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On the free decoration of decoration owners

2022-12-05 01:20:38 [floor ]
On the free decoration of decoration owners

Is it possible for the owner of the decoration to be led by the nose, his own decoration ideas can not be implemented, but other people's decoration opinions are arbitrarily placed; The decoration you spend a lot of money on has become a theoretical testing ground for others. This kind of phenomenon is not impossible or impossible, it is encountered by 80% of the people. The reasons are as follows: 1. You have hired a designer, whether it is a free design or a paid design, they will all affect the effect as a result. By rejecting your changes, you will reject your ideas as incapable of construction; even people in the industry will not deny this. Then the question is, did they lose their freedom when they started talking about the plan, and did they dare not follow the owner's wishes? Yes, when you were talking about the plan, you were already tied up with five flowers, but you just didn't know it. If you don’t believe me, think about it carefully. Those companies that offer free designs for free will ask you to pay a deposit of 3,000 or 5,000. If you don’t need to pay this money, they will design for you directly. There is freedom, once it is handed over, I am sorry, from now on the rivers and lakes are passers-by. Because the free design is given to the customers who are constructing in his house, if you do not construct in his house, they will charge for the design. Your deposit will not only be used as the design fee, but it is not enough to make up. Throw away thousands of dollars; if it is constructed in his house, the price and material technology of his house will be wrong. This is called riding a tiger. This phenomenon is not a theory, but a real thing that happens every day. If you have done the inspection and decided to start construction in his house, you can talk about your own ideas, and they will be responsible for drawing, 80% of which are drawn according to your requirements, and 20% of which are piecing together. There will be super ideas, because super ideas cost a lot of money to realize, and people don’t dare to design them. Besides, you design for free, and people don’t bother to think about it. At this time, do you feel that you have eaten flies? When you communicate four or five times, the drawings are finalized, and the construction is delivered, you will find that many places need to be changed, because the owner is not an insider, and the communication with the designer is in a state of inexperience, and many concepts are specious. Take my wife. Said that she didn't even know what the door cover was before the decoration, and all the decoration concepts were vague. Is the communication in this state mature? Only after the actual construction will I understand it, so it is, I understand, I know it is wrong It's hard to think about it, want to change it. Workers build according to the drawings. It is impossible for the customer to change the drawings. The designer needs to change the drawings. When the designer changes a drawing, he has to draw and change the matching drawings. It has to be printed, and then it can be handed over to the engineering department and then to the workers. In your hands, is the designer willing to change such a troublesome process for you? It’s impossible, right? Sometimes when you change it for the first time, they bite the bullet and change it for you. Every step of the decoration will become more mature, and the later your needs will become clearer, just like marriage and love, you have a marriage contract when you are the most ignorant of people in the youthful period. There are no doors. Some designers refuse you to modify on the grounds that it affects the effect, half is true and half is false, and the false half is because it is too troublesome; the true half is really because the values ​​of the client and the designer cannot be in the same channel, he thinks Yes, the client may think that it is not, and the two have a conflict, but at this time the initiative is in the hands of the designer, not the client, and they lose their freedom. 2. The freedom of decoration lost by signing an all-inclusive contract. The decoration company's all-inclusive package will never use the kind of materials that are popular in the world, because once there is a comparison, their price and quality will be easy to judge, so you carefully look at their brands, or they are in the world of big brands. There is no series, or it is the company's own brand, such as the special putty powder for a certain company. This allows them to sell at a high price at a low cost and achieve excess profits. When you sign the contract, pay the down payment, and start to look at the materials, you will find that most of the main materials they provide do not agree with you. This is intentional. If you can like it, the price must be high. If you want to replace it, that won't work. It's impossible for people to purchase it for you alone. The labor cost and material cost will increase a lot. If you say that this item is removed, I will buy it myself. They say yes, but only Half your money back because they included the profit when they signed the contract, anyway, the profit is guaranteed. At this time, you need to change or not. Change, not only do you have to pay a high price to buy the material yourself, but you can only get half of the money you paid before, which is not worth it; Comfortable. In this state of loss of freedom, 90% of them choose not to change, and the end result is that they can't wait to rip it off immediately after the decoration. 3. First pay a large amount of down payment for decoration. We can imagine a scenario based on logical reasoning. After you have paid most of the decoration payment, if the quality of this company is not good and the service is not good, how can you control them; project The manager will give you rudeness and keep adding items to you. How can you control them. If you don't agree, people say that you can't live like this, and it is true that some projects really affect life. These projects are basically the early stage companies deliberately lowered the grade for you to sign the contract. When the actual construction is carried out, in order to realize profits, you must rely on Designers and project managers make up for the unrealized profits, so they will tell you what to say or not. You are 100% frightened, and you will basically agree. repair. The phenomenon mentioned above is still good, the bad thing is three days of fishing and two days of drying nets, or if you live too much, you can drag them from the side of the road to deal with it. If you want them to stop work, the money is given first and you want to come back. That's the Arabian Nights. What's more, he ran away without paying anything. In short, when you make the above mistakes, you lose your freedom of decoration is 100%. So how can we not lose the freedom of decoration? That is to find Jiang Shuijing that pays after construction first. Remember, Jiang Shuijing pays first after construction, not the imitation on the market, because imitation does not have such a mature system. It is not as good as what the traditional model companies do. Jiang level decoration team is a pure construction team. It was established according to the super concept of separation of design and construction. It has concentrated on research and construction for 17 years, so it is more professional. Since it is pure construction, there must be no design. If there is no design, it will not bind people with design. As for the effect, the customer service staff serve hundreds of young customers every year. They have seen countless decorations and solved countless decoration problems. It is experienced, and there are many ways to make customers achieve beautiful results without spending money. Thousands of customers we serve do this, and none of them yelled at them because of unsatisfactory results. We are a pure construction team, have our own perfect corporate culture, and understand life with true duty. This word of truth constrains us. We should not put poor main materials on our own high prices to sell customers in order to avoid suspicion. We simply do not do all-inclusive, and do not make this money; and for the convenience of customers, we have joined a group of professional and ethical material suppliers to serve customers. We are only responsible for introducing customers, not prices, and only supervising the bottom line of quality services. If If the asking price is high and the customer runs away, it has nothing to do with us; if the low asking price attracts customers but affects the quality, we have to take care of it. We pay after construction first. We don’t need to pay if we do it well. We only pay if we do it well and pass the inspection. Is it impossible to add items at will at this time? It's not that I don't dare to have poor quality, poor materials, or even language. If the client wants to make changes, they can make changes at any time, and they can change as much as they want. Even if they don’t like us in the middle of the road and want us to stop work, it’s a matter of one sentence. There is no need to consider that there is still money in the hands of the construction team. Does this realize the freedom of decoration? Some clients are just confused, can't figure out the trick here, always leave their fate to others, and then pray to the Buddha to bless them not to be the most unlucky person. When it comes to decoration, you should take full control of yourself. What do you like and what your family likes? Don't you have to be a designer to decide? Can't you decide for yourself? If you have children who are ugly, will you dislike the decoration you do? , Impossible is not; you think that you are afraid that others will look ugly, it is nonsense, no matter how beautiful things are, not everyone likes, and spending energy in this area is a pure waste of emotion. In conclusion, decoration is your own business, you can control the freedom, the effect, and the ending.

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