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If you are not short of money, it is recommended to prepare these 4 small appliances for the kitchen to enhance the happiness of cooking

2022-12-05 03:37:19 [Wall decoration ]
If you are not short of money, it is recommended to prepare these 4 small appliances for the kitchen to enhance the happiness of cooking

Over the years as a home blogger, I have used a lot of small kitchen appliances, and I have paid a lot of IQ taxes, and I have indeed found some useful appliances. Today I want to share with you 4 practical kitchen appliances. If you can afford it, you might as well prepare them for your home to improve your happiness in cooking.

①Electric steamer

Since I have it, it is super convenient to make breakfast at home! You can make a 12-hour appointment, put the food into the pot at night, and get up in the morning to eat a hot meal, which saves trouble and time. Double-layer large capacity, 1 family of 3 people can use it without any problem. There is a special egg steamer built in, which can directly put eggs in and steam together with other staple foods, with high operation efficiency and good taste of ingredients. The steamer has an anti-dry burning function, and it will automatically power off protection if there is a problem, so it is safe to use.

②Instant Hot Drinking Machine

I used to use a kettle to make water at home. Although it is very convenient, the water just boiled is too hot to drink directly. , and can not make milk powder and coffee, making water back and forth, waiting for water is very troublesome. Later, with the mentality of trying it out, I bought the current fashionable drinking machine. The biggest feeling after using it is: drinking water is so convenient! It comes with a filter element, which can directly purify the water in the water tank when making water, and the water quality and taste are good; 13-speed temperature adjustment, heating water in one second, no need to repeatedly heat thousands of boiling water, healthy and hygienic; water volume can be adjusted as needed, one-click water, drink , making tea, making milk powder, etc. can be switched at any time, which is very convenient. The built-in 5L water tank at the back of the fuselage can meet the needs of drinking water for a day and avoid the trouble of repeatedly picking up water. With it, the happiness of drinking water at home is obviously improved!

③Light Sound Wall Breaker

This wall breaker has a cover on the outside, which looks bulky, but it can actually reduce the noise decibel, and it is no longer used when it is used. There is a harsh sound like an electric drill to ensure that it does not affect the rest of the family. The bottom of the cup is a 6-blade steel knife, which has high grinding efficiency and fine crushing. There will be no residue when making soy milk and rice cereal. The taste is very good, and it is very suitable for baby food. What I like most about it is that it is easy to clean. In addition to one-button self-cleaning, it also has a drying function to prevent the cup from breeding odors, making it more hygienic to use. Whether it is soy milk, rice cereal, thick soup, or making fruit juice or cold drinks, it can be achieved with the wall breaker, the utilization rate is very high, and it will never be idle.


There is a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen, and oil and dust will inevitably accumulate on the ground. I have been using mops and rags to wipe at home, but this is not only tiring, but also wipes If you don't get it completely, it will leave small black spots, which will greatly affect the hygiene. Fortunately, there is a washing machine now, one suction and one drag, the ground is clean and no water stains are left; when you use it, you can push the machine away without bending over, which is super easy. After use, the sewage is poured out, and the mop is one-click sterilization and self-cleaning + centrifugal air-drying. You don't need to wash the mop by hand, which is very convenient! I use it to drag the kitchen every day, the corners are clean and tidy, and I feel great to cook by myself! The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, delete it immediately)

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