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Tiles have "7 no paving", which are good-looking and practical and save money. It is difficult for unscrupulous merchants to pit you.

2022-12-05 01:56:37 [Wall decoration ]
Tiles have "7 no paving", which are good-looking and practical and save money. It is difficult for unscrupulous merchants to pit you.

Tile is a big part of home decoration. Generally need more than 10,000 yuan, more than 20,000 yuan, and some even more. And the role of tiles is very important. Because as soon as you enter the door, the tiles are used to set off the effect of the decoration. However, there are "7 not shop" for home improvement tiles. Many people have been pitted by unscrupulous businesses, but many people are still doing it. The household miscellaneous forum summarizes the decoration experience of many people, and brings you the "7 not shop" of ceramic tiles. Corresponding suggestions are also provided. Hope you can make better choices. One: No expensive tiles are laid behind the cabinets. Like the wall of the kitchen, the tiles are generally selected to be pasted. But we all know that behind the cabinets, the best tiles are actually blocked in the end. Therefore, there is no need to choose expensive ones behind the kitchen cabinets, and it is necessary to save them. However, some unscrupulous merchants did not give us consideration of these problems, and even used high-end ceramic tiles. The entire kitchen wall cost thousands of dollars. For the tiles behind the cabinets, I personally recommend that you choose some miscellaneous tiles. Even some manufacturers can provide free tiles. Therefore, when we buy ceramic tiles, we must consult the manufacturer if there are any blocking bricks, that is, miscellaneous bricks. In this way, our entire kitchen can basically save 4~5 square meters. So 1000 bucks is basically saved. Two: The kitchen floor is not covered with vitrified tiles. Now the tiles are popular, so the tiles in each room may be the same. The most prominent here is the living room and the kitchen floor. Since the effect of vitrified tiles is really good, many friends may choose it in the guest restaurant. So the merchant recommended us to store it in the kitchen, then we stepped on the pit. Vitrified tiles have high gloss and good wear resistance. But there is a disadvantage, that is, there are pores on the surface, which are easy to penetrate into the oil. And it is non-slip when exposed to water. Many friends will step on the pit in this regard. Therefore, try not to lay vitrified tiles on the floor of the kitchen. This guarantees the durability of our tiles and avoids contamination that makes it impossible to clean. For the kitchen floor, in fact, we can also choose some bright tiles, but we must choose non-slip ones. For example, you can choose whole body tiles or whole body marble tiles, which are very good. Three: The bathroom is not paved with antique bricks. I believe everyone has heard of them, and the effect created is really good. Antique bricks have a very typical feature, that is, the surface is not smooth, but has a convex and concave shape. For example, a tile may appear convex in the middle and concave on both sides. Of course, there are other situations. But for antique tiles, the probability of uneven tiles is very high. In fact, the root cause is also caused by the manufacturing process of the tiles. In addition, the texture of the anti-aging brick itself is also uneven, and you will find it if you look carefully. The above characteristics have led to the fact that antique decoration is very easy to hide dirt. Although its anti-skid performance is very good, we will find it very headache when we clean the floor of the bathroom later. Therefore, for the tiles on the bathroom floor, we should consider cleaning in addition to non-slip. All in all, we should try our best to ensure that the floor of our bathroom is smooth and level. For the bathroom floor, it is also recommended that you can choose full-body tiles or full-body marble tiles. Four: The ground is not covered with wood-grain bricks. Because wood-grain bricks have both the characteristics of ceramic tiles and the texture of wood floors, many friends may be fooled by merchants. In the end, wood grain bricks were chosen. But Muwen brick has a texture, and its surface is also uneven. Because wood-grain bricks make these textures imitate wood in order to achieve a more realistic wood-grain effect. The appearance of wood grain brick texture leads to the occurrence of convex and concave. Although it looks good, it is also very easy to hide dirt. The biggest problem with wood grain bricks is that cleaning is very troublesome. Because the stubble parts of the wood-grain bricks gradually turned black. Therefore, for wood grain bricks, we must be careful when choosing. If we have to choose wood grain tiles, then I personally suggest that you must choose matte smooth tiles without any texture. It is not possible to choose the one with convex and concave texture. This is the key. Five: The bathroom wall is not paved with small tiles, which are divided into many types according to the specifications and sizes. There are tiles ranging from 10mm×10mm to 2000mm×2000mm. However, for the wall of the bathroom, especially the area of ​​the shower room, small tiles must not be selected. The small tiles mentioned here refer to the tiles of particularly small size. Such as the mosaics we used to see. But now there are some other types of small tiles coming out. A single small tile may be very cheap, but the overall cost is very high, or even doubled. And the cost of tile paving and beautiful seams are very high. There is also a typical problem when small tiles are laid in the bathroom, that is, it is difficult to clean. You can think about it, if the gaps between so many tiles are dirty, it is very difficult to clean up. Therefore, for the tiles on the bathroom wall, I personally suggest that you try to choose a larger size. For example, for ordinary bathrooms, we can choose tiles of 400×500mm or 400×600mm or more. Six: No dark tiles in the living room With the popularity of black, white and gray decoration styles, dark tiles are also appearing more and more in the floor of home decoration. In fact, dark floor tiles are only used for some particularly well-lit room types. For most room types, dark tiles are generally not recommended. Many friends may want to choose gray, but we can choose light gray. Must not be able to choose dark gray. Dark tiles will make you have to turn on the lights all day, otherwise it will feel like a cloudy day at home all day long. It feels very uncomfortable. We need to pay attention to one thing, that is, when we buy tiles, the merchants may give us lights to see. Like many of them are the effects of strong light exposure and look very bright. However, after the tiles are laid in our home, we will find that the effect is much deeper than what we actually see. Therefore, when purchasing ceramic tiles, you must look at the actual effect under normal light. Finally, let me tell you that the floor tiles in our living room are as light as possible. Like dark gray or even black porcelain, don't choose it. Seven: The living room is not covered with bright brick tiles. According to the different brightness, it is divided into bright brick, soft light brick and matte brick. Because the brightness of the bright bricks is very good, it gives people a mirror-like feeling. But there is such a situation, we must pay attention. That is, if there are no main lights in the home, if you choose bright bricks, then basically the car will roll over. Since the light source of the main lamp is very uniform, it will reflect on the surface of the bright brick. Especially at night, as soon as we turn on the lights in our home, we will find that the floor tiles in the home are full of bright lights, dotted with stars, and there is a feeling of reflecting people's shadows. In fact, light pollution has already occurred at this time. Therefore, if it is a design without a main light, do not choose a bright brick. If it is an ordinary design, you can actually consider bright bricks. Especially in poor indoor lighting. If we are worried about the light pollution of bright bricks, we can actually choose not to choose bright bricks. It is recommended that you choose soft light bricks. Soft light brick is between bright and matte, the light is softer, and it will be more comfortable to look at. Written at the end of the article, I believe that after reading this "7 do not install", you can basically know it. Our home is being renovated, or is being renovated. I hope we will never step on the pit again. It is estimated that many of my friends have encountered this situation. [Personal original, the picture comes from the Internet, the infringement contact will be deleted]

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