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It's true that you need to save money for decoration, but I advise you to choose better materials for these materials.

2023-04-02 01:40:42 [Wall decoration ]
It's true that you need to save money for decoration, but I advise you to choose better materials for these materials.

In the face of the current high housing prices, it is very difficult for ordinary working class to buy a suite, so the decoration must be economical and save money, but not all places just want to save money, the following are Materials, I advise everyone to buy better, or more expensive, to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage.

1. Bottom box

We all know that we need good water pipes and wires for decoration, but they are actually like wires Do not use bad tubes and bottom boxes, especially the bottom box, which is equipped with switch sockets. Some poor-quality bottom boxes don't even have "ears", which are used to fix the switch socket. Without the "ear", there is no way to fix the switch socket. Even poor bottom boxes can easily lead to safety hazards and are prone to "spontaneous combustion", which has happened a lot before. Therefore, Mu Chen suggested that everyone should not save the bottom box. The difference between a good bottom box and a bad bottom box is a few yuan, but the whole house is only about 80 (calculated by 100 square meters), and this money should be willing to spend. Now many decoration companies will color the bottom box, red represents strong electricity, blue represents weak electricity, PVC flame retardant is more worry-free.

2. Floor drain

Calculate, two bathrooms need at least two floor drains, plus the floor drain of the washing machine, a house is at least 3 floor drains are required. If the dry and wet separation is designed, the number of floor drains will increase. But some people choose a floor drain of more than ten yuan. It does not mean that a floor drain of more than ten yuan is not good. Some big brand promotions can also buy good ones. It is miserable. The floor drain not only has the function of launching water, but also has the key effect of deodorizing. If you buy a floor drain carelessly, it will have a great impact on your future life. There is also a key to the installation of floor drains. As the saying goes, three parts are made of material and seven parts are installed. If you buy a good floor drain, you must also ask the master to install it according to the standard, so that you can guarantee your future life. Muchen advises everyone: Don't learn to buy that kind of long floor drain like online. Not to mention that kind of floor drain is expensive, and the installation fee is also expensive. Even cleaning the hair in the later period makes you doubt human nature, so you should buy a traditional size floor drain. Bar.

3. Hose

" I was really pissed off by this faucet hose at home, I didn't pay attention to it when I bought it , now it is broken in the middle, and the water is rushing all over the ground, fortunately I got off work early, otherwise the whole house will be flooded." This is a message sent to me by a friend yesterday. Because I didn't understand it and didn't pay attention, I asked the two hoses brought by the master who installed the bathroom, and this happened. So in addition to the bottom box and floor drain, don't buy bad hoses. The price of good hoses and poor ones is quite different, but the quality of good hoses is guaranteed, and you will use them more safely.

4. Drawer rails

If people who are not so demanding on sound think this thing does not matter, but those who are sensitive to sound, I recommend not saving the drawer rails and hinges, because the "squeak" sound when the drawer rails close the drawer is too scary; it may even happen that the drawer can't be opened due to the poor quality. . The same is true for the hinges used for the cabinet doors, with or without buffers. I believe that all of them like to use the ones with buffers, because the door will not be "snapped" when closing the door, which will wake up the sweet dream of the lover. Decoration tips: In fact, like these hardware, after a long time, it will be inferior to the time. You can apply some lubricating oil, or you can paste a transparent silica gel anti-collision particle, which can achieve the effect of decompression and mute. This anti-collision particle is very Q bomb, and it will not hurt the wall when installed on the door handle. The soft silicone material can be installed on the toilet lid, in the drawer, and can be pasted wherever you want to silence the sound. It can even be attached under the legs of tables and chairs, without hurting the floor, and it can also reduce the sound of the neighbors downstairs.

5. Wardrobe panels

Many people do not customize wardrobes, so they buy them online, but offline purchases also need to be right. Do not spend money to buy environmentally friendly boards. Among the common cabinet boards on the market, the amount of glue used is from low to high: pure solid wood, finger joint board, large core board, solid wood composite board, solid wood composite board with more than three layers, particle board, density board. If there are pregnant women and children at home, don't save money on wardrobe boards, just choose the previous materials, and ventilate for a few months after the decoration, so that you can live with peace of mind. There are also gypsum board and putty powder, etc., which are directly related to the severity of indoor pollution. Although it is not for everyone to buy the most expensive, at least they must be environmentally friendly.

6. Glass glue

Don't underestimate glass glue, but it is used in many places at home during decoration, such as stoves, hand washing The junction on the basin, the base of the toilet, if you buy a bad one or even bring it by the installer to save money, then these glues will turn yellow and black, resulting in disgusting mildew. I believe that everyone wants to see this disgusting scene, so don’t save this money when decorating, buy better glue, or directly use high-end beauty joints.

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