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These 5 living room designs are too "superfluous", money is spent, and life troubles

2023-02-03 08:24:33 [Wall decoration ]
These 5 living room designs are too "superfluous", money is spent, and life troubles

Xiaoqi found that the decoration of the current owners is becoming more and more tasteful, especially the living room, as an important place for daily life, has become more diverse. If these 5 places in your home are still doing conventional design, it's time to keep up with the times! 1. Fabric curtains In fact, many people's living rooms are connected to the balcony. The installed curtains have never been used a few times at all. They are often stored on the side, which is useless at all. If the balcony and the living room are connected, most of them will choose to install curtains on the balcony, but do not consider too much shading. The installation of curtains on small balconies will also increase the sense of cumbersomeness, occupy the corner space, and it will be difficult to take care of the dust. [Upgrading method] Directly abandon the blackout curtain, and install a suitable light-transmitting gauze or bamboo curtain in the living room or balcony, which is gentle enough and beautiful, and can also protect privacy. ▲Dream gauze curtain▲Shangri-la curtain▲Vertical venetian blinds▲Rolling bamboo curtain , is also particularly prone to confusion. Especially after having a child, it not only takes up the child's activity space, but also is easy to bump, even if it is discarded, it is a big problem. Although the coffee table will not be eliminated immediately, it must be admitted that it has been included in the "non-must-buy furniture list" by many families. [Upgrading method] The small apartment is directly replaced by a side table, and the placement can be adjusted arbitrarily when needed, and it can be stored in the corner when not in use, which is more flexible. Large units can use part of the area as an independent reception room or platform, and place a tea table, which is more comfortable to use than a coffee table. ▲Independent reception tea room ▲Open platform 3. Invisible doors Invisible doors have become very popular in recent years, especially in the TV background wall of the living room, if there is just a door opening, it will interrupt the integrity of the wall, and many people with sufficient funds People will consider making invisible doors for the sake of beauty. But I didn't expect that, in addition to being expensive, invisible doors without door frames are particularly easy to break in use, and later deformation will lead to larger gaps, greatly reducing the invisible effect. Moreover, the light-colored, handleless design makes it difficult to guarantee long-term use without being stained or even discolored. [Upgrading method] The room door is not used as a door cover, but is directly made of an aluminum alloy door frame with a very narrow frame to increase durability. With a flat door, the effect can also be very outstanding. 4. Radiator wrapping cabinets For northern families, "luxury outfits" have to be the outer wrapping cabinets for radiators. Now it looks outdated and difficult to clean. Long-term heat blessing will also cause the cabinet to deform, which is ugly and useless. [Upgrading method] The current radiator itself has a high appearance, even if it is exposed, it will not affect the integrity of the house style, and it is better to take care of. It is unnecessary to spend money on the cabinet. As long as the pipes are arranged in the concealed works, and the radiators are directly connected to the radiator after the decoration is completed, the pipes will not be exposed, and it will be more beautiful. 5. 7-shaped sofa The 7-shaped sofa is also the common concubine lying sofa we usually use. Of course, it also has advantages: it is really cool to sit on it and brush your mobile phone. But the shortcomings are also very prominent. The extra edge not only occupies space, but also affects the layout of the home. Putting it on the side of the balcony will affect the entry and exit of the balcony, and it is easy to trip on the inside of the living room. [Upgrading method] Choose a straight row sofa + single sofa combination, which is more neat and attractive. Moreover, the current single-seat sofa not only has the same sitting feeling as that of the imperial concubine, but also does not take up space and is flexible and easy to move. It can even be used as a fashion item in the living room to increase the sense of matching in the living room. Remove the "superfluous" design, the simpler the space, the more advanced it can be. If you still have some superfluous and outdated designs in your home, you can also discuss them in the comment area to help everyone avoid lightning~

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