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Are wood floors better than tiles? In these 3 cases, choose the wrong one and lose money and hurt your health

2022-12-05 01:15:46 [Materials ]
Are wood floors better than tiles? In these 3 cases, choose the wrong one and lose money and hurt your health

Many decorators prefer to lay wooden floors over ceramic tiles, but the prices of various styles emerging in the market are too easy to pick. Many outfitters are complaining: the right floor is too difficult to choose! Today, Xiaoqi will share the "3 no-choices" for the floor. If you have the same situation in your home, you must avoid it! 1. If the budget for solid wood flooring is insufficient, do not choose solid wood flooring. Not only is the environmental protection performance the ceiling in the industry, but so is the price. When purchasing solid wood floors, special attention should be paid to the grade of the blanks, which will directly affect the quality and price of the floor. Some merchants may repair and paint some defective woods with slight cracks, dead knots, color differences, dark cracks, and bug eyes, so that they look almost indistinguishable from high-quality wood, and are shoddy. If you don't know enough or choose not carefully, it is easy to suffer losses. ▲Wood worm eyes are obvious. In addition, the solid wood floor needs regular maintenance. If there are children at home, heavy objects such as toys will inevitably fall, and it will be too distressing to hit a hole. [Small focus] If the budget is insufficient, you should not choose the solid wood floor with low price and special price. It is recommended to choose the solid wood composite floor with a relatively low price to ensure environmental protection and be more durable. 2. Laminate flooring For infants and young children's families, do not choose laminate flooring, also known as laminate flooring. If there are infants or pregnant women at home, do not choose. The main material of laminate flooring is density board. Although it is stable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof and cheap, a lot of glue is used in the production process, which means that the formaldehyde contained may be more. Even if the merchant can issue relevant environmental protection testing certificates when purchasing, it does not mean that it is completely non-toxic and harmless. Newborns or young infants have much higher requirements for the living environment than our adults. It is possible that some trace formaldehyde in the air will not cause much impact on adults, but it will cause great harm to newborns. [Small Qi is the key point] If there are newborns or younger infants and young children at home, as well as some people with weak resistance, don't consider cheap laminate floors. When the budget is low, the floor tiles are directly selected for paving, which is easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly. ▲The soft light bricks are all laid 3. Try not to choose wooden floors for floor heating. Although there are some special floor heating floors on the market, it cannot be guaranteed that there will be no problems of thermal expansion and contraction. Once unrecoverable cracking occurs, the gap will also become a sanitary corner, affecting the appearance and life. ▲The floor is cracked and at the junction of the floor and the tile, it is very likely that condensation water will be generated at the interface due to the rapid evaporation of the floor heating water vapor, causing the floor to be soaked and blackened. ▲Condensate water at the connection after the floor heating is turned on [Small and important] For most families, if it is impossible to judge whether the quality of the special floor heating wood floor is high and whether the installation is professional, it is recommended to choose wood grain bricks instead of wood floors. It not only satisfies the texture of the floor visually, but also saves worry in the later use. ▲Wood-grain bricks replace the floor heating wood floor. Compared with the above three situations, has it solved the problem of purchasing floors in your home?

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