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I, 25 years old, refused to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I bought a 140-square-meter house in a small fourth-tier county. The decoration was too advanced.

2023-04-02 00:05:00 [Materials ]
I, 25 years old, refused to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I bought a 140-square-meter house in a small fourth-tier county. The decoration was too advanced.

New house decoration case in this issue: I, 25 years old, refused to buy a 140-square-meter house in a small fourth-tier county. Before I start, ask everyone, how many people work in first-tier cities, but in third- and fourth-tier cities Buying a house in the city? The answer to this question must be "very realistic". But even so, it does not affect our pursuit of a better life. Just like the new house case to be shared in this issue, a 25-year-old female protagonist resolutely refused to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and chose to settle down in a small fourth-tier county in Shandong. Although there is no prosperous business and high-paying jobs, life is comfortable and comfortable. Next, I will share with you the heroine @Gentle New House, and see how advanced the decoration of the 140㎡ house is. Let's talk about the specific situation of the house first: the female owner's new house has a construction area of ​​140 square meters, and the interior area of ​​the house after removing the public pool is more than 110 square meters. With such a high public stall, it is obvious that the hostess bought a high-rise. For a house with more than 100 square meters, the total house price in a small fourth-tier city is less than one million yuan, and if it is replaced in a first-tier city, I am afraid it is not enough for the down payment. The layout of three rooms and two halls costs about 210,000 in hard and soft decoration. Although there is not much investment, the effect of the decoration can be called "textbook".

Entrance door

Although I have been in the decoration industry for many years, I still don’t know why many houses delivered by developers have “pig liver red” on the entrance door. "color. It is precisely this color that is unpleasant, so many people even replace the entrance door directly. In fact, it is more appropriate to "reform" according to the female protagonist's idea. "Change the color" of the entrance door to your favorite color, or a color that is consistent with the overall decoration style, not only saves costs, but also meets your own aesthetic needs. So don't replace the entry door easily, it's really unnecessary. The heroine's approach is worth learning from.

Living room

The decoration of the living room, in one sentence: simple, but very atmospheric. The floor is covered with 800×800 tiles. The bright light gray tones will not make the living room look too dull. In the purchase of ceramic tiles, the heroine did not choose a first-line big brand. In fact, based on my years of work experience, there is really no need to buy a good ceramic tile as a building material, as long as you pay attention to the slip resistance and water absorption. The tiles in the hostess' house cost more than 40 yuan per piece, which meets the needs of most families. On the ceiling, there is no overly complicated shape, nor the whole house ceiling. Instead, choose a simple side hanger. This kind of ceiling scheme is also the most popular design at present. It is not only beautiful but also does not compress the height of the floor, which is worth learning from. In addition, without installing a balcony sliding door, the living room and the balcony are directly connected, which also increases the space of the entire living room a lot. On the walls of the entire living room, there is no wallpaper or wall covering, nor are the popular micro-cement and diatom mud. Instead, I simply painted the "space walk" latex paint. This net red tone is very harmonious with the light gray of the ground. The white ceiling also makes the wall appear more layered. In the choice of lamps in the living room, the hostess installed a minimalist chandelier, which is also a wise decision. After all, it can not only meet the needs of aesthetics, but also reduce the accumulation of dust. Unlike large crystal lamps, it is very difficult to clean after the dust has accumulated. The decoration of the TV wall is quite eye-catching. The entire TV wall is made up of 3 rock slabs, and the total cost is about 7,500 yuan. Choosing the popular "slate", but not installing the matching "wood grille", I have to say that the hostess has considered it very well. After all, the wooden grille is very difficult to clean after it has accumulated dust. In terms of aesthetics, it is not as atmospheric as a simple slate. As for the choice of TV cabinet, the hostess also directly built a floor-standing slate cabinet. Although the cost is higher, I have to admit that the money is worth the money and the atmosphere is full.


The design of the restaurant is also remarkable. Especially the design of the sideboard, a white cabinet with a ceiling, the appearance is very online. And the hostess still chose the slate dining table. It is not difficult to see from this point that the heroine really likes slate. In fact, to tell the truth, the building materials of slate are not new products, they are also a kind of ceramic tile in essence. It's just that the molding of the slate has higher requirements on the tonnage and specifications of the press, so it appears to be relatively high-end. Of course, the price is also more expensive. Throughout the restaurant, the hostess also made a "return ceiling", which is simple and beautiful. In the selection of lamps, three independent net red lamps are installed, which enhances the exquisiteness of the restaurant. Many people think that the value of lamps lies in "lighting". In my opinion, when choosing lamps, it is more important to consider the appearance of lamps and lanterns. After all, the lamps on the market today are basically the same in terms of lighting. However, it should be noted that when choosing Internet celebrity lamps, do not choose those styles that are easy to accumulate dust or are difficult to clean. Such as lamps with upward openings, feather lamps, etc.


sliding door is not installed with the popular hanging rail door, nor does it choose the traditional concave-convex groove floor rail sliding door, but the installation of minimalist rail Sliding doors. To see whether the sliding door is easy to use or not, the track is very important. Anyone who has installed a rail door knows that the rail has high requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the door frame, and the rail door has poor sealing and low stability. Coupled with the high price, very few people install it now. In the past, the ground track with concave-convex grooves was not only easy to trip people, but also was a dead corner of hygiene, which was difficult to clean thoroughly. So I suggest everyone to consider this minimalist track sliding door chosen by the heroine. The interior decoration of the kitchen is quite satisfactory, and the choice is the big single slot and pull-out faucet of the Internet celebrity model. Obviously, "large single slot + pull-out faucet" has become the standard in the kitchen. However, some people like double sinks, thinking that double sinks have fixed partitions, half for washing vegetables and half for washing dishes, which will be more reasonable in experience. There is also disagreement on the Internet about whether to choose a large single tank or a double sink. All I can say is, the one that suits you is the best. So don't blindly follow suit. In fact, a large single slot is installed, and a drain rack can be used to realize the function of partitioning in the later stage.

Master bedroom

The bedroom, as a space for rest and sleep, should of course be "warm" in terms of overall color tone. Therefore, in the decoration plan of the ground and wall, the hostess made some adjustments. Different from the space walk on the wall of the living room, the latex paint of the bedroom is "beige apricot gray". The tone of beige apricot gray gives a very soft and comfortable visual experience. In the decoration of the ground, the bedroom is not tiled, but the "wood floor" is selected. In order to ensure environmental protection and reduce the frequency of housework, the hostess did not choose pure solid wood floors that require regular maintenance, nor did she choose laminate floors with low environmental protection, but installed "multi-layer solid wood composite floors". Just to tell you here, whether you choose a multi-layer solid wood composite floor or a three-layer solid wood composite floor, the environmental protection level must be above the E0 level, preferably the Enf level. The master bedroom of the hostess' house also has a cloakroom decorated separately. Although the area is not large, it is an independent small world. All kinds of clothing and jewelry can be stored in the cloakroom. When the hostess posted her cloakroom, many netizens liked it one after another, and looked forward to decorating such a cloakroom in her house in the future. It is undeniable that who would refuse such a cloakroom and independent dressing room that can accommodate everything?

Secondary bedroom

As a children's room, the secondary bedroom is very different from the master bedroom in the overall decoration style. For example, on the decoration of the ground, there is no wooden floor, but the same tiles as the living room. On the wall, instead of continuing the beige apricot gray tone of the master bedroom, it was changed to "grey blue". The gray-blue latex paint makes the bedroom look more stylish. And the paintings on the background wall are also full of childlike interest. Let's talk about the wardrobe in the bedroom. A door-to-top wardrobe reduces dust accumulation and is worth learning from. However, the corner of the wardrobe is designed to be open, which is not desirable to be honest. After a long time, you will know that the corner cabinet can easily become a pile of debris, and it is easy to accumulate dust.


Although the area of ​​the toilet is not large (7㎡), the hostess still designed the separation of dry and wet. In terms of specific bathroom building materials, the bathroom basin chooses "slate countertop + ceramic basin". In fact, this matching bathroom basin is rare. More families will choose a separate ceramic integrated basin or a slate integrated basin. The combination of "slate countertop + ceramic basin" may seem nondescript, but it is actually very practical. Because of the separate slate integrated basin, the bottom basin is flat, which is not only easy to splash water, but also easy to hide dirt and dirt in the gaps around (the bottom basin is glued on). The traditional ceramic one-piece basin is not as good as slate in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, the combination of "slate + ceramic basin" is more worthy of investment. END.

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