets are integrated with the shoe-wearing chair, and the walls are made of painted grille lines, which are separated from the Changhong glass, and the texture light traces are sifted by the light screen.

Living room design

Details of lighting and materials in the living room. The effect is transformed into two halos, showing a small and delicate texture, transforming the children's concierge into a porch grille door, staggered and overlapping to reflect a unique light spot, you can enjoy a drink for a while at night, and the side is adjacent to the guest bath, you can use the same style. The dirty wardrobe is integrated into the measuring body, so that the integrity of the TV wall is pushed up again. In order to make the sofa not against the wall, still maintain a comfortable sitting and lying feeling, and for the living room and exhibition area, to divide the area, a wooden backboard about 100 cm high is built on the back of the sofa to increase the sense of stability, and at the same time consider the sound Equipment requirements, there are lines and sockets on the backplane, and the partition has multiple functions.

Kitchen Design

An oak-stained veneer that goes straight from the entrance to the kitchen to cover the ceiling is like a prelude to a holiday, but also The area that condenses the core of the home is also a multi-functional area where the hostess hopes to turn into a home office. The sideboard is developed in the form of upper and lower cabinets, the shallow table introduces practicality, and the wall is deliberately exposed, so that the clear water mold paint depicts the natural original tone and continues to flow to the whole room. The cooking area and the middle island are all configured by the original developer. The white lacquered panel is above the central island platform, and the black iron element is used to build a shelf.

Master bedroom design

continues the hotel style of the whole house. The side walls are irregularly scattered doors and cabinets with hidden wood grains. And linear lighting, the ultimate beauty in the details, the bedside background wall extends the porch paint grille, showing the changing light and shadow. In addition to structuring the wardrobe to make the storage volume meet the needs, the width of the 160 cm wide, mobile TV wall creates audio-visual audio-visual functions in the hotel-style sleeping area. The bed also has ample space for placement.

Children's room design

Painted in white and green, it outlines the childlike Nordic style. In order to suit the needs of preschool children, the mattress is 45 cm high and covered with wooden boards, making it easy for babies to crawl, and easy for adults to sleep and take care of.

Secondary bedroom design

In the second bedroom with limited space, a desk and a high-volume storage closet are built, so that elders can visit occasionally , Even for a long time, there is a comfortable place to live. Summary: A touch of slightly cold-toned plaster, the original appearance of clear water mold texture, the natural pattern that you like at first sight, the gradation of different shades of smudge in different areas, the flowing wood texture of various colors, and the slightly luxurious aesthetics of the lamp shape, Slightly hidden but not obvious, it injects a slightly drunken style into every moment of the day.

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