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10 old furniture that "falls off the altar", all of them are memories, no one can escape if they are eliminated by the times

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10 old furniture that "falls off the altar", all of them are memories, no one can escape if they are eliminated by the times

The "change" of furniture also witnesses the change of the times. Those "old furniture" that were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s have basically disappeared now. Although no trace of them can be found, it is undeniable that they are still our indelible memories. Because they carry the growth and changes of a family. Next, follow the author's pictures and texts to take a look at 10 pieces of "old furniture" that have "fallen off the altar". I don't know if you can still remember those difficult years? [1] Cupboard In a modern kitchen, the object used to store dishes is called "cabinet". In the 1980s and 1990s, the indispensable storage furniture for every household was the "cupboard". Most of the old-fashioned cupboards look like the picture above. Although they are not as advanced as the current cupboards, they are very practical. The upper part is used to store dishes and leftover meals, and the lower part can be used to store some rice, noodles, grains and oils. The seemingly conventional cupboard actually has a little advantage compared with the current cabinet. That is the durability of the board. In the past, the cupboards were basically made of pure solid wood by woodworkers, so they did not break for a long time. No formaldehyde. On the other hand, the current cabinets are expensive, but the quality has declined... [2] Baxian table may be in many rural households now, there is still the shadow of Baxian table. Although it is rare, it must be admitted that the practicality of the Eight Immortals table is stronger than any of the current dining tables. Because the old-fashioned Eight Immortals table is square, when a family is sitting together to eat, everyone can have a "fair" conversation and add dishes. And now the popular rectangular dining table is not very friendly to the people sitting at both ends, to be honest. Of course, the significance of the Eight Immortals Table, for the older generation, is not only about eating, but also represents the reunion of a family and respect for traditional culture (since ancient times, the Eight Immortals Table has been placed in the main hall to worship ancestors ). [3] TV cabinets Compared with the current TV cabinets, the TV cabinets in the 1980s and 1990s seem to be the real "TV cabinets". Whether it is a black-and-white TV or an old-fashioned color TV, many families will buy such a cabinet that can store the TV. Having said that, I have to admit that "embedded home appliances" have long been on the rise. And it was first used in large appliances such as televisions. Although the TV sets at that time were small in size and the picture was not clear, it is undeniable that many TV series in our minds came from the 1980s and 1990s. On the other hand, today's TV sets are larger in size and clearer in picture quality, but they can't remember the plays they played. I don't know if it's the embarrassment of the TV, or my memory is not good... [4] Strollers Faced with the dazzling array of strollers on the market, you may know that the previous strollers were all made of bamboo. Although it looks simple, it is very durable. Bamboo strollers like this are basically made by woodworkers. To describe it as a skilled craftsman is really not an exaggeration. So woodworking at that time was definitely an iron rice bowl. And a family that can afford such a stroller is considered a big family. [5] The high and low cabinets can be used for whatever they need. This is the most "willful" era of woodworking in that era, and it is also the era when it can best show its skills. For example, the "high and low cabinets" in many families are masterpieces of woodworking. This kind of "high and low cabinet", if it is placed on the current market, it is estimated that it is difficult for someone to say good, and even criticize the designer's aesthetics. However, it is such a cabinet that was "very popular" in the past. After all, having such a cabinet is the dream of many families. Not only can it be stored, but more importantly, it represents the "wealth" of the family. [6] The washbasin rack now uses a bathroom basin for washing your face, either a ceramic one-piece basin or a slate one-piece basin. In the past, every household would use a wooden washbasin stand to hold the enamel washbasin. The washbasin rack has basically disappeared now, and I really want to say that whoever is eliminated in the times does not even say hello. In fact, this wooden washbasin rack is very practical. Some also have mirrors inlaid on them, as well as shelves for soap boxes. All in all, it's very useful. And these designs, the starting point is derived from life. Once again confirmed the greatness of woodworking in those days. [7] Before the wardrobe was put away, when we got married, the wardrobe was the "dowry". If anyone can accompany a large wardrobe, it is considered a big family. You must know that at that time, many families were not rich. And almost every woman expects to have such a big wardrobe. Not only can it store bed quilts and clothes, but it can also be used as a vanity mirror (a mirror is embedded in many wardrobes). It would be an understatement to say that the wardrobe represents "wealth." [8] In the kitchen where the bellows used to be pulled, there is also an artifact, which is indispensable to every household. That is "pull the bellows". Maybe for many small partners now, they don't know the value of this thing. And its function is actually similar to a blower, which can make the fire at the bottom of the pot more vigorous. With the progress of the times, many furniture have disappeared. In modern kitchens, gas stoves, range hoods, integrated stoves... all kinds of equipment make the kitchen experience better and better. At this time, we have to sigh the charm of the development of the times. Of course, those days of "pulling the bellows" in the past will not be weathered with memory. [9] Looms Looms are large objects. It is also one of the most frequently circulated furniture in the 1980s and 1990s. Thinking about it carefully, we understood the "sharing economy" at that time. A loom is used by every household in turn. It's just that the "sharing" at that time had no cost or sophistication, and some were just "simple" in the bones. The loom that was once a smash hit now seems to have disappeared. After all, in the face of modern machines, hand looms really have no "power to fight back". And this kind of loom may be used by very few people. 【10】Although a leather case is called a "leather case", its material is not leather, but wood. I still can't figure out why it is called a suitcase. Of course, in many rural areas, there may be other names. The name is not important, the important thing is that the luggage was really necessary for every household in the past. Some households are used to store futons, while others are used to store futons. Because this kind of luggage has a lock, many people will also hide some valuable things, even money, in the luggage. This may be the first generation of safes. END. [Beauty Guide says] Under the torrent of the times, many furniture no longer exist. But that doesn't stop us from remembering them all the time. After all, they used to accompany us through hard times. (This topic is the original of "Beauty Home Guide", some pictures are from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

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