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Decoration is a detour to look good, the first place in my mind is "carpet", don't invest any more

2022-12-05 03:03:32 [floor ]
Decoration is a detour to look good, the first place in my mind is "carpet", don't invest any more

Many friends who care about the living experience and aesthetics must be the same as me. They don’t know what brand is good for waterproofing, and how to choose a floor drain. All they know is that the package provided by the decoration company has it, and it is enough to use it. Just waiting for the furniture to come in, we can arrange the soft outfits with all our might. For example, what kind of paintings should be hung on the background wall of the sofa, what kind of carpet should be selected on the ground, and so on. Especially the carpet, I was full of joy at first, thinking that the living room will be more delicate and more compelling only if the carpet is covered. So almost without hesitation throwing in the rug. After all, in my eyes, carpets have at least the following benefits: 1. Improve the aesthetics of the living room. 2. The feet feel good (the floor is warm in winter, and the coolness brought by the floor is blocked in summer). 3. Noise can be appropriately reduced. 4. Being able to play with the children on the carpet enhances the interaction with so many advantages, plus my brain is hot, I bought the carpet before moving in the new house, and the living room, bedroom and even the study are all placed. I also purchased carpets with different materials and patterns according to the different functions of each room. 1. Under the coffee table in the living room and next to the sofa is a sanded artificial chemical fiber carpet with a large geometric pattern. This can bring warmth to the living room, and the addition of large lines will not make the space appear cramped and cramped due to the addition of carpets. And the artificial chemical fiber composition of the carpet is sometimes very obvious: wear-resistant. Because the living room is almost related to the style of the entire home, others can instantly feel the atmosphere brought by this home when they come in, so I also did some homework on color selection when choosing the living room carpet. When you don't know what color carpet to choose, solid color can never go wrong, and what color solid color to choose, you can try to match the color of the sofa; "black and white matching" is also very suitable at this time, for example, black sofa and white carpet . In addition to solid colors, some gradient colors that are not cluttered are also good; furthermore, if the color itself of items such as living room furniture is not very jumpy, the geometry will not go wrong. 2. Soft and comfortable blended carpets are chosen for the bedside and end of the master bedroom, with solid colors and good foot feel. Another advantage is that blended rugs are not as expensive as wool. 3. Under the study seat, basically follow the idea of ​​the bedroom, the material is the same, but the pattern and color are selected in milky white, so that you can study and work in a space that is not very depressing, and you can also cover the small space belt. pressure to come. After placing these carpets, the mood is really good. The addition of the carpet is like putting on makeup for the home. The cold feeling brought by the original floor is no longer, but replaced by warmth and comfort, plus the appearance. Gao, I felt that my choice was too correct! But the good times didn't last long, and the biggest disadvantage of the carpet began to show after less than half a month: it was not easy to clean. First of all, the lively and active children start running around the house without changing their shoes after returning home. The carpet is trampled and there are footprints everywhere; Stains are really hard to clean. Secondly, the possibility of cleaning it yourself is too small. The house is a small apartment with three bedrooms and one living room. The bathroom is not big enough for the living room. Furthermore, traditional mops have been used at home, and vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, etc. have not been purchased for the time being, so they cannot be cleaned in time. Finally, I went to inquire about the solution and found that many foreign families have the habit of laying carpets. They even have a company specializing in carpet cleaning to provide door-to-door service, but my area is not a first-tier city in China. Fees are also expected to be higher. After going through this, the carpet was removed in a hurry after it was placed in the new home for less than a month. Although the home seemed a little empty when it was first taken away, I felt a little lost, but fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about how to clean it all day. They are. Later, I bought a sweeping robot at home, and purchased all kinds of new cleaning tools that should or should not be available, but I was not in the mood to take out the carpet again, and even felt that my vision at the time was not good, the style, color It is also out of fashion, and the enthusiasm for tossing at that time has disappeared. Written at the end: Compared with the high-value home environment, I prefer the design of "removing housework". It can be seen from the carpet, a household item, that sometimes "good-looking ≠ practical". So I advise everyone here, if you lay a carpet again, you must consider it well, and don't spend money in vain.

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