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I really like the 65㎡ apartment of this pair of Russian sisters. It is simple and exquisite. I really want to dress according to it.

2022-12-05 00:59:00 [Wall decoration ]
I really like the 65㎡ apartment of this pair of Russian sisters. It is simple and exquisite. I really want to dress according to it.

The case shared in this issue is from Russia. The owner is a pair of sisters. The two of them jointly invested in the purchase of this two-bedroom, one-bedroom house in Moscow, the capital. . Although the budget is limited, the decoration can only be simple, and the interior furniture is still cheap goods like IKEA, but the effect of the whole house looks simple and exquisite. If you're on a budget, this set of decorations is still worth checking out! Floor plan The usable area of ​​this house is 65 square meters, and each space is independent, so even if they live under the same roof, they can maintain independence and privacy. Of course, this way of getting along will not affect their sisters Love, the interior decoration of the two people is similar. Let's take a look at the real effect. The dining room runs through a long corridor that ends with two bedrooms, an integrated guest kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom. On both sides of the corridor, there are make-up tables, full-length mirrors and wardrobes to meet the various needs of the entrance area. The dining table is set on one side of the kitchen. The log dining table is matched with peacock blue dining chairs, and two small chandeliers are embellished to set off the entire dining area to be luxurious but not exaggerated. Kitchen The kitchen is L-shaped. The refrigerator and steamer oven are embedded in the high cabinets on both sides of the cabinet. In the middle is the operation area for washing, cutting and frying. The white and gray cabinets are matched with the gray backsplash, which looks simple and atmospheric, and is even more warm after the lighting is contrasted. Living room, living room, living room, and living room are also very simple. Only a wave board is added on the background wall of the sofa as a decoration. With a gray sofa and a small coffee table in white wood color, it looks very fresh and natural. On the sofa, there are several colorful small pillows stacked in the pile, which not only echoes the color of the dining chair, but also enhances the sense of sophistication, making the whole space look simple but not simple. The TV background wall opposite the sofa in the living room did not make any modeling, but just covered a gray art wallpaper with dark patterns, which matched with the surrounding white and wood backgrounds, making it harmonious, natural and rich in layers. In the bathroom, various shades of gray are used to match the indoor environment very neatly. Bedroom Bedroom This is one of the sister's bedrooms. The bedroom contains a bed, wardrobe, TV cabinet, desk and bookcase, all functions are readily available. The whole space is matched with white, wood and gray, and some pink decorative elements are added as embellishments to create a simple and elegant living room environment. On the background wall of the bedside in the bedroom, a combination of wave boards, mirrors and line boards is used to make a simple decorative shape, which makes the originally simple home space more refined and stylish. bedroom bedroom bedroom This is another bedroom. The decoration of this bedroom, from color matching to furniture style, is basically similar to the interior of the first bedroom, and even the functions are the same, including bed, wardrobe, TV cabinet, desk and projection. It looks like a sister's room. The bedroom is also in white, wood and gray. However, pink elements are used relatively more. It is conceivable that this girl's personality should be more elegant and gentle. The above is the 65-square-meter apartment of the two sisters. Although the decoration is very simple, the overall effect is simple and exquisite, and it is worth looking at. What do you think?

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